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  1. Well, if the clock in T2 strikes midnight, then yes, it will turn. I told you that we will soon find out what Nate has in store for us, it’s unlikely that there will be any delay It’s amazing with what secrecy and pathos you decided to announce the next patch
  2. It's high time to show something, there's only a little time left to wait. Since the developers focused on bugs and science, and patches were released less often, there should already be some decent result.
  3. This will be very timely, two months have passed since the previous patch
  4. If something happens, then something needs to be delayed, it's a part of kerbal DNA
  5. Will this be something new about the game or another news about life in IG office? Although “maybe” nothing will happen...
  6. Wow, some good old days were recorded in 2019
  7. Well, if all the energy wasn’t spent on cinematic slow-mo videos and trailers, then good content could be added to the game. They could even make a story in the game! - Jeb, would you be so kind as to climb inside the rocket? - No, father, I don’t want to do this! Why did you send for me after all this time?!... Well, further according to the script It’s not surprising that Dakota seemed to write something, but didn’t convey any information; it seems to me that now it would be surprising, on the contrary, to hear something specific.
  8. https://gamalytic.com/game/954850 It says here that there are 16% newcomers, but I think even less.
  9. Perhaps this will be a compilation of Nate's presentations over the years. This is not a gaming exhibition, but some kind of scientific and educational event, where hardly anyone knows how fans see the current situation with KSP2. I think Nate is also counting on this, that there won’t be a crowd of reddit users who remember everything and don’t forgive anything.
  10. It’s strange that Dakota doesn’t seem to know what will be told at this event
  11. We talked about Nate's speech about progress and milestones in KSP2. I can’t say that about him. And Shadow is unlikely to ask tough questions and remind Nate of the interview from 2019.
  12. Maybe it’s better not to watch this half-hour performance? Surely any of us will get a fair share of cringe and then have trouble sleeping
  13. Therefore, we should not expect anything specific; except for a few YouTubers, hardly anyone knows about the real state of affairs in KSP2. The road map can be presented to schoolchildren as it was to us a year ago. https://www.spacecreatorday.com/en-us/lineup I think one of these guys might show us something later. Maybe ... ugh... someone will even remember his interview in 2019 and ask about multiplayer (no)
  14. https://www.spacecreatorday.com/en-us/program Kerbal Space Program 2 15:30 - 16:00 Nate Simpson, Creative Director of Kerbal Space Program 2 presents the current progress and milestones of the game and what to expect in the future. I wonder what the current progress and milestones of KSP2 are? Nate will talk about them for half an hour, I think we will learn a lot of interesting things. P.S. - I flipped through the program of this event, it looks like a science show for schoolchildren, I would hardly go to that.
  15. This will be KSP Immortal for smartphones. Do you guys have smartphones?
  16. It seems to me that if their task is to remain silent, then one person can do it
  17. In this regard, it is completely unclear why the company has two community managers (it seems they were looking for a third).
  18. Nate has something to say on Friday. I hope he will show something new, and not once again tell how proud he is of the game and his team
  19. Darling, this is not at all what you thought! So, what is this stage? For the development of KSP2 this is rather a rule. All these changes in plans were not commented on by the developers, who knows what they said before?! Thank you for explaining the developers’ approach - who are these fans to justify themselves to them!? The developers are apparently making the game for someone else. In general, it seems that the issue with bad fans is still due to the approach of the developers, and not because the players are swearing that they are being deceived? Dead thread?
  20. This was not a detailed essay about the problem and its solution, it was a sudden revelation that the heating, unfinished by the release date, ended up at the concept stage five months later. With posts like this, the developers expose themselves.
  21. Any example? If the developers are so afraid of everything, then how did they get the courage to release the game and then talk about how proud they are of it?
  22. We could do marketing if community managers knew how to work with a passionate audience. If you look at what weekly challenges look like on Steam, it seems that early versions of chatGPT do this. Communication with the audience looks like either the developers are deaf or the players are mute. This approach is counterproductive everywhere, it only turns the audience against the developers
  23. Well, soon there will be some kind of cosmic day where Nate will again be in the same room with many content makers. I hope they have the courage to ask Nate something specific or remember other interviews. And Nate will be able to answer something in English, and not as he usually does - all the words seem to be familiar, but what exactly he said is unclear. As for expectations, I have written many times that moving the game to a later date will automatically raise expectations. If KSP2 had been released in this form in 2020 and it had been immediately announced as early access, then there would have been a hundred times less indignation.
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