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  1. The gyrotron is labelled as being needed for microwave power transmitters, but the massive dishes are the only ones not labelled as not needing the gyrotron. Also, there seems to be very few dedicated transmitters. In addition, how is the free electron laser used? Does it have standalone transmit capability, or do you need to attach a transmitter?
  2. Once the problem with nukes' blast radii is fixed, it would be awesome to see a selection of proper self-assembled ballistic missile warhead components instead of one pre-made MIRV warhead. There are three components of a ballistic missile's warhead that are currently missing from KSP: the conical heat shield, the fuzing (not a typo) mechanism, and the "physics package" (the nuke itself). The heat shield protects everything from reentry, the fuze tells the nuke when to go off, and the nuke - well, we all know what it does. Here's my concept of how this weapon system would play out: The physics package: The fuze: The heat shield: Of course, there may possibly might could be a better way to do this, but I can't think of one. ---unrelated post below--- Also, does this add a "ballistic" mode to the Modular Missile Guidance part?
  3. What's this I've heard about a Procedural Explosive?
  4. Planet Ribbons Redux

    I guess I meant a station or such that used something like Extraplanetary Launchpads to build vessels from shipped-up parts. It was kind of a offhand idea anyway.
  5. Planet Ribbons Redux

    Tentative idea for a new category: Constructor Vessel: A vessel capable of assembling another vessel.
  6. [1.1.2] Kerbin-Side (v1.1.0) & Supplements

    How would I go about removing the racing stuff from the mod (on my end)? I'll never use it, and I feel that it would give a (small) performance boost. Should I just delete the files/folders for the relevant statics, or is it more complex than that?
  7. Is it normal for the W88 to detonate mid-air after being "fired"? EDIT: After looking through event logs, I've found that it surpasses it's g-limits and detonates. Will experiment with turning part g-limits off.
  8. It would be nice to see some non-MIRV (similar in operation to the existing BDA explosive warhead) nuclear warheads. I'd think .625m, 1.25m, and 2.5m would be good sizes. In addition, the fixed warheads could have configurable yield, with corresponding variable cost & mass, as well as a thermonuclear option (which would be even more costly) for the 1.25m and 2.5m. Also, some conical re-entry shields, in 2.15m, 2.5m and 3.75m sizes, would work well. The re-entry shields would look something like this (dark segment is shield, white is base): EDIT: Something I noticed: in the VAB or SPH action group editor, there's an option on the various nuclear bombs of "detonate". However, when this is assigned to an action group, and then said action group is triggered, nothing happens. I've also noticed that the "detonate" feature is absent from the RMB menu in-flight.
  9. And PartTools allows one to do that by...
  10. How does one use this IN their IVAs? All the models in the dl are .mu, which can't be loaded into unity.
  11. Part collider not exporting properly?

    I've sent the PM
  12. Part collider not exporting properly?

    k. Thanks for helping me and being patient!
  13. Part collider not exporting properly?

    Even with a cuboid, the error persists.
  14. Part collider not exporting properly?

    Niether of those seemed to work. I'll try a different model.
  15. Part collider not exporting properly?

    I'll get the screens