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  1. Ah, so it's mainly a matter of using the part-translation tool to get it just right. Gotcha, thanks!
  2. Out of curiosity, what's meant to be between the Vostok-style shroud and the 1.5m shroud in bulkhead configuration? I've tried a number of things - including the Tantares engine for the Vostok - and I haven't been able to find anything with the right spacing.
  3. 1.5m is about the largest size that fits in a 1.875m fairing's base diameter, so it's decently useful that way
  4. Alright, can confirm that updating to Kerbalism 3.7 fixed the pre-deployed goo pod issue, so that's taken care of ^^; However, the inability to toggle covers remains (as does the lack of animations on the physical & atmospheric science units), and once used the goo pod doesn't retract. Is this still something I should be pursuing on this thread, or us it more on the Kerbalism side?
  5. Oh yeah, forgot to say that I tried using the 0.625m ACD and it wasn't decoupling; glad to see y'all caught that bug! Well, had a look through Kerbalism stuff and turns out this bug was already found on their end? Seems I've somehow been using an out-of-date version (3.4 not 3.7); I could have sworn I was using the most recent version. I'll update, see if the problems still persist! (Also, that's likely why the science-only config still has the bug; the fix was done last month) Sorry for the trouble ^^;
  6. Well, there's two major ones: Firstly, the new food/water/oxygen combo part doesn't have any water storage when using Kerbalism; I haven't tried it with any other life support mods though. Secondly, several of the science modules seem to interact weirdly with Kerbalism in regards to their animations; cover doors can't be toggled on/off on the science wedges that have them. Additionally, some of the deployment animations are either messed up or simply don't happen; the physical and atmospheric science wedges suffer from the latter, and the goo pod wedge has the former (the main goo pod is stuck in the extended position and the second one is missing from the model). This is limited to the base USII wedges though; the DMagic Orbital Science wedges animate fine.
  7. Is it this mod that's responsible for Kerbalism compatibility, or is Kerbalism responsible for USII compatibility? I'm getting some weird interactions and I'm not sure which thread to report them on.
  8. Made myself a Vostok-style orbiter using one of the new parts
  9. Downloaded it a bit ago, can confirm the parts work in 1.8.1 @moguy16 However, a few minor bug reports: 1.5m cylindrical shroud is labelled as another 1.25m shroud Vostok-style shroud has the secondary-bay interactions available even when not in the radiators configuration (side note: how do those radiators work?) Soyuz-style shroud has secondary-bay options, despite not having secondary bays All together though, this is a really fantastic update! The two different 1.25m -> 1.5m shrouds are especially nice, as I can now play around with some 1.5m parts without needing to grab BDB or Tantares (which both seem like excellent part packs, don't get me wrong; I just prefer to make stuff unrelated to real history, and the parts in those seem a bit too specialized for me to work with ^^;), and the details on the new parts are all amazing!
  10. Is this release backwards-compatable with 1.8.x, or are there too many version-specific changes? I'd love to check this out on my 1.8.1 install.
  11. @taniwha Alrighty, I've gotten the stuff to display and I can select individual parts; however, I can't select things like colliders, which I'm wanting to remove; I'm basically trying to get the models all arranged as they are in the craft, without any of the colliders, unused bits like shrouds, etc.
  12. Alright, got it working in 2.8; however, it imports the craft as one object, and I can't figure out how to remove all the unwanted meshed & stuff (colliders, unused alternate models, unused shrouds, semi-deployed chute models, etc). Found this reply you'd made, but got stuck on "enable display and selection for the collection"; there doesn't seem to be an option to do so anywhere.
  13. @taniwha Well, on some of the 1.8.1 stock craft it kinda works, and is able to read which parts are attached to which... however, it only imports a bunch of empty objects, and none of the actual models. I guess I'll see if I can get Blender 2.8 working, and try it on that