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  1. Oh, found a small texture/model issue: there's a tiny gap between the main cylinder and bottom slope of the "Evening" short 1.875m habitation module.
  2. I'm thinking red (the same sort of tone used on the Salyut 7), tan, olive, and perhaps some sort of black or dark grey. As for whether it'd be painted metal or thermal blankets, I'm not sure. It could be both, but that'd end up adding 6-8 extra part variants (rather than 3-4), which would start to make things really cluttered & hard to navigate. Ah, good to hear it can be done with just configs! Might take a crack at it myself then, see if I can get it working - and then perhaps see if I can add it as another variant switch on adapter parts. Alrighty, will do!
  3. Incredible work on these new parts as always! Loving all the detail on all the parts, and excited to be able to make proper Salyut/Mir-style multi-diameter station modules! Two questions I have though: Would it take more than minimal tweaks to create sloped diameter adapters with integrated fairings? It would make Proton-style station launches (where the widest station diameter is outside the fairing) possible without clipping a (rather thick) fairing base into an adapter piece, but it feels like this might be outside your intended scope. I'd love to see some more color variati
  4. You need the WaterfallRestock config installed to give ReStock engines Waterfall effetcs; since most stock engines (aside from jet engines) are replaced by ReStock, the ReStock config should be all you need on the stock/restock side of things. It could be that having both is somehow creating some kind of error; try removing the configs for stock engines and see if that changes things.
  5. What engines are you trying to use? Waterfall - with the Waterfall Restock patch - only affects the ReStock versions of the stock liquid-fuel engines, as well as any added by ReStock+. SRBs and any engines from other mods won't work with waterfall, unless you have patches that add effects (such as those bundled with Nertea's other mods).
  6. On another note, here's the product of a few hours worth of testing & data-gathering with the PVG guidance mode: a graph of the minimum "Pitch Rate" setting needed for a 3450m/s-dV launcher on stock Kerbin, as a function of TWR, for various settings of "Pitch Start". Pitch rate settings at or above the ones on this graph should work for a given TWR and pitch-start speed. Interestingly, it seems that there's a "sweet spot" around TWR=1.5, where a higher or lower TWR means a higher pitch rate is required. I couldn't get the design I was using for testing to get to orbit at all wi
  7. So, I'm frequently encountering an issue with the Primer Vector Guidance mode of the ascent guidance where, at some point during a coast phase, it'll put up the "Optimizer iteration convergence failed" message and suddenly start immediately burning on a different trajectory than it had originally calculated - sometimes only slightly different from its original track (though with the entire coast phase vanished), sometimes at a significant angle (up to 90 degrees) from what it was originally planning, and always on a longer-lasting burn that generally is beyond the rocket's capabilities. Is thi
  8. So, I've been using the "realistic" guidance mode (forgetting the specific name at the moment) in MechJeb's ascent guidance, and it seems to generally work on stock-scale Kerbin. However, as I make larger designs with lower-TWR upper stages (still a good bit above the 0.4 I've seen cited as a lower limit), it tends to behave oddly, often resulting in not being able to reach orbit (80km) without several hundred extra m/s of dV beyond the commonly-used 3400. One common example of this odd behavior is the rocket entering a coast phase, then moments after starting the final burn, recalculating its
  9. the haziness seems to just be bloom, which afaik is an unrelated graphics setting
  10. Ooooo, looking really good! Excited to try the 1.875m station parts, since when combined with SSPEXr they seem like the perfect thing to make multi-diameter station modules (like the Mir and ISS core modules)
  11. It's in development, or at least was before several things happened that've stalled development. When (or if ) it resumes, there's a good chance that's one of the first things that'll be released.
  12. Seems like an issue with the throttle, especially given how solid-fuel rockets are working fine. This might sound stupidly simple, but just double-check and make sure you've got your throttle engaged. If that doesn't fix it, then you'll want to grab your player.log (under Users\<user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program on Windows), upload that to a file-hosting site, & post the link here, as well as a list of the mods you've got.
  13. Somewhat tangential, but that wiki page seems to be quite out of date; the mode currently has a different name, and the settings panel looks quite different.
  14. As far as I'm aware, MJ autolanding has been borked for a while due to some sort of unavoidable inaccuracy in where it thinks the target is vs where it actually is. The same sort of issue also occurs with Kerbal Engineer's suicide-burn countdown - it's using a different landing-point height than reality, so it gives inaccurate results.
  15. Hmm, well, there are a number of new parts - two types of low-res radar, and three types each of SAR, Multispectral, and two new scanning types (high-res resources & visual). However, that *particular* part name isn't part of base SCANSat - what mods are you running with? (Definitely not interested in checking out any that add extra SCANSat parts myself )
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