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  1. Ahhh, gotcha! And yikes, that's definitely a setback to put it lightly Good luck, and like Brigadier said, take care of yourself first!
  2. Hey, out of curiosity, is this mod still being developed? There hasn't been any dev activity for quite a while now, and I'm not sure if it's just everyone taking a break or if it's something more foreboding for the future of this mod.
  3. This'd probably be the best solution, yeah; switch it, but have an optional patch to un-switch it to preserve compatibility. On another note: is there a particular reason the NSW tanks are 5 sub-tanks instead of 7? It feels a bit weird that there's so much empty space, and six-around-one has the same maximum diameter as four-around-one.
  4. Did some more playing around, and turns out I'd missed the fact that they do, in fact, generate significantly less waste heat when using LH2 as additional propellant. Oops!
  5. Doing some testing myself, and that's pretty much what I see as well! The terrier, poodle, and (to an extent) the swivel are all geared towards upper stages, so their plumes are gonna be fairly dim even at sea level, and vanishingly so in vacuum. Overall, I'd say things are probably working as intended
  6. Do you have a screenshot you could show? It sounds like you might just be using an engine like the KS-25 or something else based on IRL hydrolox engines, which iirc have a *very* transparent plume in vacuum.
  7. Made a neat semi-torchship using the Z-Pinch fusion drives on afterburner mode! Masses in at ~630 tons, with ~350km/s of dV and a total burn time of somewhere north of 9 hours: Sadly, the engines are long enough that, even with autostrut to the frontal command module, they like to wobble around; also, the RCS thrusters are actually pretty low on fuel supply, so I might swap them out for ones using LH2. Overall, loving the work you've done! The modelwork is amazing as always, the effects are beautiful, and the new resource system looks quite interesting! Something I'm curious about
  8. With mods that just add parts, you generally won't experience effects on existing craft when installing them; it's uninstalling that you tend to run into issues. Some mods that add mechanics that affect all craft (such as life support mods) can cause problems, but this mod just adds parts, so it should be fine.
  9. If the engines have patches for Waterfall, then yes, otherwise no. If the changelog for the mod that adds a given engine doesn't mention Waterfall, then that engine probably doesn't have Waterfall configs. As far as I'm aware, only Nertea's other mods have Waterfall support (as well as a set of patches for ReStock & ReStock+ support, linked in this thread's OP). That being said, having a master list of mods that have Waterfall configs would be rather helpful
  10. There's a config set (linked in the main post) for ReStock versions of stock parts; there isn't one for stock parts themselves, since the good looks of these plumes would just enhance the stock parts' ugliness
  11. It'd likely have to be done per type of engine; scaling of the effect plume and the like isn't done automatically. However, if you have (for example) a set of RCS blocks that all have the same nozzles, you should be able to apply the same patch to all of those RCS blocks. I'm not an expert though, so probably shouldn't take my word for it ^^; (Should clarify that by "patch" I also mean the plume definition)
  12. Saw that you added Waterfall configs to cryoengines & the NF suite, so went ahead and put Waterfall on my current modded install - and all the configs look amazing! Also, I'm no longer having to kill timewarp if I want to take a screenshot with decent engine plumes
  13. Well, seems to work just fine, at least for Moho! Both time and dV were pretty much spot-on for a Moho flyby
  14. Well, testing it out now, it *seems* to work alright; it doesn't crash or obviously error out, but I'll need to do more testing to see if it's actually accurate.
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