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  1. Heh, no problem. I understand this stuff can be frustrating. I'm definitely not a programmer, heck...I barely understand code as it is. I do understand computers though. I really like this mod because it gives a much more solid craft without having to add in more struts. Adding struts increases part counts. I prefer to try to keep the counts down as much as possible. I'll provide what help I can, it isn't much..but testing is a big part, nonetheless.
  2. This is the same test with the 4.0.0 build. No stuttering, no error, no disappearing craft. I hope this all gives some comparison and helps solve it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14R0lwH5uqtbOWwzPXBSee24OHbuLUNnQ
  3. I will be getting that log file PDQ. This particular vessel was built almost entirely not using symmetry, but there was some on the solar panels, lights, antennas. Here is the log file for the 4.0.3 dev build. It might give insight into both the stuttering as well as the Autostrut vanishing. https://drive.google.com/open?id=14l2xDapugOzFm__QzH995MQmDZAUwQaZ
  4. I will say this only seemed to happen when switching vessels in space. Like through Kerbal Alarm Clock. If I dropped to the spaceport and go back to tracking station to load in, everything is fine. But, I'll get that log in a few hours.
  5. Ah, it was worth a shot. Didn't think it would be so easy. This is good to know, however, it explains some of the other very minor issues I've seen, and I can adjust some designs to be a bit more efficient, namely automated mining vessels to to use with planetary logistics. I been working on constructing a fleet that will be used to colonize systems, which depends heavily on your Global Construction mods. Just got to that point in my career game. Working out all the bugs in my designs and testing it all before moving ahead. Looks like I may need to increase my EC storage.
  6. I will do that when I get home later, for sure. I had cheated this test ship to 150K orbit to run my tests (orbital workshop and all), I switched to the other vessels to check that error message and report it. The vessel I put in orbit, disappeared. Gone. Kerbals on board were reported as MIA. Not entirely sure how that happened, been unable to replicate. I wonder if it's related to the "Vessel not loading" thing.
  7. That makes sense. This particular vessel was just massive and used a lot of EC to build. Subsequent builds won't be as taxing in my game. But it does lead me to thinking, similar to the community resources that multiple mods use (including this one), could somebody develop a mod that does simulate the power for night/planetary shade? If a singular mod controls that resource and the other mods just use it's numbers, if it would even be possible. I'm not a programmer or anything of the sort, just somebody with weird ideas
  8. Yup, definitely power. Figured I had enough EC to cover it, but I didn't. 295K power storage wasn't nearly enough for the size of this vessel. Even though I have enough solar panels to keep the power at max, those don't seem to run in the background, so it doesn't calculate their power. It runs completely off how much you have stored.
  9. Now that I can get the rest of this going, I noticed that when building the craft from the Orbital Workshop, you add it to the queue and hit start construction. Away it goes, assembling the craft. If I leave the vessel, it stops the construction. Gotta go back in and hit start to have it resume. Looks like this will be a long 45 days, since I'm too close to Kerbin for full Time Acceleration.
  10. I merged this post with the other one. Can't delete the post.
  11. Alright, I put in the development build and tested it out. The stutter happens on all craft. Even with the development build having all options turned off, it still stutters. If I uninstall KJRn, the stuttering goes away. I'm wondering if it's memory related. I'm not quite full, but 10/12GB of ram being used. I did see an error when loading a certain craft. "Vessel SENTINEL was not loaded because it had the following parts missing: KJRAutoStrutHelper" I've never installed Autostrut, I've got all the options currently disabled. Which seems to happen upon exiting a vessel, not entering. It loads in the new vessel, but complains about the previous vessel not loading, but it did load.
  12. Hopefully my issue with Global Construction is solved. Glad to see mod devs working together. I did notice a performance decrease with KJRn. I will run a few more tests, but I'm getting stuttering. Runs for 5 seconds, pauses for a second. It could be just that one vessel, I'll test it out later with other vessels. With KJRc or no KJR at all, it was running more smooth.
  13. Well, glad we're working out a few bugs at the same time Yeah, that looks alright there. I decided to try it all with the .dll deleted and see. It does a different things now, the crate expands off center, tips over and explodes. Just wanted to see what would happen. I'll wait until Allista gets his code updated. In the meantime, I can do design tweaks to my stations. I tried to do some work with KJR uninstalled...I must have been spoiled, everything was all floppy
  14. I been following this, hoping to see the process, and it looks like it's coming along. When I grab Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Next from CKAN, 4.0.0, it only has the KerbalJointReinforcement.dll in the folder (36KB) When I grab it from the site, V4.0.2, it has both KerbalJointReinforcement.dll (64kb) and KerbalJointReinforcementNext.dll (40kb)
  15. I've been unsuccessful in finding where to put this module. I've tried a few places, but it hasn't made any effect yet. I'll keep plugging away at it, unless somebody has the best place to stick it.
  16. Ok, I removed the mod, and it expanded fine. So at least I can safely say that KJRc is a culprit. Next will be using KJRn, maybe it fixed it in there. If not, then I'll modify it with the change to see.
  17. Ok, here's my output file. Uploaded to Google Drive and Rar'd up. Yup, still use Winrar https://drive.google.com/open?id=105dwns40N9XdEXf06QytqImpvNK3WYSj DStaal, thanks for the recommendation. I'll remove that mod and see if it helps. If it does, that will really make a difference. Will report back as soon as I can.
  18. Ugh, I'll have to work on the output_log file tomorrow. Looks like the file is 300MB. I'll see about refreshing it tomorrow and get only the relevant data.
  19. Well, during testing I had cheated this thing into orbit around Kerbin at 150K, started doing my design testing. I will say that there was an issue with this construction dock as it would crash loading into the VAB, parts were snapping odd. I sorted that issue out and I'm rebuilding it. I hope to see if it will fix the issue. I will get you the output_log.txt when I finish this new station and test it out, that is, unless I fall asleep in my chair, it is late For Mods, it's a fairly large list, though they are mostly dependencies. All mods I am listing are the latest ones available through CKAN. There might be higher versions out there, but I don't have them. MalemuteRover CommunityTechTree ContractParser KerbalStats KramaxAutopilotContinued ModuleManager ThrottleControlledAvionics USI-ART Karbonite FilterExtensions HeatControl Konstruction DMagicOrbitalScience ProgressParser ClickThroughBlocker EasyVesselSwitch USITools USI-NuclearRockets KIS GroundConstruction KerbalEngineerRedux ToolbarController KerbalJointReinforcementContinued USI-LS KAS HideEmptyTechNodes ContractsWindowPlus EmDriveByBeale ModularFlightIntegrator xScience USI-FTT FirespitterCore CommunityResourcePack ConfigurableContainers-Core CommunityCategoryKit KerbalAlarmClock KSPRescuePodFix StageRecovery UniversalStorage CanadianFlags GroundConstruction-Core KSPInterstellarExtended UKS InterstellarFuelSwitch-Core TextureReplacer Toolbar USI-EXP USI-Core MechJebForAll Hangar TexturesUnlimited MechJeb2 SoundingRockets AGExt TweakScale ConfigurableContainers" AT-Utils KSP-AVC RoutineMissionManager
  20. I did some experimenting, got a screenshot. I made sure the container was the right way, deployment hint correct. I'm using the latest version of Global Construction 2.3.1, do have a bunch of other mods installed but they seem to be all the latest versions, or at least 1.6.0 (Except for one that doesn't affect anything here). After loading in the blueprint, it almost finishes expanding, then suddenly just snaps down, as the picture will show. https://imgur.com/GssfFeg
  21. I thought about that, I double checked the facings on the pictures and video tutorials. It seemed right, and the overlay showed everything heading in the right direction. When it starts to expand, it looks ok, grows the right way, then it just starts going backwards too. But, I'm going to attempt to turn them around and see. Though, I could swear they were the right way.
  22. A question on an issue I ran into with Global Construction. I was running the previous version and waited for the update to see if ti would fix it, but it hasn't. The issue is, I've got a construction dock in orbit, build the empty container, use a ferry to attach it to a coupler on the ship and have it ready to accept a blueprint. Everything fine there. When I add in the vessel and it starts to expand to fit the ship, this is where it goes wrong. It expands fine for a bit, then the part that's attached to the coupler will suddenly clip through the connector and part of the next part. I can decouple the crate, but then it pops off and goes flying away, or causes a glorious explosion. Once I had it expand fine, but when I went to actually deploy it, it even started deploying backwards as well, though the graph overlay showed it doing just fine. It swallowed almost half the workshop by the time it was done. Hoping somebody can tell me how I could fix this. I'm not at home currently, I don't have the list of mods or their versions, but I'm using CKAN and using the latest mods there. I would send screenshots of it, but I will have to do it later when I'm home. Just hoping somebody had a quick fix. Thanks.
  23. So, I been looking through this a bit and haven't come up with anything yet. I think it's a bug. Or if not, I sure could use assistance on how to deal with it. On both my Orbital station, and now my Minimus Base it's happening. I have a modest amount of Kerbals, 9 on Minimus and about 15 on the Orbital. All the timers look great...until I do something, most notably going on an EVA with a kerbal. The second he jumps out almost all their Hab timers drop to expired. I board the craft, and the timers go back to normal, which is around 200 days. I have the habitations running, recyclers going, slowly generating supplies. I've also noticed this when undocking ships (even if there are no Kerbals inside). What is up with it? I really don't want to remove the habitation timers, I really like the added feature...but it makes it difficult to play when they are constantly becoming grouchy.
  24. Yeah, I had posted...however it's not showing up, that restarting the game fixed it. Nice to know it's a known issue, and not just me having some mind numbing issue.
  25. Ixnay my previous post, I will leave it up there for anybody else to see, as it my help them....but I got it working. Seems after my frustrations at 2am, I went to bed. Tried the next day after restarting the game. Bingo. Worked beautifully. Brought my pod back in from orbit like a champ - except that I had science modules and goo, which made it spin around during re-entry. Everything survived, expect the goo containers, bugger it But that's my issue, one I can easily fix with some design. Past that, I did like the re-entry. It was going well, chutes deployed, came in at 3.5m/s into the drink. Yay Now...I wish I could alter my username, I misspelled it and it bugs me.
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