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  1. Comparing our mod lists, I don't have Kronometer, but I do have these mods that you don't have: DeployableEngines v2.2.0.0 DistantObject v2.0.2.0 SigmaDimensions v1.0.0.0 Removing these while leaving FAR enabled still results in the menu bug.
  2. Has this bug been documented to be fixed with v16.0.3? I am getting the same issue with FAR (16.0.3) in KSP 1.12.1
  3. My long-awaited second mod is finally here! I present to you: The Program Ribbons Pack A set of ribbons for @Nereid's Final Frontier mod. These ribbons are based on patches, emblems, etc. for historical space programs, primarily from the US and USSR. Currently, these ribbons must be awarded manually. There is no planned development for this mod, just whatever strikes my fancy for new ribbons. If you have a suggestion, feel free to let me know. Download: Spacedock Installation: Extract into KSP GameData folder. The pack currently uses a Base ID of 4000. If this conflicts with one of your mods, you can chance the BASE in FinalFrontierCustomRibbons.cfg to some other number. Compatibility: Should work with KSP 1.7+. Final Frontier 0.9.1 or later is required. Requirements: Final Frontier 0.9.1 or later is required. Changelog: 0.1.0 Initial Release
  4. I think the objective you wrote is spot-on: graphical method for viewing and editing the tech tree. The idea for using a MM patch is good. I think this would work best as a standalone program (without needing to run in KSP). I definitely have interest in this!
  5. Your 2,5m parts mod. It's awesome!

  6. Working on revamping the textures so the mod takes up less memory. Here's a preview of the new cockpit:
  7. Glad you're enjoying the parts! For a bomb-bay, I think the fillet might get in the way. If I used just the straight portion for the doors, maximum width would be a little less than 1.875m. I don't know about including the fillets, because they would intersect the area where wings are probably going to be mounted.
  8. DAMMIT! I guess not all engineers are detail-oriented...
  9. Hey, great mod! You captured the stockalike feel perfectly, I think. Is there a download mirror now that Kerbalstuff is down?
  10. Thanks for the suggestions @Kerbas_ad_astra! Also thanks for going through the config files, too :P. I didn't expect that much scrutiny...
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