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  1. Hey! I'm not talking about procedural real time neural networks. How about premade actions. For example the location for base is determined and choosen with maker of script, and position of buldings is determined too. If you can understand me i'm not talking about AI as it is in "Warctaft", "Starcraft" or other similar games, i'm talking about the vision for player that it is AI, a fake. Kerbals will do what they were programmed to do (if conditions are true) and do it only on certain locations. Sorry if my title disappointed you. P.S. Thank you for your nice content
  2. Hello! I just wondered is it possible to create some scripts in career that will make the game more alive? For example: the contract says: "You have to deliver those habitats, tools, life support systems, materials and other stuff with 2 or more Kerbals to the Duna on the certain location". When you did it and all conditions were met then the script is started. Kerbals began to unpack baggage and build their new homes, make experiments... The building isn't has to be complicated, it can be as shown in strategies like "Starcraft" or "Warcraft" etc... And so on, another scripts like that. Because it's very stupid when you land on the Duna, then perform another misson to Eeloo and it turns out that those Kerbals on Duna were just sitting in their sits and smiling to the camera in front of them for like 20 years. P.S. Of course the player can disable those scripts and do everything on his own.
  3. game crashes on "loading asset bundles". tried only with telemachus installed. log file https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v03kjf5hl9dc18/output_log.txt?dl=0
  4. game crashes on "loading asset bundles". tried only with telemachus installed. log file https://www.dropbox.com/s/1v03kjf5hl9dc18/output_log.txt?dl=0
  5. i mean: you put a model in 3ds max then save it in obj and put in the game folder or what?
  6. could you tell me where did you made texturing?
  7. thank you a lot, that works. But i don't understand, year earlier i did it without this [0] and it works and also it shows whether the module is string or not.
  8. yes, i know, the first line doesn't get error, and if after first line i type "print antenna" it shows me the id and tag of it, the error appears when i try to find out the modules of the part.
  9. can somebody explain me why set antenna to ship:partstagged("antenna"). print antenna:modules. gets error "suffix MODULES not found on object list of 1 items..."
  10. i'm having the issue. Hullcam spams with "nullreference exception". That was when i installed kerbalism (i lnow it's not supported) but here goes the funniest thing: this is my mod list after uninstalling Hullcam http://imgur.com/a/fhP5R and this is my ksp log after uninstalling https://www.dropbox.com/s/nj4m7fny9balck5/output_log.txt?dl=0 and the cameras are still available in the vab and sph
  11. I can't understand why there's no "Donate" button to support the makers of this awesome mod. I think it should be, because this mod demands a lot of time to make it up to date and i think this work should be payed. How do you think?
  12. i have the same issue, it happens probably after 40-60 minutes of gameplay in random moments.
  13. Hey guys! I have a suggestion to modders or Squad itself to improve the contracts for carrier mode. (i suggested nothing what is in the "What not to suggest" list.) You know the missions like: "set a probe on this orbit", or "test boosters on xxx height and xxx speed", or "build a station (base) - with no further purpose", or "take a crew report below (above) xxx height at xxx region", or "discover celestial body" - quite fast becomes boring and even annoying, because you don't feel like the Kerbalkind is alive and they want to conquer the space (as it was said), you don't feel like there is something you have to explore. You can explore Dres and then test boosters on flight over Kerbin, or you can not explore Dres and just test boosters and launch probes on the determined orbits around Kerbin - it doesn't realy matter in such reality. I suggest to make some kind of long-ranged scenarios (missions) when your decesions will make some changes in the nearest future. For example: you take a contract to build a station on the orbit around Eve, after succes and approximately a year (or a half) later you have to deliver two scientists to the station, some kind of science equipment, life support and put three probes (with special equipment) on geostationary orbit around Eve to help scientist. About 1-2 years after that you have to take those kerbals back or deliver new portion of supplies and instruments, also you have to deliver their successful experiments to Kerbin safe and sound and so on...(but make this kinda sequnce of grouped missions just in 3-4 stages = 3-4 united missions, i think more will be exhausting and become boring ). Also i think it will be cooler to add some moments of AI control, when you can feel like the R&D has its own aims and you (as an administrator of Space Agency and some kind of God) just help them to do their job. As for example let's get back to our scientists on Eve orbit. So you can't control them, you can observe the station, but you can't do IVA. You see some kind of job is doing there: kerbals are doing EVA and put some experiments outside the station or repairing the shell of the ship or something like that. Another example: when you delivered the astronauts to the red planet you can see they're moving on the map or you see the icon of the base on the map and then *bam* and icon of the astronaut EVA appeared, * bam* another one - and actually they are doing some stuff, not just standing. Maybe they're exploring the planet, maybe they're testing something, maybe they're building another living module or maybe they just came out for a walk . I think that AI control will be good only in carrer mode. Also i think there is a little problem with Solar system in carrer mode. You know the presence of atmosphere, it's height, you know the value of g etc. of the celestial body but you have never explored it, you know everything about it but you have never seen it before - how is it possible? Please make exactly the exploration (not sexploration) of this Solar System not "checking the given information about it". Because how can we explore the Kerbin (at the beginning of the carrer) and get science for it if we already know everything about Eeloo? In conclusion i want to say that at this stage the game is quite cool, but: the carrier, science and sandbox modes are not so different, the only major differences is in carrer mode you need science and money, in science mode you need only science and money is free and in the sandbox mode everything is free - not a big deal. Kerbals are like the dolls and the Solar System is like a big sandbox - the problem is that dolls want nothing, they have no goals, no desires, they are not even alive, but you can control them making the illusion of life in it; In the sandbox you can do what you want to do with your dolls, but the sandbox is already explored and hides no secrets - that is not interesting. Cheers!
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