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  1. That's got it. Its working now. Thanks for the rapid response and the quick fix. And for that matter thanks for keeping all these excellent mods alive.
  2. @linuxgurugamer No dice I'm afraid. Still not coming up. I removed the .cfg file you mentioned, then uninstalled the mod via CKAN and DL'd a new copy and manually reinstalled. Still no good. The issue seems to be with the toolbar icon. I think I saw for a fraction of a second as the VAB was loading the RCS icon on the toolbar, then it disappeared. It seems the first error in the log is a ToolBarManager error. Most recent log.
  3. @linuxgurugamer Suddenly my RCS Build aid has disappeared from the game. Since the disappearance I've installed no new mods, but there was a new version of CKAN just updated. However I uninstalled and reinstalled RCS Build Aid through CKAN and the problem persisted. My Log
  4. @JadeOfMaar Sorry if this has been pointed out before. The OPT Stail Class Fairing Monopropellant Tank part doesn't seem to actually have any radial attachment points. So even though it states that's what it's for, you can only install it inline in a stack of parts.
  5. @Nertea I noticed while flying an OTV yesterday that the Mk 3-9 orbital command pod seems to behave like a probe core with passenger seats, rather than a capsule. My OTV has a huge LH2 tank that draws more power to cool than I had anticipated and so when the OTV flies into the shadow of a planet I run out of charge. When this happens, I loose control of the vehicle completely despite having Jeb and another pilot sitting in the pilot seats in the cockpit. Is this intentional? a bug in the design? or a restriction on the way capsules and probe cores work in the game?
  6. @blowfish Is there a way to integrate fuel tanks into the wing parts?
  7. @nightingale I'm just reinstalling KSP and refreshing my mod list and I got this error in my log file after installing contract Configurator along with several contract packs. I'm not sure the error belongs here or with the contract pack author. I posted it here as a first step. Here is my log file: This is the relevant error from the log. Tell me what else you need that I can help?
  8. Happy New Year all. So over the holidays I had the chance to reinstall my OS to Win 10 on a shiny new SDD and this prompted me to move my KSP install. This has caused a number of issues I won't get into that eventually dove me to just reinstall it from Steam and rebuild my mod list. I started with the game engine modifying mods and SVE. After installing it and the requisite supporting mods from CKAN and nothing else I tested my install and got a NullReferenceException in red on the Space center screen, Tracking station screen and while in flight. Checking above I saw that @Galileo mentioned that the CKAN version of SVE might be borked, I scrubbed the CKAN installation and manually reinstalled. The problem has persisted. Log below. The error appears to be at line 4066 when a volumetric cloud reference is called. I'm not sure if this is a Scatterer issue, EVE issue, SVE issue or what, but the error seems to be in Scatterer so that's why I'm posting this here. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  9. @Nertea I've been trolling my logs for errors to clean up due to large numbers of mods I use and I noticed a couple errors. Not sure if this is a mistake or what but I thought I'd bring it to your attention. This is my mod list as of today. And here is a link to my last KSP log. This is the error that I spotted. Don't know if this is an issue of just reloading the mod, a problem with ModuleManager, Interstellar Fuel Switch or what. Unfortunately I've got so many mods installed that I'm not sure where any of the errors I have start from.
  10. Oh Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Now I can get back to testing if I can build a nuclear ssto that can take off from both Eve and Duna.
  11. @SuicidalInsanity This patch for the NFE reactor panel change is no longer valid. I appled your change for the M2X addon and everything is working well, but the M3x parts still are not functioning correctly.
  12. OK, That fixed the problem for the the M2X engine parts. The problem still exists for your M3X engines. Might want to put a fix in that thread.
  13. @SupperRobin6394 I've not noticed any particular extra lag when using these parts other than the general lag from all the addons I have installed. @SuicidalInsanity I don't know if anyone else has been having this problem. but since Nertea updated NFE a few days ago, the problem with your nuclear reactors and engines is back. They no longer show up on the NFE reactor list, Won't heat up and don't produce any thrust. Examples below
  14. Looks like Nertea updated NFE again and broke whatever needed fixing again.