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  1. Yep! Slow progress, but progress is progress. Completely. KS3P is not tied to planet mods. The update that I am working on will feature synergy with Kopernicus, but will not depend upon it, and will be pretty forgiving to installation errors.
  2. Guess who came rolling out of his cryo-pod? Hey again y'all, sorry for the long silence. I'm back and I'm getting ready to get back to KSP modding. I've made a structured planning to be able to manage both personal life and personal projects, which currently extends all the way to the end of October (since I don't know what the university will throw at me I can't plan beyond that) and wherein I've set aside a total of 14 hours currently for modding. KS3P is first on the planner, followed by Cerillion, Cyran and Arkas. I also have a new code-based project nicknamed 'KLEUR' in development which
  3. It's currently been shelved in favor of KS3P, since it is more versatile. They're both planet packs that I really would like to revise though, especially since I now have the programming insight to add PQSMods if the built-in ones don't suffice.
  4. Hi, i was just wondering if you could make an updated Kopernicus tutorial for 1.7.3

    If not, than it's totally understandable.

  5. This is correct, though there is no such thing as perfection in programming. The second edition of the post-processing stack is somehow even faster than the original and more flexible. Another large performance boost will be the GUI, which currently uses a c#-based GUI generation solution that rebuilds the GUI every frame, and is meant mainly for creating debugging interfaces and not for finished products. Moving to Unity's main solution for UI systems (IE canvas layers and 2D graphics) is more memory-persistent, requires less setup, and is much closer to the GPU in terms of processing. S
  6. I have very, VERY exciting news. With KSP 1.8, KSP now uses Unity 2019, which means that it is now compatible with the second edition of the post-processing stack. This really couldn't have come at a better time since I'd been planning to move KS3P closer to the approach taken by the second edition of the post-processing stack. Allow me to elaborate. With the second edition of the post-processing stack, all I now need do is create a gameobject carrying a "post-processing volume" component. I can set this component's effective range to be unlimited with a single button press, effectively s
  7. Hey all. First and foremost my most sincere thanks to @clusta and everyone else who has worked hard to keep this mod maintained in my absence. I must admit I was having the perhaps fallacious mindset that my mods didn't matter, and so I'm quite moved to see how the community has come together to take care of this mod when I couldn't. With that said, I think it's long overdue that I step once more onto the breach and resume development of this mod. Beside implementing the changes made by the community, I'm going to be working towards support for importing and applying custom post-processin
  8. Alright, I'm about to test a newly compiled, updated KS3P. Not only did I remove the IndexOutOfRangeException, I also changed the configuration somewhat. Let me explain. Previously, in KS3P/Configuration.cfg, one would find the name of each scene supported by KS3P, with a number assigned to it. This number was the index of the profile within the loaded profiles that KS3P should assign for that particular scene. The problem here is that profile load order isn't set in stone, and honestly I feel a bit silly for actually once having programmed it this way. In this new setup, the name of
  9. For whoever it might interest: here's what the problem is. TL;DR:
  10. This is exactly what I was looking for: KS3P has an uncaught exception. Consequently KS3P's setup routine cannot finish execution and thus disables itself, hence why the GUI is unresponsive. I'll look into this immediately.
  11. Hey everyone. First and foremost, I apologize for my absence from this thread. I had some personal matters that needed sorting out first, so even after returning from my holiday, I couldn't immediately get started on KS3P. It's concerning to hear that so many people find KS3P completely unresponsive. To everyone experiencing such a problem: I'm going to need logfiles to figure out what exactly is going wrong here. Check KS3P's mod folder, it should generate its own log file. Please upload that logfile in a comment (preferably in a spoiler-wrapper to keep the thread concise). If such a file is
  12. No? The latest build works fine in 1.7.3 with the exception of rings looking weird and scatterer being broken.
  13. Currently swamped with work from my side-job, but I have a new technique for painting terrain maps that I could apply if you'd like. I also have some more custom anomalies on the planner, for example enormous crystal shards or crashed meteorites, or geysers for Fonso. Custom volcanoes for Keelon and Manai are already being modeled and animated (particle systems are almost done, the problem is getting the plume to look right) so that shouldn't take much longer either.
  14. Actually, the default config is supposed to show post-processing effects in the main menu to confirm that it is working. A full 'default profile' is still in development. That said, I've started looking into integration for the post-processing stack V2. Now, this particular edition has a nice little feature that allows for post-processing overrides when coming within range of an override component. I have plans to turn this feature into a custom PQSMod that allows for unique post-processing overrides per planet. Though I'm not sure if KSP is up to the necessary Unity version yet; I may ha
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