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  1. The option to transfer KSP Store licenses to Steam is only available for those who bought KSP before it originally came out on Steam, March 20th 2013. The process is OPTIONAL and IRREVERSIBLE. If you transfer your purchase to Steam, you will no longer be able to download or update the game from the KSP Store. To move to Steam, log in to your KSP Store profile and you will find the button to start the process next to your download link. If you can’t see the button in your profile it means you purchased the game after it was on Steam
  2. Hello everyone, Check out the amazing and creative entries of last challenge! This week we have another theme for you: "The Atari Challenge" Capture at least 2 asteroids with a single vessel, single launch from Kerbin. Score is tallied by the total mass of all asteroids captured. To determine score, after capturing your asteroids, check your mass on the map screen's info button. This is your Total Mass. Now release all asteroids and check mass again. This is your Vessel Mass. Now subtract Vessel Mass from Total Mass. This is your Base Score. (Please no decoupling all the parts of your ship before checking mass) To encourage capturing of multiple asteroids, a bonus of 100% of your Base Score will be added for each asteroid beyond the minimum 2. Example: Player 1 has 2 asteroids and a Base Score of 120. This is his Final Score. Player 2 has 4 asteroids and a base score of 60. Player 2 then receives a 60 point bonus for asteroid 3 and another 60 point bonus for asteroid 4. Player 2's Final Score is 180. In this way, a greater number of small asteroids can be worth more than a smaller number of larger asteroids. Rules: Stock parts and physics. Stock-alike parts are fine, but no OP engines, exotic fuels, or light-weight tanks and structural parts (keep it fair, please). No docking with anything that was not a part of the original launch (except asteroids ). ISRU is fine, and will probably be necessary. However, each unit of ore taken from an asteroid will reduce its mass and thereby lower your score. There will obviously be a lot of warping to capture multiple asteroids, but try to share your screenshots, videos or images. @cratercracker has made an awesome badge for this challenge. You guys are really gonna like it. So good luck and have fun! Thanks to @Cpt Kerbalkrunch for sharing this great idea and making it possible! **** YOU HAVE ONE MORE WEEK this challenge will end on August 30 ****
  3. Hi everyone! The challenge is over and I´m really happy with the great response, thanks to everyone who participated! We had a lot of fun
  4. Hey! Welcome to the forum and to this awesome community !
  5. Congrats everyone! Well done!
  6. You have one more week to submit your entries!
  7. Hey Rud! We are working on it and someone from Squad or T2 will contact you soon
  8. No, those T-shirts are for contests and gifts
  9. Thanks @monstah! I thank all the moderators for their help! <3 this is a great team
  10. Cool! I think this will be on the Daily Kerbal!
  11. @ManeTI is the forum master
  12. Please send us a dxdiag report to so we can help you, this is how you can get one: For Mac, click the Apple logo on the top left, select About This Mac, click the System Report button and hit cmd+S. For Linux, a dump of the hwinfo on the console will do. Also send us your log file, KSP.log located in your KSP installation folder. If you already sent the email we will get back to you soon!