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  1. You have one more week for this Challenge let’s have fun!
  2. Hello Hello!

    Welcome to the forums @Daedalus304
  3. As some of you may know Apple just released the latest stable version of macOS a few weeks ago, 10.13 High Sierra. There have been reports of KSP as well as other games presenting issues that render them unplayable. If you have not updated your computer to High Sierra and none of the new features are essential for your day-to-day workflow, we strongly suggest you wait for it and stay on Sierra for now. If you have already updated to High Sierra there are a couple recommendations that could help you: - Run KSP with the -force-glcore argument, here is how you can set the argument on Steam. For the KSP Store version you can download the shortcut with the argument already set from here. If you need instructions for the GOG version, please let us know. - Create a partition on your hard drive that uses the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) file system, move KSP to a directory on that partition and run it from there. Here is how to create partitions - If you have a recent Time Machine backup from before you installed High Sierra, you can roll back your installation to Sierra (or whatever macOS version you had before). This is how you can do that, option 2 We know that these provisional solutions don't work/apply to everyone, but that's currently all we have found out. You can also help us investigate the issue by posting here your computer specs and log files from when KSP is malfunctioning on High Sierra. Click the Apple logo on the top left, select About This Mac, click the System Report button and hit cmd+S to obtain the system specs. And the log file is KSP.log located in your KSP installation folder. If you want to read more about
  4. Hello everyone, Check out the amazing and creative entries of last challenge! First I want to apologize for not posting this challenge before, but here it is: “ Brick from Orbit Challenge " Easy Mode: Land with no parachutes. (engines and wings allowed) from orbit Intermediate Mode: Land with no parachutes or engines. Hard Mode: Land with nothing but the probe (this includes batteries and solar panels)from orbit Impossible Mode: You can use wings, but have to land from orbit of Eve Super Mode: Impress me Note: If I don't specifically say you can't use a part, you can use it. You can use whatever you want to deorbit, but will have to decouple once on a sub-orbital trajectory SCORING: There is a point system out of ten. For each 0.1 ton (other than probe, of course) you lose 3 points You get 1 point for being on same continent as KSC 2 for being within sight of it 5 for being in grounds of KSC 7 for runway/launchpad 15 for on top of VAB or under R&D Bridge ***Points don't add up ****For Impossible Mode you lose 1 point for every 0.2 ton or 100 units of ablator (You can use heatshields) Share your screenshots, videos or images showing suborbital trajectory, re-entry, about to land(~5km), and landing. Feel free to add anything else! We want you to have fun and share it with the whole community! Special thanks to @JK_Kerbineer for making this challenge possible
  5. KSP Weekly: The Earthquake

    We received help from Japan Eboshi, they found people and we really appreciate it!
  6. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Of course we can make a special challenge to give those signed photographs. Please send me a PM
  7. Mexico Earthquake 8 Sep 17 and again 19 Sep 17

    Thanks guys! We appreciate all your messages, everyone is fine! We will be back to normal soon! ❤️
  8. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    lol okay agree, that´s enough for you
  9. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    That´s bad we can make a special challenge for moderators
  10. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    What do you think about giving 1 more week for this challenge?
  11. Yes we felt it, very strong and scary but everyone is ok in the City! Thanks for asking
  12. Thanks Jim! We will be ok just a lot of rain in this days
  13. KSP Challenge: Eve Speed Challenge!

    WOOOOW!!!! Thank you @cratercracker !!!!!! It´s pretty cool!