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  1. Hello everyone, This thread is to give you a short message. After some years working at Squad my time to move on has come. I have no words to express how grateful I feel with the company and the whole community. I had so much fun and learned a lot from each one of you and from all the team members I worked with. Thanks for making my days amazing and fun, I will never forget the time I spent here. Thanks for everything! Badie
  2. Sadly, the demo version that we had available until recently is based on a really old and outdated version of KSP. Because of this, we no longer feel it really is a good measure for people to know how well their machine will handle it, or how much they like the game. That’s why we’re currently working on a new demo, based on the most recent version of KSP. We don’t have a release ETA for this yet, unfortunately.
  3. Yes we are doing them as soon as we have a interesting challenge we will make it happen ideas are always welcome
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, we will consider it
  5. The frequency will be depending on how much news we have but you don’t have to worry, this will be a good change for the community. We always listen and will keep doing so.
  6. Hey, no worries every post we make about KSP Loading... will be posted in all our social media channels including the forum
  7. I understand but as soon as we have news we will share them.
  8. No, you can be sure we are working on it
  9. Hello everyone! You have until next Wednesday to share your entries
  10. Challenge: 1) Launch a satellite to any celestial body (except Kerbin). 2)The satellite itself must consist of 3 segments: 1 Satellite itself (must have a propulsion method) 2 3 array satellites (must be equipped with a relay antennae (any)) 3 Landing craft (must land on the selected celestial body (obviously)) 4 Rover (must land, can be landed separately from the lander,or can be combined with it) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Must be completed with one launch. 2. All cheats are prohibited (F12) 3. All mods that add overpowered parts and/or cheats are also prohibited. Thanks to @cratercracker for making this challenge possible! We have a special badge! Share your images, videos or screenshots
  11. Thanks everyone for participating! You will receive your badges in the next hours I hope you had fun
  12. Love it! Amazing as always! Thanks @cratercracker
  13. Hello everyone! This is the last week for this challenge so if you want to participate hurry up !
  14. Kerbals don't need to suffer this time, but it's up to you
  15. Hello everyone, We are back and ready to have new and fun challenges. This week we have another theme for you: “Impact the Mun! " Challenge: Impact the surface of the Mun in less than 20 minutes. Mods are allowed, but avoid those ones that will make it too easy. Rewards: We will have a official badge for this challenge! Rules: No debug menu Mods allowed No MechJeb or cheat parts We want you to have fun and share it with the whole community! Share your screenshots, videos or images.
  16. Hi! The challenge is over, thanks for participating! You will receive your badges soon.
  17. Hi, please send an email to [email protected]. I'm sure they will help you ASAP
  18. Hello! You have until next Wednesday to submit your entries Have fun!
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