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  1. Just don't tell him that it's pure poison.
  2. Usually people think mainly of yellowjackets when thinking about wasps. But there are over 20000 described species and probably one for every other species of insect. If you learn to identify them, you'll find that a lot of the random bugs you see outside are actually wasps of various types. They tend to be pretty harmless.
  3. This is nowhere near the most baffling role of wasps in an ecosystem.
  4. Hubble was grabbed with the robot arm and moved out of the bay with that.
  5. I think a star system without any planets would not be completely empty. I would still expect some asteroids and comets orbiting it, and of course it would influence the interstellar material and planets. That would be interesting, to visit a star which has no planets but a network of asteroids which can be landed on.
  6. I'm expecting some roaches in the mail today. My mom isn't exactly thrilled about what I'm about to cook in her kitchen but it must be done. For science.
  7. I think general relativity works with rotating reference frames. I know that special relativity is a simple case within general relativity.
  8. Zuma satellite, which had a custom payload adapter that failed to separate it from Falcon 9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zuma_(satellite)
  9. Pretty sure this is a myth. Millennium-old glass pieces have not spilled.
  10. I didn't see it that way. Maybe it's just because I know live video is not the top priority of spacecraft telemetry and I've watched several of these launches. But the discussion around capsule separation seems to be more about specific points of failure for each vehicle.
  11. I gather they haven't designed in an "abort to powered landing" mode?
  12. I think the renewed interests in Mars exploration and sustainability are driving some technological growth in the area of vertical farming. I don't know so much about plants, but I know the insect food industry is growing, and it is similar in that insects are farmed indoors. Maybe I should work on some more complete urban farming systems too? I haven't seen any produce advertising as being grown indoors, but it seems like a logical next step after the insects.
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