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  1. They should release some full duration ultra-high quality rocket firing audio...
  2. Probably both? -Structural failure and/or rapid disassembly -Great data, as aerospace engineers are always collecting data during tests But "Tipping Point" does not refer to the typical Kerbal landing in this case...
  3. Newtons are a unit of force, and thus weight. The kilogram is a gravity-independent unit of mass.
  4. They're developing the flight controls and interface now. I wouldn't expect it to be very polished quite yet.
  5. ...and put in a computer in the top for astronauts to train in KSP.
  6. If that's the engine configuration, you could even light just the bottom two there during the flip for a little extra torque.
  7. I love the symmetry between the three movies. They are perfect.
  8. In case of emergency, input emergency code S.T.A.Y. into bookshelf
  9. How many younglings would it take to defeat Anakin Skywalker?
  10. Because the flaps have a much higher drag coefficient than the cylindrical body, they represent 46% of the total drag even though they are only 27% of the total cross-sectional area. Since terminal velocity is inversely proportional to the square root of surface area, that means folding the flaps all the way back could increase terminal velocity to 62 m/s. Also, that animation starts at 3K feet, where the air density is 10% lower, further decreasing drag. ................on Earth?
  11. Honestly I thought a lot of the original series was pretty bad, with some interesting ideas and a few really excellent episodes, but there were definitely some episodes that were not good. TNG is much more consistently good.
  12. Star Wars The binary sunset in the first act carries so much meaning in a few seconds. It's my favorite scene in that whole saga.
  13. If you add moons, then you might or eight?
  14. Yeah, pretty much anybody who's serious about this stuff is just spinning their wheels when talking about the "economic potential" or "benefit to humanity" on Earth, and just have to say those things to get money from boring folks. The real reason is because space is cool and we want to jump around on other planets and turn over pretty rocks.