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  1. Earth Day

    I like Earth.
  2. Don't Click This

  3. I am becoming quite happy with the rate at which information becomes out of date in the modern spaceflight field.
  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Those wouldn't require a specific time either, as your orbit would pass over different parts of Earth as it rotates anyway.
  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Most of the night/early morning launches I can think of have been interplanetary satellites.
  6. Don't Click This

    Does it get gummed up for the mods even if they don't open the spoiler?
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Which rocket is that? The one from the first successful recovery? And this is just sitting on the street corner like it thinks it can pass for a lamp post or something?
  8. Don't Click This

    Don't worry, I didn't open it.
  9. Show off your drawings!

    Funny how it can seem easier to talk to someone thousands of kilometers away than someone right by you.
  10. Don't Click This

  11. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    It's been alternating between Blue Danube and The Vallhenge.
  12. Help with Relationships Thread

    It's because human language is more complicated than C.
  13. Don't Click This

    Whoops, looks like I misplaced my ampersand in this thread. I'll have to slip in and grab it... &
  14. Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    It was in the future by 20 years. Waiter, there's an antimatter fly in my soup!
  15. Forum no-nos

    2084: Making me think you were referencing the song I wrote which is titled 2084