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  1. The future contains the past. Not just in a figurative or idealistic way. Literally, geometrically.
  2. Yeah, the software is kind of wacky sometimes. And the college systems are completely dependent on the internet, which is interesting. But my main gripe is that I hardly get any positive feedback when I'm doing well. I get negative feedback when things go poorly, but if I do something great then it's just kind of neutral. A little reinforcement would boost my morale a lot. Anyway, it's just the last week of classes and I have a lot to think about. I really don't need an inaccurate "53%" to look at on top of all this.
  3. "Ok Bloomer" A product of finals week encroaching. When I had some calm today:
  4. I tried checking my grades in physics and got a huge scare...The algorithm was counting the final exam that we haven't taken yet, and the final lab report that we haven't turned in yet, giving me half a percent lower than the passing cutoff for my lab grade. It took me a while to figure out that I'm actually fine...
  5. With climate changing, though, we do see more erratic weather, abrupt temperature swings and unusual storm events. It's -7 *F in Minneapolis right now. Monday morning it was above freezing, and Monday evening it was 0 *F.
  6. Kerosene + gaseous oxygen Eventual goal is space, of course, but that is far in the future. Our next engine is designed for 1000 N thrust.
  7. Yesterday my team successfully fired our liquid rocket! I wasn't able to be there for the firing attempts, but I helped set up beforehand and followed along online. We got 25 N of thrust before the load cell failed, causing an automatic abort a few seconds after ignition. Now it is time to move on to a bigger system!
  8. Papanov was a test engineer who managed to configure one of the rapid-pulsing Vernier engines to function as audio output. Unfortunately, he began testing a little too eagerly in his smallish lab desk where the engine's sound and blast stunned him and he soon suffocated from the pure nitrogen exhaust from his new speaker. Herman Kerman - launched on unmanned probe
  9. You were just more spread out.
  10. SkekDude And here's the strider from Dark Crystal and the strider from Half Life
  11. It has to be a radioactive mosquito.
  12. What's the story behind the cube?

    1. cubinator


      I figured it was possible to make a working Rubik's cube in KSP, so I did.

  13. Yep, that happens all the time. Fluffy oxygen ice, I think from the turbopump exhaust.
  14. I tuned in just in time, let's goooo!