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  1. cubinator

    The Ctrl+V thread!

    I imagined this dude based on some random words. His machine is one where you can upload your mind to a virtual place of eternal life...except it is broken and inadvertently killed everyone because nobody could tell it was broken.
  2. cubinator


    Nice pair! 607
  3. cubinator

    Show off your drawings!

    The creator of the Memory Grave:
  4. How ironic that making something heavier causes it to fall slower, in the right circumstances. It makes sense though - more inertia -> less acceleration from drag.
  5. cubinator

    Thoughts on Starman (little late)

    The alternative being a block of concrete, I'm happy with this.
  6. cubinator


    Whoa, careful with that thing. That number is actually: 3917304582087029692147728044171089760950424084125686069059508381199504609389882632127112355377910312953829620701456326342329404338652102673165480530227323202319914472463017784324372938386523411208875809621604922052852388601382957776123746691321400855392638776536531837638766863973328312013550671220374934047273172825840356485223449215586337390186263633051465574690888131325961708932272178867739643862015396533315153599710099691959780126498295684516149506821376725270456711583208655956001534468625758811915469405139025729867856680289353707296169482446436687257083148164542597198674049082568024783037535386355783874171928776755228941348467870782924902174648306576712265941643831246765525202496102831289214857496493880128904300262598655679506113991573649411829499689175907538115677534817680438649382786747577631862981305488787287362142915650466694420742880914118187122843380125039068462171761133518972701369467046932199024559954382649161850826854749671253818212352000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Anyway, the next prime is 491.
  7. cubinator

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I essentially memorize the cube beforehand, and then when I am not observing it I can swap the quantum superposition of the pieces. A little bit of that too! ========
  8. cubinator

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I can now solve a 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube blind with fair consistency!
  9. cubinator

    I Am Groot

    Not yet.
  10. cubinator


    And back on track with 431!
  11. cubinator

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Does the booster really need cooling after landing? Sure, the engine bells are hot and the rocket just spent some time in supersonic wind, but right after that it spends a bunch of time in regular wind which tends to be cooling.
  12. cubinator

    ISS Discussion Thread

    There's been some rocket surgery going on lately...Cosmonauts cut into the Soyuz orbital module down to the pressure vessel to take a look at that hole we saw some months ago. With a knife.