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  1. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, there's no concrete on Mars, so...
  2. Pun-A-Thon

    If I get an edge parity on this 4x4x4x4, I'm going to flip!
  3. Show off your drawings!

    The TI graphing calculators have a very rudimentary drawing utility which has a limited selection of about 15 colors. If there was a proper color wheel on the TI-84 it would be perfect (the calculator is capable of doing this, as it can load images) but it's enough to do some halfway decent stuff as it is.
  4. Why weren't there any camera's on the galileo probe?

    It's hard to transmit big pictures quickly through space. Usually there is plenty of time to transmit because the spacecraft is coasting through space, but when it's about to burn up there isn't usually enough time before it burns up.
  5. Show off your drawings!

    You didn't happen to make this on a calculator, did you? If so I would like to know more. Looks cool all the same.
  6. You Know You're A Nerd When:

    It's thought that if you have a base with enough digits it can self-replicate and evolve into a language.
  7. Forum Memes

    And one Rubik's cube!
  8. You Know You're A Nerd When:

    When you recognize nerd-sniping yet are powerless against it.
  9. Funny images

    It would be perfect but that step goes up the ladder from B flat to B natural instead of down to the Moon's surface. If I'm recalling correctly from my grand total of about two weeks of trombone experience, you have to go between first position and seventh position to do that interval?
  10. The Stargazing Thread!

    Saw a bright meteor tonight. Then I went inside because it's cold and windy.
  11. Don't Click This

    No you can't.
  12. Don't Click This

    Click to page 50.
  13. Whats your favourite Launch Vehicle?

    Thank you. I am working towards my goal and I intend to succeed.
  14. Where do you get your news from?
  15. Whats your favourite Launch Vehicle?

    In my case, it's just the opposite.