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  1. waiting... T-20 minute hold.
  2. Don't Click This

    Once again the power of clicking prevails!
  3. What are your craziest dreams?

    Another thing that helps is if you take a few seconds right when you wake up to just reflect on the dream a little bit before you open your eyes, you're much more likely to remember it later.
  4. Excitonium!

    Great job, scientists!
  5. If only the payloads were big and shiny, I might be able to see them on their first orbit...
  6. What are your craziest dreams?

    I dreamt that part of the atmosphere got sucked off into space because of...I think it was the portal from Drain the Oceans? The wind was extremely strong blowing south, and there was a really cool giant beetle and a homeless man in a cave. Eventually the wind died down, and I knew the pressure had equalized. I went outside to test the pressure.
  7. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Quite true. It would be nice to know my spaceship can land nicely, though.
  8. What are your craziest dreams?

    Yeah, if you're not keeping really attentive during a lucid dream it's easy for it to turn back into a regular dream. What I've found is that if you really get into the dream and don't focus too much on "holy Kraken I'm dreaming and I know it" you can stick around for a while.
  9. Quotes megathread

    "This quote is often falsely attributed to Mark Twain." -Mark Twain
  10. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Me too! What if by the time it launches Mars is in the right place for a direct transfer?
  11. You know, both of those will be excellent things to have on long space missions, as both last a long time in storage and tea is low mass and easy to prepare, requiring only water. I can see it now: a pair of Mars colonists sitting at a table chatting in the evening, looking out the window, sipping tea with honey and munching on roasted crickets. /tan(90)
  12. Dihydrogen monoxide, or occasionally some fruit juice. I keep a water bottle right next to my computer.
  13. STS Shuttle discussion thread

    By the way, I found a bunch of great videos taken during STS-134, which showcase life and work on the shuttle and ISS. Here is one: