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  1. "Darn ice cubes overcoming the coefficient of static friction" after spilling some water on myself.
  2. My guess is it would depend on the acceleration and ascent profile of your rocket.
  3. Cars filing into Idaho Falls from the south this afternoon:
  4. I've arrived in the zone!
  5. When I was little I thought the round things on big power lines were buoys to keep the lines afloat if the river underneath flooded. I still don't know what they really do...
  6. Arcades now are more like casinos than proper gaming rooms. Luckily we have emulators and mimic hardware! I've been getting better at Donkey Kong lately.
  7. Papyrus Freeman: I should do another one with Terminal Seven Luigi. But I can't make a template because this suit is drawn to Papyrus' rather disproportionate body type.
  8. 5 AM and on the road!
  9. Are towns around the totality zone already filling up?
  10. It is thought that Jool contains a sort of incredibly high pressure liquid hydrogen in it's core, however it is impossible for a spacecraft to visit it because it would be destroyed by intense temperatures and pressures long before getting that deep.
  11. Of course! That would be mind-blowingly cool. But that will inevitably have to come after we build those colonies. As they become established, visiting Grandma on the Moon will become easier and easier. Our job now is not to send a single, or a few kids into low Earth orbit or even to fly by a lifeless Moon, but to kick-start the proper colonization effort so that there will be places that actually can be visited on other worlds.
  12. I hope to build a future where any kid can go to space if they want to. That'd be a lot better than picking just one.
  13. I'd do it anytime.
  14. Welcome back!
  15. The scatter tool is pseudo-random, so it's algorithm generates a grid pattern in this image. For some reason, I can discern it quite easily on PC, but not on mobile. I can barely see the lines on my phone, but I can see the whole grid on PC even between the differently colored regions. How do you guys see the grid?