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  1. Probably no way that thing could be serviced in EVA.
  2. Well, I'm simply going to bring mine with me!
  3. Well the Earth could have been in an orbit that flies through a jet at some point in the future, or doing it right now, or not at all.
  4. We know that everything was very close together. In the earliest moments, they were so close together that particles could jump from one place in the universe to another in a quantum probabilistic manner. I believe the amount of time during which this was possible is one Planck time. It was very short, but as a result there are pieces of you that could have just as easily been transported to the other side of the universe.
  5. When the Big Bang happened, you were there. I was there. We were all there, and you were crammed tightly into every part of every galaxy that ever was and ever will be! You existed in every part of the universe at once for just a moment until space got large enough for things to settle down and stay mostly in their own place. Or, at least, the energy that eventually turned into matter and became you was there.
  6. If you imagine the expansion of the universe to be coming from a particular point, that point isn't inside the universe.
  7. You won't need to write about many of the specific things you're assigned in school. But writing in general is one of the most important skills you'll learn in school, and if you learn all the tricks in school to doing it really, really well then you'll be really good at writing anything from emails to scientific and engineering reports to slideshows in the future. And if you want to go to space, you'll need knowledge at least to the level that school teaches on most subjects. Believe it or not, you're getting the simple explanation!
  8. Now we know we won't need to know the Mach number in the next 45 minutes.
  9. I think Phobos will be systematically moved away from or into Mars, or disassembled by human descendants long before its natural demise. I'm also reading some talk that this ring-moon business might be cyclical.
  10. I went to a local astronomy event and saw the eclipse, a Starlink train, ISS, an occultation of a star, the Hercules cluster, the Sombrero, Pinwheel, and Whirlpool galaxies, and a bunch of constellations.
  11. Moon will be two days from periapsis, so extra big in the sky!
  12. I say "catalyzed" because I'm aware it's not a total upheaval, nor is it a complete reason for any future society being the way it is. It's an experience that moves things slightly in another direction for the future, even in the case you've observed of people working from home more. That and other pandemic-related experiences will be an influence on decisions people make from now on.
  13. That looked like a pretty short entry burn. Maybe I just zoned out.
  14. I think the pandemic has catalyzed a bit of a societal shift. I think maybe the thing to come first might be a change in the way we conduct ourselves, before any particular object.
  15. Today I was happy to be able to show TWO pictures of black holes in the planetarium.
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