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  1. Think you'll get to it by the time I finish my degree? Or you could wait two months and only have to update it once.
  2. Everything about the design of the Kerbal Space Center campus screams "Made by Kerbals"...Keeping in mind that most rockets are launching east, here are a few instances I've noticed of things being designed to be as hazardous as possible: -Launch sites directly downrange of one another -R&D/Training/etc. is directly downrange of multiple launch sites -Aircraft control tower should theoretically have a good view in all directions, but is blocked by the VAB right next to it -All landing pads west of VAB: If a booster is performing a RTLS to one of these pads, it must fly directly over the Tracking Station and VAB.
  3. My 'letter issue' today was that I couldn't add a number to my flag title on the Mun, and I think I couldn't add a space after a hyphen either.
  4. I like orthogonal views in the VAB. I like the way the sun glints off the ships. I like the rocket plume expansion as the air gets thinner. I like the stone Mun arch and the shadows that it casts. I like being able to select from the variety of launch sites. I like how beautiful the world is.
  5. No, even better - that is a fully functional Rubik's Cube I built years ago in KSP.
  6. I flew my first rocket, staged at the wrong time, recovered the capsule, tried again with more boosters, went to the Mun with it, but a heat shield had snuck under the upper stage engine so I couldn't use it, reverted to VAB and fixed that, then flew the rocket again, happened to spot a Mun arch from orbit and successfully landed beside it. Bob returned to Kerbin safely after exploring the arch! Then I flew a plane around the KSC, buzzed a few structures, then crashed it in the ocean after trying to see how fast I could dive. Valentina bailed out at the last moment and survived unscathed!
  7. As a KSP fan, I just played it for over 3 hours and had fun through the whole experience. I saw plenty of small issues and a few larger ones, and I'll try to write out my thoughts on my experience in more detail sometime soon, but overall it seems like the game is just as much fun as KSP 1. It's also very beautiful and if I were to mod my KSP 1 to look the way this does, it would have taken 10 times longer to load.
  8. I can't believe no one is playing KSP2 currently. Clearly dead.
  9. I had a dream I was exploring freeze-dried mud slides on Mars. The mud was dark brown, malleable and sticky to itself, and formed into 2-4 mm sized granules, some of which were polygonal. It collected in between cliffs and hillsides formed by landslides. I couldn't easily go all the way up one of these hills in my spacesuit, but I could get partway and look out on the valley these were all in.
  10. I am excited to crash my ship into a planetary ring! But mainly I am excited to go to another star.
  11. Hmm, it would sure be a shame if I were to be snowed in on Friday...
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