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  1. The asteroid system is traveling west-east through the sky, and the spacecraft came at it from the left in this image. So the plume mostly went back towards the direction the spacecraft came from.
  2. But the system is near periapsis of a more elliptical orbit, so it could still be going faster than Earth.
  3. Seems to be tracking Didymos, yes. I think the debris plume mostly travels out in the opposite direction of the spacecraft's approach. Edit: Unless the asteroid is moving faster than Earth, which I think it probably is. And the spacecraft might be coming in from ahead. I don't know anymore. I'd have to make some vectors.
  4. A little to the right and they'd be taking photos of Perseverance.
  5. Solid metal is indeed the composition of perhaps my favorite asteroid, 16 Psyche, which is targeted by an orbiter mission in the near future.
  6. Well there seems to be various levels of that. The asteroid is made of rocks that ARE solid and formed somehow. But usually the rocks are just piled together in a big group unless they somehow get hot enough to melt together. Even big, cratery asteroids like Phobos can be rubble piles too, just too big to see the boulders on from full view.
  7. Well, I guess now we just have to wait for cubesat images and for it to go around a few times.
  8. I mean, the high altitude balloon people call 20-30 km or so "space".
  9. Seems to me like something got peeled off around the engine, leading to the flame going from right to left. Some debris shoots straight out to the side, then drag gets ahold of it and it is forced down.
  10. The "out-of-angle" condition happened a lot after the "engine bits flying away" condition
  11. I have heard that there is an Apollo 11 board game.
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