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  1. Tvashtar, Io The source of the eruption in this image.
  2. Considering Spirit and Opportunity were some of the most Kerbal landings ever, I agree.
  3. Been reading a little about Project Orion since that KSP2 announcement, and it fits that first panel exactly. "Yeah, you can SSTO to Mars!" "Ok, but SSTOing nukes will cause massive fallout on Earth's surface..."
  4. There was a mustard flood caused by a magic snake, similar in devastation and viscosity to the Great Molasses Flood. I died, but reloaded a previous save and survived by hanging onto a tree trunk that was launched into the air by the mustard.
  5. I like all kinds of vegetables. Cook 'em up with some olive oil and garlic, simple and delicious.
  6. A bigger, actually usable Rubik's cube. Maybe I could use the gravity rings...If part physics are better in KSP2 I could find a way to build that 4x4 too.
  7. My bet is on Q2 to Q3, if we're going by rocketry times. I could still be pleasantly surprised, though.
  8. So yesterday I think I saw 16 Psyche, according to Space Engine. Today I downloaded some planetary data in Stellarium, and now Stellarium disagrees slightly with SE on where Psyche is. Tonight I'm going to find the spot I think I saw Psyche in yesterday, the spot SE thinks it's in, and the spot Stellarium thinks it's in, and I'll see what I can see. If there's nothing where I saw an object yesterday, I know it was the asteroid, and I should be able to find it again in a different spot.
  9. When you start needing two monitors for star maps looking through your telescope in the driveway...
  10. Maybe not in the Kerbal system, but this means we need to have a Uranus analog somewhere!
  11. If it was a binary, I would expect the planets to all still orbit one sun, with the whole system binary with some other star with a very long period.