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  1. cubinator

    Say a phrase, and complete it

    OOF! The __________ is bent.
  2. cubinator

    Forum Memes

    This really happened, didn't it?
  3. cubinator

    The user below me...

    I think so. Wait, three? I thought there were four. TUBM is allergic to shellfish.
  4. cubinator

    Shower thoughts

  5. cubinator

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    Hahahahahahaha! I would be scared too... ________________ I got to play a big pipe organ for a few minutes today. I will try to get in with the music school to keep playing, maybe I'll even write the modern solar system suite for organ? (I've been planning that for a long time, just felt ready to start Mercury yesterday...)
  6. *warps to*
  7. cubinator

    I skydived a few days ago!

    I imagine when the engines cut out it's like being on an elevator when it starts to go down. When acceleration is constant your brain isn't panicking, but when you feel jerk (the derivative of acceleration) upwards you feel like you're falling. The astronauts on the Moon were fine because you get used to any constant acceleration. Once you're floating for a moment, you'd probably only be dizzy. Congrats! I have a vague feeling that while logically I just want to do it once, there is a part of me that will get up off the ground afterwards and say "again, again!"
  8. cubinator

    Shower thoughts

    Plastic ferns count.
  9. cubinator

    Venusian colony acid harvesting

    Yes, maybe, maybe.
  10. cubinator

    I skydived a few days ago!

    Remember, falling and weightlessness are one and the same. Think of the astronauts bouncing and spinning and enjoying themselves in their respective reference frames. And of course it's going to seem like a terrible idea when you've got one foot out of a damn airplane. That's just part of the experience.
  11. cubinator

    I skydived a few days ago!

    Very cool! I might like to try skydiving someday. Probably just once, though...
  12. Bet there's one on Mars somewhere, with cracks and everything.
  13. cubinator

    Shower thoughts

    Well, mostly dead plants from I think the Devonian and Carboniferous, but yes.
  14. cubinator

    You Know You're A Nerd When:

    Couldn't you just use CTRL+F?