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  1. @Snark thanks for you quick reply! Watch out for the difference between part "name" and "title". From my understanding: Name: The hidden internal part name Title: The name displayed to the player in game From a quick search through the configs, I find the following parts with "Category = none" Title: Mk1-2 Command Pod Name: Mark1-2Pod Title: Mk1 Command Pod Name: mk1pod Title: Probodobodyne HECS Name: probeCoreHex Title: Probodobodyne OKTO Name: probeCoreOcto Title: Probodobodyne OKTO2 Name: probeCoreOcto2 Title: Probodobodyne RoveMate Name: r
  2. I've just noticed that some parts have two config files? For example the RT-5 "Flea" Solid Rocket Booster has 2 configs: "solidBoosterRT-5.cfg" under GameData/Squad/Parts/Engine/solidBoosterRT-5 "solidBoosterRT-5_v2.cfg" under GameData/Squad/Parts/Engine/Size1_SRBs I can't see any functional differences between the configs, just that they seem to have a different model/texture setup? I see a that "solidBoosterRT-5.cfg" has a line "TechHidden = True" which i assume is what is used to hide this duplicate part from appearing in game? What is the reason for this dupli
  3. On CKAN the install didn't automatically install community resource pack as a requirement. Not sure if this is CKAN been funny ot maybe just my own mistake. I thought id let you know either way. (awesome mod btw)
  4. If you go to kerbalstuff at the bottom of the page a torrent is provided with all the mods, (its 60+ GB). Red vs Blue is located under the folder MaxSimm_13703 edit: you don't need to download the whole thing just the one folder
  5. Aim-54 phonix appears to have incorrect scaling, I was under the impression that it should be the same size as the maverick it is currently larger
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