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  1. Added all of the above, and some other mods by DMagic
  2. Well, go on and try every mod to see if they work or not then... It's easier to list what I know will work in 1.3 instead of every mod that I think might work.
  3. Not really... I would say there are at least 500 mods, of which ~10% might be already updated.
  4. Hello there, I am the guy that (almost) never posts, but I wanted to help the community at least a bit, so here's a list of which mods have been updated to work with KSP 1.3 Disclaimer : Not all of the listed mods have been tested. Most have just been updated and I included them here. Reply with the name of any "compatible" mod crashing the game and I'l remove it, or with a mod not included here and I'll add it List of mods in the spoiler, sorted by alphabet in sub-spoilers. WARNING: It's really long By the way, I'll be updating this list as often as I can Last Update : June 26th, 2017
  5. Yes! I'm in need of technical advice... How would I unwrap the model? I managed to make it unwrap proportionally to the model's size, but can't find how to join UV faces into islands to make rearranging them easier. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's something that happens regularly. Any help will be appreciated! And thanks for offering your help!
  6. Well, it looks like stuff is going faster than I thought... I already have a basic model of Sojourner, and even made a new topic in the Add-on Development section of the forum. I still need to make the textures, wheels and the spectrometer, but at least I've got something to start!
  7. The Microrover Flight Experiment, more commonly known as "Sojourner", was the first man-made rover to explore Mars' surface. After landing inside Pathfinder in July 4, 1997, Sojourner conducted experiments to the soil and some rocks found near the landing site, before connection to Pathfinder, and thus to Sojourner, was lost in September 27, 1997. I have tried to build a replica of Sojourner many times in the stock game, but can't fit the style from the original rover. That's why I grabbed my computer, opened Blender, and started to work. Imgur Image Gallery Done Sojourner Model Research about Sojourner, Pathfinder, and their mission on Mars
  8. I'll go for that one! (At least as a test to model stuff...) Won't have it for a while though, probably a first release after New Year
  9. I am trying to create a contract pack, but I ran into a little problem... My satellite contract will have a specific orbit assigned to it, but I cannot figure out what each symbol means. I need to know what and how to get the following parameters, - SMA (Semi-major Axis?) - ECC (Eccentricity) - INC (Inclination) - LPE (?) - LAN (Longitude of Ascending Node?) - MNA (Mean Anomaly?) - EPH (?) - REF (Reference Body) Each one that has a question mark is one that I want to know, but I would also thank if the rest is also checked. Thanks in advance, ~TheArmoredReaper
  10. Hello, I am ArmoredReaper, and I really want to make a mod, but I cannot find any way to learn how to do so. Is anyone willing to give me a link to a guide or establish one for me and other people who do not know to read and learn? Thanks in advance, and sorry if this was asked before, but I really want to make a mod...
  11. Yes, KSP-AVC is reporting that the version is 3.14 instead of 3.2... I don't know if this affects anything in the game, but it says "Incompatible version. Please use KSP 1.0.5", and from my past experience, each time KSP-AVC says this, the mod that got the error gets disabled.
  12. Version 3.2 of Bases and Stations is displaying as version 3.14 inside the game, and thus does not work. I have already re-downloaded the file many times, but it still won't work. I am not using the bundled ModuleManager, but version 2.6.21 instead. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks for the great mod!
  13. Bug Report : The Karibou Cargo Bay's left door are not collidable (Rovers (at least) just go through them), but only when they're deployed. Image : http://imgur.com/a/dLKCH
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