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  1. When you think Kerbin's atmosphere is annoying for re-entry enough,clearly you never visit EVE
  2. UPDATE: Voyager has been released on youtube
  3. If KSP only rely on single core,then the i7-6700K probably is the best CPU. Although Xeon E7 or I7-5960X has many threads and cores,caches than any of the others,their single core performance is just poor,can't even complete with a i5
  4. ............ interesting.Games nowaday doesn't really rely on CPU that much
  5. But how about the framerate?I currently using a laptop with i7-6700HQ,GTX960M and using a SSD as KSP root files.I m having trouble with the framerate.I have B9,Scatterer,Interstellar parts,SVE installed and I m using 1.1.2
  6. Here is the Nassault's message: V O Y A G E R, half documentary, half in-game (Kerbal Space Program) cinematic created by Nassault Films, follows the real events that took place during the Voyager spacecraft's "Grand Tour", beginning in the late summer of 1977. While the Voyager spacecraft embarks on its eternal journey into interstellar space, the Kerbal Space Program decides it is time for a historic mission of their own. Piloted (and narrated) by the beloved Youtube Producer Scott Manley, you'll learn about both the in-game planetary bodies, and their real-life counterparts. It started in 2014, when one of the most common comments on my Youtube videos was "make them longer!" So here you go, this film is the product your requests! After working for nearly a year and half on the film, with just over a thousand dollars from crowd-sourcing, the film slowly came together. Since the animation team, consisting of only Isaac Cooper and myself, live in very different areas, we spent many nights chatting on Skype and sending project files. Isaac and I have never met in person, and have only met up in games, but even though we reside continents apart, our vision for romancing one of the most beautiful icons of humanity came to life. Jonathan Franklin, the musician for the project, is another team-member I've never met in person, and still, shared a similar vision. His talented and melodic harmonies remind us of the very music contained on the Voyager record. Sitting in a pub in San Francisco, with a cold pint of mead on the table, Scott Manley and I briefly discussed V O Y A G E R, among other things, and his help on the project has been outstanding. His iconic voice and character help us reflect on why we all wanted to be astronauts as kids. This film is the product of purely the human spirit. Despite the borders that divide the creators, and the physical limitations that keep us from collaborating in the same room, we come to conclude that creation and emotion knowns no boundaries, and like the spacecraft itself, speaks a universal language we can all understand. The full film will be available for free viewing on Youtube, because without my subscribers who have supported and inspired me, and most importantly, pushed me since 2008, V O Y A G E R simply would not be. This film is for you, by you. To the makers, all worlds, all times. - Nassault
  7. If anyone don't know anything about the film,please read: According to Nassault's tweet the movie will screen on DOCVILLE FILM festival which is 29 April - 7 May 2016 Stay comfy
  8. Because KSP don't has a story or a lore
  9. Lets hope KasperVid,Maxamps or HarvesterR notice this post
  10. Maybe We can ask him on his twitter?
  11. Only 250,000 USD? That is Very Cheap for a Revolutionary Design But Building a space elevator is simply impossible for Private Corp.Even if the Corp have the ability and adequate amount of money to do it,the government,civilians will stop the corp from Building it.