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  1. Just in case anyone was wondering, our military- I mean, not at all tank rover, had a safe trip all the way to the surface of the Mun, for the conquering- I mean, scientific interest of Kerbals. Here are the tank- wait, I mean rover commanders, along with another rover.
  2. Like to use fictional flags and such, sometimes historical too. So far these are the three flags I've cycled through in my ongoing save game, representing changes in the government, etc. (adding a bit of story to it) their is another flag as well, however it is almost identical to the top one, just a different eagle, and the olive branch goes around it, as opposed to containing a sort of Swiss like cross. The 1st flag I used was the Roman like flag, with the eagle, which was the "Union of Confederacies" flag. The second flag was the Grand Union flag, using the Union Jack to show a more republic like nation. Interestingly, the Grand Union flag was the original US flag, before it was the stars. The current one is the German Empire war ensign, representing a more Monarchy like government, with a king/queen, as opposed to the emperor ruled original rendition. It also has a Union Jack on it. The Union Jack is cool looking, what can I say. Overall, I've changed it quite a few times. I've even gone to the moon with each one of the flags, and have all 3 planted next to each other, as well as the Grand Union flag and Imperial German style flag next to each other on Laythe as well. Not sure which one I will use next, maybe a Scandinavian style flag, perhaps. It'll probably be a while before I change the flag again, the current one looks pretty cool, and was a bit of a pain to Photoshop oddly enough.
  3. These would make sense, however I cite my previous points. This generally works just fine for other games, Minecraft being a great example. In Minecraft, it is possible to go with any other game version. That is with Minecraft to, which has in general has a community much younger than KSP, which would in theory make these points much more a possibility. Yet these issues have proven themselves effectively non-existent. So I simply would beg to differ.
  4. Generally what I do when merging craft for something like this is to simply re-root the module that you are trying to attach in. In the VAB and SPH, you have a three button toolbar at the top left of the screen, but to the right of the parts menu. It has Rotate, Place, Translate, etc. On the far right of that bar, is the re-root tool, which allows you to change the root part of a craft. Clicking on that, then clicking once anywhere on your merged craft, followed by clicking on the part you will use to attach, you will be able to use on the now root part to attach it to the inside bay of your spaceplane.
  5. Welp, I would have included a video, really. But I didn't record for the one time I actually managed to guide the missile into a tank a few km's away, immediately upon taking off. Didn't think it would work so I didn't record. Managed to take these screenshots of the tank and explosion, and one of the plane with it's missiles. Overall I've been doing this for a good few hours, attempting to guide a missile into a plane, tank, etc. I've only hit twice, and the other time it did nothing to the plane. Since that tank hit, I've been trying for about an hour to hit it again, to no avail. It works, it does. It is simply to difficult to guide something so fast into so small a target, so I'd say it is a partial success, barely. Stock weapons do work, but wow, are they are hard to work with. It was fun no less though, so I'm glad with these results, to see how this would work.
  6. This is really good Photoshop. The story that follows the pictures are pretty comedic as well, and add a nice touch to them. Would say nicely done, but think that is a great understatement.
  7. Yeah, I did the nose wrong a little bit while drawing it, so I had to kinda try to redraw it. Cons of using ink I suppose.
  8. My point exactly. However when people say there may be legal issues, I'd imagine it'd be because of the way the game was developed earlier on, potentially having assets from other people, this somehow violating the contract. I'm not sure. But if Squad comes and says there are legal issues, then there simply are. At the moment, we don't know though.
  9. Like the idea of Squad offering the ability to download older versions of the game if you have bought the game itself. I'm not sure what this would entail legally, nobody seems to actually mention when this idea is brought up. But plenty of other games do this, Hearts of Iron 4, Minecraft, etc. The older KSP versions were very interesting, and would be cool to play again. It'd probably be pretty simple to implement this through Steam I'm sure, given that Steam is practically setup for things like this. I doubt that they'll actually do this though. Squad has never come off as the kind of company to do things simply for the fun of it.
  10. Looks fine to me. I mean, it has effectively the same brightness as the others, from the looks of things.
  11. Had done this drawing a while back, using a picture I took at a Air and Space Museum. It took a while, and I think it turned out good.
  12. In KSP everything slides. In KSP the ground is not ground, it is ice. Generally, this is very annoying for everyone, myself included. However, I have done a Mun base, it is rather large, on a relatively flat surface, and doesn't slide an inch. I'm not sure why entirely, but I believe the fact that all the modules of the station are using wheels is the main helper, as they have brakes. Now, assuming you don't have landing gear or wheels on your base, I'd recommend sending up 2 or 3 modules with some wheels on it, setting the brakes to their highest setting in the context menus, and then deploy the brakes to see if it helps. I'm not sure this will help, it may not, but it works well enough for my base. If your base is on a slope, or hill, that may as well be the issue.
  13. Took quite a few I liked today, so I put em' in the spoiler. The shuttle missing a wing isn't so great looking, just sorta cool. The wing sheared off due to save reloading, making it a pretty difficult challenge to land it on the runway.
  14. Great work in this thread, gotta say, it is simply incredible. Did this just a few minutes ago, it took a little while. Figured it be worth a shot. Feedback is very much appreciated, critique is always helpful!
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