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  1. Each to their own but you're missing out on a lot of quality of life upgrades if you're still on 1.1.3 - I'd probably look at having two installs if I had a save I desperately wanted to keep. Just out of curiosity, which mods can't you update? Maybe someone will be able to suggest alternatives for you
  2. I've been looking forward to a small claw for SO LONG! HOORAYYYYY!!!!!!! As a side note, KSP is starting to become really nicely polished now... still a fair few bits to do IMO but we're getting pretty close to what most of us would be relatively happy with for a final ever update. Not actually played ksp for a while now month or two now, but I can feel the itch returning
  3. Assuming this is aimed at my comment, but the reason I said this was because you had already stated that "most people" had made a decision (something you cannot possibly know as is therefore "fallacy") - I was using "fallacy" to point out the "fallacy" you had already used.
  4. I see what you mean - but those of us leaving comments are not "most people" - we're the noisy minority. KSP sold 2 million+ copies, so it's pretty hard to state that most people have made a decision based on what you've seen in comments - unless you've seen two million comments on the matter of course.
  5. Absolutely not. "most" people haven't done anything of the sort - unless you've got a crystal ball that allows you to see into the future as well as read minds, in which case, this poll is a little redundant. and I'd imagine "most" people will simply wait to see what the game is like at launch (reviews) before buying - why have you missed that critical option off the poll?
  6. Not played for a while, but I used to queue MJ commands and then go and do something else... with the odd supervisory glance at MJ to make sure its behaving itself. I racked up many hours of gameplay without actually being there to play the game... including going to lectures when I was still at uni lol
  7. Many many different shades of things that should be the same colour... like mismatched oranges and whites... apart from that, my only complaints are about career mode (NEEDS mods to be played imo) and the lack of usefulness for space stations other than roleplay oh, and the order some parts are unlocked in.
  8. Have you turned the advanced tweakable "rigid attachement" on too?
  9. For me, it was a towering behemoth of a space station (like the starports in stellaris)... it had multiple hundreds of parts and had a giant rotating ring. Fully modular too so it could be constructed in space without using ridiculously wide fairings. "Why is that stupid?" I hear you ask.. well, my potato computer struggles to run vessels over 30/40 parts. I named it "The Station of the Wishful Thinker"
  10. Personally, I hope (but doubt) it will be handled the same way as classic games like AoE2 mods... i.e. players MUST have the same mods installed except purely graphical mods.
  11. Very nice, but I am HUGELY TRIGGERED by the fact we have yet another shade of orange... the orange on the skipper retexture is not even close to the orange on the large 2.5m tank
  12. you don't need two for stability... one is plenty with rigid attachment, autostrut and struts... why do you want yet ANOTHER "solution" to this problem?
  13. Not sure if it's already been suggested but you could just changed the starting funds/science. Recently I've changed so the game starts with... > 2700 science 700 reputation 200K funds. > then cut funds rewards and science rewards to 10/20% (depends how grindy you want the game to be) >no quicksaves, no reverts, plasma blackout on, parts and kerbals have tolerances etc. > unlocked parts MUST be purchased with funds > start game... alt f12 > Maximum Tech and Maximum facilities > in the Admin building, use the strategy that takes 100% of your science and converts it to funds >reset reputation to zero (or as close as you can) > away you go! For me, I've found this makes more sense when playing the game (successful science missions = more funding! ...instead of Mun Rocks unlocking a new engine for some reason) and cuts out the first few (at this point) annoying missions. It does feel a little cheaty at the beginning I admit... but you can make it much more challenging at the same time.
  14. Beautiful thank you! It's a really nice design too Thanks again!
  15. Got any more pics of the Dream Chaser-esque design?