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  1. Funny thing is, the craft(s) with the unstable orbit lines are just geostationary relays (in perfect orbits to the meter and hudreth of a second) - which is a recipe for this behaviour, BUT they're worse than before the update - they were more stable before hand, but obviously not perfect.
  2. and there's your problem. On my old 8GB machine I ran under ten mods. None of which added any assets to the game.
  3. which is a good thing imo. Mod systems are always a little clunky, break when there's an update, get abandoned etc. Plus some of us just hate using mods. Besides, what on Kerbin are they going to add to the game that isn't featured in one mod or another?
  4. You'd be better of using transfer to target followed by match velocity in the maneuver planner.
  5. Im like you... except I do use visual mods - I mean, why not enjoy real world plume right? in answer to your question though... oversight. You might be able to rendezvous with the kerbal using the ship you got him there with, and get close enough to switch to the scientist and hit grab. Would be hella frustrating though lol
  6. are you seeing an issue with gear lights shining through (when not deployed) even when they're meant to be off?
  7. Installed the game on my new machine! I've finally upgraded from my old A10-7870K (APU) to a shiny new Ryzen 5 5600X with a nvme Gen 4 1TB SSD (10x faster than my old ssd according to the benchmark tool I used) and... well, wowzers in my trousers its fast! The only problem is it's paired with an old GTX 960 4gb. I can run the game on the very highest of settings quite nicely, but as soon as I tried Scatterer or EVE... well, hello 25fps! I'm sure I'll ask on the appropriate thread, but anyone know if I'm doing something wrong? or is that about what you'd expect from a GTX 960? Either way, it
  8. I'm a little low on inspiration today... so, how about I ask "what *should* I do in KSP today?" Bare in mind I have a bit of a potato PC and I'm not Stratzenblitz75
  9. Really? Even after 2000 hours of gameplay you don't want the ability to launch your standard-rocket-standard-payload vehicle without having to guide it through the atmosphere for the millionth time? For me, MJ allows me to play the fun parts of the game and not get bored of the repetative stuff. That, plus designing something around MJ and tweaking the settings is a whole new learning curve and actually teaches you a fair few things that you may not have realised before. Plus MJ cannot be trusted... so you essentially baby sit anyway and double check everything it attempts. All MJ really do
  10. This week I went on the internet and I found this... Apart from channeling my inner Clarkson there, I thought this was a brillaint way of deploying a centrifuge! Anyone tried it in KSP yet? I will be shortly, thats for sure! The thing is "self-deploying" in that the spin itself pulls out the arms and I thought that was super clever - but also it should have been SO obvious to me lol Personally, I love a good centifuge, but building them in orbit its painful... but not quite as painful (in my humble opinion) as seeing them stuck on top of a rocket like some sort of giant hat (not a very g
  11. Sounds EPIC! Can't wait to see what crazy designs this allows for Thanks again SQUAD Oh, and though this isn't the place for suggestions, if you could add conditions to the KAL-1000 such as 'run when fuel tank = empty', I would love you guys even more! Does anyone know if engine parts are still being given an art pass at all?
  12. Hey everyone! Don’t worry, I’m not asking *how* to make custom flags, I’m just naff at it. But does anyone make custom flags for fellow players? Either for free or a small fee (if solicitation is not allowed on KSP forums then absolutely definitely not for a small fee - who said that?) I always utilise two save file names; “The Space Program” (career mode) and “BlackBox Testing” (sandbox). I’ve had a go at using photoshop-like programs to create my own, but honestly my lack of graphic design skills made me feel more inadequate than the time I met Eddie Hall in a gym. T
  13. This is such a small thing but for someone on what's basically a dual core APU from ~2015, being able to tidy up (reduce number of) RCS is SO DARN GOOD! I'm way more excited about this than I should be
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