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  1. Just use an upside down decoupler, one of the structural tubes, and a nose cone. or even better an upside down engine plate and a nose cone
  2. I was thinking of sharing this creation with a video, but I'm so pleased I'll pop up a picture first Presenting... The Iliad It's inspired by NASA's Nautilus X and is assembled in orbit including the fully functional (it spins) modular centrifuge - no need for launching a doughnut rocket and its 100% stock parts! I've not quite finilased the design yet but this is what I've been doing today Testing! But mostly admiring it in flight - I'm not the only one that does that right? Also, this is the first image of one of my designs I've ever shared!
  3. Oh, I thought of another one - which is by far the hardest part of the game.... waiting for dev diaries.
  4. When? It is never "more practical", only ever more convenient. For practical purposes, as much precision as possible is required. Convenience is a pretty big factor though, which I hadn't actually considered, but even then its only useful in passing comment You're right about it being more applicable to our purposes though, seeing as KSP has a definitive line when the atmosphere just stops and low orbit definitely starts Taken from the KSP Wiki: This is actually less annoying than I thought the definition of HKO would be, considering that altitude actually has impo
  5. Am I being dense or just not understanding something? When I set my ship to prograde, the mod does what it should When I set the same vessel the radial in, it carries on spinning (in warp) like the mod doesn't exist? Am I doing something wrong? Mod version is latest on CKAN
  6. Not sure if I already posted here or not... But for me, simply seeing the missin through is the hard part. I build a craft, launch it... does it have enough dV left to get to Duna and back? Yes? Good. Revert without completing the mission lol. I really should stop doing that, because there's a thousand adventures to be had when something unexpected happens and I miss out on them For me though, I think the most enjoyment is in the VAB/SPH and constant tinkering. So I guess I'm just playing the game how I enjoy it most
  7. It's not necessary. By that I mean the futher sub-division of what are frankly completely arbitrary terms isn't needed. The lines between "high" and "low" are a bit blurry, and it seems silly to group satellite A as "low orbit" and satellite B as "high orbit" when there could be just a single meter in altitude difference. I'm somewhat critical of whichever part of human nature it is that insists we continually categorise things, especially when it offers no tangiable benefit, breaks down completely under any logical scrutiny because there's always an edgecase that blurs the boundary, or w
  8. I've worked in customer support and this sort of scenario is 100% the most irritating to deal with lol
  9. It takes like ten seconds longer to get to Duna that it does to the Mun lol There is actually a superfun way of doing career mode with the strategies... its not how its meant to be played, its also complex. Far more realistic though. Start the game with enough reputation/funds/science to activate whatever strategy it is that takes 100% science and converts it to funds. Unlock ALL nodes with science - but the option to make it necessary to purchase researched parts before use must also be on - this way you've not really unlocked all the parts yet. Basically, all of your sucessful sc
  10. Hi all! When downloading craft - a lot of builders include a tonange to some specified orbit - usually 100km - and sometimes another tonnage to a greater orbit if the launch vehicle is capable (250km, to Duna etc.) I would like to add these values to my own designs, but I'm not particularly keen on simply strapping on weights until I find the limit. I know the rocket equation should provide me with the answer I'm looking for, but I'm wondering if anyone out there has created a spreadsheet recently that includes options for number of stages/boosters where I could just plug in a bunch of v
  11. Funny thing is, the craft(s) with the unstable orbit lines are just geostationary relays (in perfect orbits to the meter and hudreth of a second) - which is a recipe for this behaviour, BUT they're worse than before the update - they were more stable before hand, but obviously not perfect.
  12. and there's your problem. On my old 8GB machine I ran under ten mods. None of which added any assets to the game.
  13. which is a good thing imo. Mod systems are always a little clunky, break when there's an update, get abandoned etc. Plus some of us just hate using mods. Besides, what on Kerbin are they going to add to the game that isn't featured in one mod or another?
  14. You'd be better of using transfer to target followed by match velocity in the maneuver planner.
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