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  1. I think "normal" is a little subjective with KSP Thinking about, I've never given science mode a try... but I kinda want the opposite of that I think
  2. I spend most of my time in sandbox mode these days designing ant flight-testing new craft and missions. "BlackBox Testing" is my save file name... always use the same name after many years of restarts :) I am thinking of putting all my designing and testing to work in a new career mode... No reverts, no respawns, no quickloads etc. But like many of us, I'm not quite happy with how career mode functions, so I MIGHT try a setup where all tech are researched... funding gain from contracts is low, but *importantly* 100% research gained is converted to funds (as I don't need research, just funds). I think this solves the weirdness of a goo experiment on Gilly somehow unlocking new SRB or whatever... instead successful science missions are rewarded with more funding for further missions. Having thought about it a little more, a variation on this idea might be to start with the usual amount of tech unlocked but turn *off* using research to unlock parts (if that's possible) and have unlock with funds *on*. I think either option might require a little modification though... which I don't know how to do lol. Got a bit rant-y there... So, how do you guys like to play??
  3. Thread Necromancy at work again!
  4. Ahh thanks for that! Explains the meta file but I actually have *three* files for a few craft... one is .craft, one is the meta, and the third is .craft.ORIGINAL. is the .craft.original something to do with old files being converted after an update?
  5. Hi all, Just a quick one today.. I haven't been able to find any results through usual searching (I'm sure I'm just not searching hard enough) but I'm looking for information on craft files... specifically what are the "meta" files that appear with my normal .craft files and what is a craft.original file? Thanks!
  6. Only if you assume completely equal density between Kerbin’s Crust, Mantle, and core. I’d say it’s more likely that Kerbin’s crust is probably the same as ours (and therefore impact craters look/function the same) and the core is even denser than we would assume in your comment
  7. Jool... descend into Jool's atmosphere, reach the limit (minus 250m I think) and then pop back out into an orbit
  8. Super awesome work! I'd love to see Principia for the stock system... does it really not already exist?
  9. For me, it’s not any of the game’s bugs in whatever form they’re currently residing. It’s not the now-rare kraken strike. Nor is it the decreasing performance at high part counts (over 30 for me and my computato). No, the very worst part for me and my 2000 hour love affair with KSP is the need I have to check the forums every few hours for a dev update. Don’t get me wrongs, I am in absolutely no way criticising squad here for lack of communication... it’s just I’m a little obsessed and, honestly, I think the obsession could only be fended off if I actually worked on developing the game. So, what’s the “worst part” for you guys? And I mean that in a way that is also kind of positive... like it being a huge time sink
  10. As it stands, CKAN (recommended installer) won't install Real Plume because, and I quote, "Error! RealPlume 2:v11.2.0 depends on RealPlumeConfigs, which is not compatible with the currently installed version of KSP" with the only option being to "Dismiss". Can somebody walk me through the process of getting around this or manual installation please? I know how to install a mod manually but it looks like there might be a fair few edits required?
  11. I agree, but probably a bit too intensive to slap on the already-cpu-intensive-KSP
  12. Damn, what pc are you using to have to consider this? Mines a really old FX based APU (not even discreet graphics) and I’ve not done this. I also use MJ to show vehicle info and it rarely disagrees with the stock read out... what circumstances are you finding it to be inaccurate? Also I realise what I’ve said doesn’t answer your question, but I’m curious!
  13. Honestly couldn’t choose between them... they’re both so integral to my builds already! BG is a beautiful bit of game-polish though.
  14. What I'm saying is, your tirade against TakeTwo/Squad is unwarranted. Sure, it isn't easy, but just because you don't get it - despite the wealth of videos you say you've watched, and ample documentation on this very site - doesn't mean TakeTwo/Squad is "dropping the ball". They've NEVER really "held the ball" in this regard to be honest, I've learnt pretty much everything from other users and trial and error. Same applies to the new features, which IMO, proves they are consistent at least.