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  1. Have you turned the advanced tweakable "rigid attachement" on too?
  2. For me, it was a towering behemoth of a space station (like the starports in stellaris)... it had multiple hundreds of parts and had a giant rotating ring. Fully modular too so it could be constructed in space without using ridiculously wide fairings. "Why is that stupid?" I hear you ask.. well, my potato computer struggles to run vessels over 30/40 parts. I named it "The Station of the Wishful Thinker"
  3. Personally, I hope (but doubt) it will be handled the same way as classic games like AoE2 mods... i.e. players MUST have the same mods installed except purely graphical mods.
  4. Very nice, but I am HUGELY TRIGGERED by the fact we have yet another shade of orange... the orange on the skipper retexture is not even close to the orange on the large 2.5m tank
  5. you don't need two for stability... one is plenty with rigid attachment, autostrut and struts... why do you want yet ANOTHER "solution" to this problem?
  6. Not sure if it's already been suggested but you could just changed the starting funds/science. Recently I've changed so the game starts with... > 2700 science 700 reputation 200K funds. > then cut funds rewards and science rewards to 10/20% (depends how grindy you want the game to be) >no quicksaves, no reverts, plasma blackout on, parts and kerbals have tolerances etc. > unlocked parts MUST be purchased with funds > start game... alt f12 > Maximum Tech and Maximum facilities > in the Admin building, use the strategy that takes 100% of your science and converts it to funds >reset reputation to zero (or as close as you can) > away you go! For me, I've found this makes more sense when playing the game (successful science missions = more funding! ...instead of Mun Rocks unlocking a new engine for some reason) and cuts out the first few (at this point) annoying missions. It does feel a little cheaty at the beginning I admit... but you can make it much more challenging at the same time.
  7. Beautiful thank you! It's a really nice design too Thanks again!
  8. Got any more pics of the Dream Chaser-esque design?
  9. EDIT: Retracting my objection after reading a reply or two ...I still hate that it doesn't tick over, it looks SO ugly.
  10. No, it wouldn't be logical, because that's now how numbers after a decimal place are meant work. Minecraft be damned. 1.10.x does not read "one point ten" (that doesn't make sense anyway) it reads "one point one zero". I'd much sooner follow Stellaris on this than Minecraft.
  11. I really hope they don't do that... Stellaris had no issue going from 1.9 to 2.0. It's Still Stellaris 1 (there is no 2) but v2.0. KSP should just be KSP 2.0, not KSP2
  12. Will the new planet textures be more GPU intensive? I'm only running KSP on an old AMD A10-7870K... think I'd better start a gofundme lol
  13. "DLC" is just a new term for expansion pack - and I bought my first one of those in 2001... so it really isn't "nowadays". Especially considering that expansion pack was arguably much less work that any non-skin-only DLC that comes out these days.