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  1. Hi everyone, I've just had a cursory look on the forums and could find no information on the matter, but does anyone know if the Mexico based members of the SQUAD dev team okay? Some pretty horrendous footage coming out of the country and I'm concerned for everyone caught in the disaster. Thanks and good luck to everyone Edit: turns out the most recent earthquake has been tagged onto the last earthquake thread. Also, thread should probably be moved to The Lounge thank you please moderators
  2. Have you ever been to eeloo in career mode

    sort of annoys me that solar panels are still viable here =/
  3. Atmosphere still too soupy to anyone else?

    I had a VERY similar problem with a mk3 shuttle I was using... the solution was to land extremely fast with an extremely low vertical speed. Which takes a huge amount of piloting skills and using a LOT of runway. Pretty much how the real shuttle landed as you described. You just need a steeper re-entry profile or use jets so you aren't actually gliding
  4. Strange Relay Pathing

    Guessing KSP thinks the additional step is the best path available.. you could test this out by quick-saving (optional step - I prefer not to delete craft in career mode.. not realistic imo), deleting that other relay thing and then seeing if the probe at Duna still has a connection. It probably shouldn't in this situation, or a weaker one if it does. If the signal is better, then that's beyond my expertise I'm afraid =/
  5. Concerning drag

    yes I'd answer this yes and no tbh. I haven't read all the comments so pardon me if I'm repeating someone else, but KSP drag is too high for your use case yes, but the answer is no in terms of drag being deliberately high as a game balancing measure. I felt like I had to state this, not trying to be a doorKnob
  6. I have a friend

    That's right, a friend. Incredible, I know! But the reason this fact concerns you wonderful users on the KSP forums is not because someone with a few thousand hours on this game alone is managing to maintain some semblance of a social life. No, it's because this friend has expressed some interest in KSP. I've done some cursory explaining of the physics of the game and the building block style of construction. However, I feel that a video might (read definitely) do more justice than any verbal description I can give So, I was wondering what THE best video of the world of KSP is... I'm looking for something that shows off the myriad of construction possibilities, from rockets and SSTOs to those than insist on truck driving, ship building and diving to the depths in Bathyspheres. I'm looking for something that shows off the glorious multi-hundred part, over-engineered monstrosities that cripple computers to something that shows off the beauty in simplicity, the thrill of just barely completing that mission with adequate dV. Perhaps most importantly, it needs to be entertaining - on a personal note, I remember some videos by Robbaz really made me LOL in my KSP early days (perhaps before purchase) as well as the oft mentioned Scott Manley, who influenced my decision to buy the game. I think what KSP needs, with required permissions ofc (cough fair use cough), is a brief-ish, highly entertaining super-cut of many youtuber's exploits in the world of KSP, if there isn't one already (linky please). I would endeavour to make such a video myself, but, unfortunately I have none of the required the skills, time, patience or editing software =/ So, my fellow KSPers, hit me with those links or if someone feels up to it, make the compilation they think would be an ideal glimpse into KSP Thank you and goodnight!
  7. Design Problem

    That was MJ? Blooming heck! This is a good description of a good turn I was looking at your peri height compared to your apo and thought it looked way off =/
  8. Naming your ships

    Well, I use rocket/shuttle family names like the following "Balthasar LS1-3" - 1.25m designs, one through three, each increasing in capability. "Centurion LS1-4" - 2.5m designs, one through three or four, again increasing in capability, "Delta Series" - a collection of shuttles and TSTO spaceplanes also given individual names like "Delta Series - 'Genesis'". Other assorted things are often given something like the following "Module - CM Daytona" (command module) or "Probe - Sentinel". For new craft, experimental or ones that overlap with other designs I use the "Gen2 -" prefix sometimes if they are a modified or experimental version of an existing vehicle I may use something like "BLSX" which would be Balthasar Launch System X. A planned launch of a Centurion LS2 with the third probe to the Duna system would probably be saved as "A1-CLS2-D3" A1 < next planned launch, followed by A2 etc if I have a few planned. CLS2 < Centurion Launch System 2, the vehicle used. D3 < Duna 3, or third mission to Duna.
  9. Design Problem

    This was cool! What mod is that? Also, I'm sorry, but that ascent profile was pretty... horrifically steep any particular reason for that? There's an amazing guide on here somewhere for maximum efficiency... the turn starts really early and you pretty much burn all the way to orbit (which is hella sexeh)
  10. Know what round-ish things Squad had issues with because of floating point errors? Orbits! They would decay, hence the setting for "orbit decay compensation" Sort of wish Orbits had realistic decay... then again there's a lot id like to do with KSP lol
  11. Galileo's Planet Pack Workshop

    yeah, it works beautifully Thank you!!
  12. Hi, love the work! Is there any chance of getting a patch for this... patch? As far as I can tell, it doesn't play well with RealPume the miniaturised pug engine has a stock plume and I believe the Valiant does too Thanks
  13. Galileo's Planet Pack Workshop

    Okay, thank you Ahh, should have read slightly further up before I bothered @JadeOfMaar. I'm about to give it a test on my install
  14. Galileo's Planet Pack Workshop

    Don't suppose there's an ETA on this? It's taken me literally the entire day to work out why SETI was vanishing =/ Thanks!
  15. Stock fairings are cursed...

    The contents of a stock fairing, afaik, are auto-strutted to the surrounding fairing. Relatively certain this was in one of the dev notes and/or patch notes