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  1. Live at: *sigh* just as I posted they changed from the astronauts camera
  2. I just implemented support for elliptic orbits (on the WIP sheet). For what I see everything is working fine, but some feedback would be appreciated. Also, some feedback on this sheet would also be fine. Do you found easy to read and understand the sheet?
  3. The Number Game Continued

  4. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    More on the first stage telemetry:
  5. @JPLRepo Adding to this, I thing this is a good way to give more meaning to those 'Test part contract' (assuming they would would stiil be in the expansion, if there are contracts at all). Every new part have some reliability that can be increased by use or test. But part failures are only a thing if the player can't revert flight, other wise it's just a lost of time.
  6. Lego Cool Thing

  7. Yep, I search Lego Saturn and only found a post from 2016 and other from 2015. Founding nothing a post without even looking at the front page... well...
  8. Lego will finally launch the Saturn V from Lego Ideas, will be 1m tall and cost around US$120.00 (suggested).
  9. Lucy Spacecraft

    Yeah, you're right! I'll look into it, who knows
  10. Lucy Spacecraft

    The first word still keeps me off, at least for now
  11. Chaos Game

    I don't want to be clickbaity about this nor give an spoilers, but here is a very interesting and cool video: EDIT: I'd really like to add something in here, but the video says it all and I don't have a much deeper knowledge in math to complement or discuss, unfortunately. But I'd love to here those who have!
  12. How do I calculate a launch window for an inclined orbit? Let's say I have to launch for a specific polar orbit, from my experience, if I launch at 92 or 95° (a little 'backwards to cancel the body rotation boost) when I'm just below the orbital plane, I get a final orbit that is anywhere from 2 to 10° of inclination with said orbit (depending on the vehicle performance). I have to launch a little earlier to get a closer orbit, but how much earlier? Normally I just eyeball it a little earlier and correct the inclination after. But that's not optimal nor good. Any help is appreciated! (Mods: I posted it here and not on the Gameplay Questions and Tutorails thread because it relates as well to science and space flight, but please, move if it fits better there! )
  13. ULA Launches and discussion

    I just posted a 360 video (working video) from this launch in another thread:
  14. This is out! A working video! Pretty cool!
  15. [1.3] DeepFreeze (v0.23.6) 18th June 2017

    @JPLRepo I think I'm getting/doing something wrong OR experiencing some mod interactions, probably the latter. I set the "Use EC to run freezer" option ON, it is said that it uses 10EC/min, but the right click menu is showing 1,335 EC/s (but it varies a lot up and down), AmpYear shows 0 and stock resources stays on 0 for a few seconds, the start going up until about 60 then go back to 0 for a few seconds and repeat. I tested it on a clean install and it worked as it should. What I don't know if this interaction with some other mod is intentional or not. And I don't have a clue of what other mod could be causing this. Heres is some images, logs and mod list (from AVC): BTW: I know it's me that should track down the mod interaction and I'll do, just need a North to where I should start to make things quicker. Thanks for all your work man! EDIT: forgot to mention, sometimes the DeepFreeze category don't show up in the VAB.