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  1. So, @nathan1 hasn't been around for a while and I am plannig to revive his mod: Question is, do I try to contact him first ou should I just do it? It's licensed under MIT Lincense. Also, I have some experience with coding but little with making mods for KSP, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  2. Going with the trend... probably will be delayed to at least late 2021 (maybe 2022?)... I was already counting with a 2022 launch, so everything sooner is profit!
  3. I think the launch is 2021, so yeah, about a year
  4. Will there be tools to aid inter-planetary missions? Not necessarly a transfer window calculator, but something better than guessing angles or using a protractor placed on the screen.
  5. I think that in the interview with IGN they said that the community aspect is very important and they want to keep it that way. I think they will be as open, if not more, to the community as the KSP 1 Dev Team... At least I hope so
  6. @doudou I have a lot going on rigth now, and I've not been in touch with @Mark Kerbin for a while now. But I intend to resume development some time this year, hopefully sooner than latter. Just need to get back playing again to get motivated.
  7. I uploaded the first batch of contracts. The Navigational and the Move/Investigate/decomission contracts are not ready yet Download the PRE-RELEASE folder and put it insed the contract pack folder (...\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ContractPacks) as it was a contract pack
  8. Upper and lower size limits are "allways" a debatable topic in astronomy apparently, from wikipedia: Save with planets and dwarf planets for instance.
  9. materialkits é um recurso que você precisa ter pra inflar os módulos, mande um container com materialkits junto. Você pode configurar o que cada container carrega durante a montagem no menu do botão direito do mouse. electriccharge e eletricidade mesmo, se não me engano ela ó vai ser necessária se primeiro você tiver materialkits. Alguns módulos só podem ser inflados por mecânicos pelo lado de fora.
  10. Nothing exactly new, but some payload details
  11. "Researchers have proposed naming the "oddball" Valetudo, after the Roman goddess of health and hygiene." The funny thing is, Valetudo in Portuguese (vale tudo) means - Everything Goes or Free for All depending on the context. Which I think both are suitable
  12. From the 12 new moons, 9 have retrograde orbit (which is common between Jupiter's moons, 33 out of 67 (already known) are retrograde) The oddity comes from a small moon (1km in diameter - samllest of all), it's prograde orbit is among a retrogade group of moons.
  13. Tutorials wiki page: My communication skill is not the best, so can you guys tell me if it's understandable? Of course the contracts may help it's understandig, they will be playable shortly. I plan to release the Comm, Weather and Spy until the end of the week (if everything goes well).
  14. @Mark Kerbin can you add a poll asking: What Navigation System you would like to be in this pack? GPS: 6 circular, 55° inclined, semi-synchronous and equally spaced orbits, 3-4 sats per orbit GLONASS: 3 circular, 63,4° inclined, a bit lower than semi-synchonous and equally spaced orbits, 5 sats per orbit Galileo: 3 circular, 56° inclined, a bit higher than semi-synchronous and equally spaced orbits, 5 sats per obrit QZSS: 3 tundra (63,4° inclined, synchronous, high elliptic) equally space orbits, 1 sat per orbit IRNSS (NAVIC): 1 stationay orbit with 2 sats with 50° of separation and 2 synchronous 30° inclined 180° of separation orbits with 1 sat each (scale down of this) How hard/realistic you want this pack to be? Hard, asking for sats in precise orbits and locations (where the sat should be above or should be at a specific time) Normal, standard orbit precision and general locations (where the sat should be above or should be at a specific time) Easy, don't ask for locations, only orbits BDS (BeiDou-2) would also be o good Navigation System to add, since in a global one with different types of orbits, but I haven't found much about it yet (may look more if people are interested) Exemples for the second question would be (for a comm/weather): HARD: precise stationary orbit with a waypoint that the sat must be in (above a certain region) with 1° of precision (very hard to do) NORMAL: stationary orbit with a waypoint that the sat must be in (above a certain region) with 10° of precision (takes some time but it's doable) EASY: stationary orbit (could not be simplier) I created this wiki page explaining why I made some decision in the contracts, would be good to know what you guys think, I need some feedback as my play style might not match the majority of players: