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  1. VaPaL

    [1.4.3] Rocket Emporium [1.3.0]

    @Katten I didn't play much with them, I put them in a new carrer and haven't unlocked them yet So I just check if they were working with a sandbox save. I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow, when I get home next week I'll look into it! While I agree that the sotck parts are heavy, My rockets end up with a lesser paylod/rocket mas ratio than real rockets due to the smaller planet and atmosphere. I don't think so, it's a big part, the player would have to unlock some big rocket to use it and have a lot of thing unlocked to put inside of it too. Also, I see it been used more for interplanetary mission, so later in the game. I also liked the decouplers under Specialized Constrution!
  2. VaPaL

    [1.4.3] Rocket Emporium [1.3.0]

    Awesome new part I thought that, by the priece, weight and size of the closed half it would be nice to have a reaction wheel built in EDIT: Oh! and I changed the places of the parts in the Tech Tree, put the Spherical Probe Container in miniaturalization, the Reentry Container in landing and the Space Container in heavy landing. FOrget to change the decouplers though XD. I'm not shure if these places are optimal, but I just wanted to include some progression
  3. VaPaL

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'NAM' 2.0.4

    @hraban There are landing gear and skids for the DreamCrusher or they come within the ship? I found any =/ Tried in a 1.4.3 (sorry, the only 1.4 era that I have) install with only CSA CORE, MEU, NAM, PROBES and EYE and the dependencies (re-downloaded them all). Thanks
  4. VaPaL

    Ozone oxidiser?

    Yep, Inconel is a great alloy, but very hard to work with. It consumes machining tools like crazy and it's not the most easy one to cast either. Let alone the problems of casting a turbine disk due to it's complex geometry. But some turbopump turbine blades have to deal with temperatures reaching 1000K+ in a oxidizer rich environment and are made of inconel, so it should do the work. EDIT: There's also an alloy on Tungsten-Rhenium-Hafnium-Carbon that is very resistant at high temperatures and I found a Tantalum-Hafnium Carbide (another paper) ceramic that is also very resistant to heat and somewhat more resistant to oxidation than Tantalum Carbide or Hafnium Carbide alone, but as a ceramic it's problably to brittle for this application (still interesting though).
  5. VaPaL

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    Yes, I agree. Unfortunately it already took him several videos and some videos ended longer than he is used to. Your mods add A LOT to KSP, his format of videos are not suited for it. But his videos still valid to show the quality of the work done in modeling the parts and the HUGE amount of parts tha CSA Contares suit adds
  6. VaPaL

    [1.4.2] CSA Contares 'CORE' 2.0.7

    @hraban @Kottabos made a series of videos on the CSAs mods:
  7. VaPaL

    [1.4.3] Rocket Emporium [1.3.0]

    So, just FYI, it works fine in 1.2.2, except the texture change for the AID-X2 Decoupler due to the lack of this feature in this version. But all of this is as expected
  8. If you have no friction with the surface, the wheels wont spin, but the plane would still take off. EDIT: So if you have a treadmill without friction, it will be tha same as a ground without friction. If you add friction, it will only make the wheel spin twice as fast (as already told here)
  9. VaPaL

    [1.4.3] Rocket Emporium [1.3.0]

    Np Great mod btw, will try it out tonight (on 1.2.2 unfortunately, but I think should work fine). Congrats
  10. VaPaL

    [1.4.3] Rocket Emporium [1.3.0]

    @Katten The video is no mine, it's from @Kottabos. He has a series of videos from KSP mods. All great videos. I just posted here to make you aware of it Most mods that he made vídeos for used them on the OP, so I think he is ok with it.
  11. Have you ever seen a plane took off while standing still? I have, at least RC ones and against the wind But bigger planes can also do that, some propeler plane can lift their tail while standing still, because the propeler is moving the air that passes through the elevator.
  12. VaPaL


    A question that rises (at least for me) is: how it will handle storms? I mean, of course it won't fly during one, but being this light and with this amount of surface it probably will be dragged by the wind, won't it? There's some grabbing mechanism? What if it hit the rover while being thrown away?