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  1. Okay, so first off, I was trying to recreate Cupcake Landers' Deep Sea Salvage VTOL lander, this one. Once finished I decided to test it out, I'd rather build a replica instead of simply downloading the craft file. The VTOL slowly rose from the pavement of the airstrip and gained more and more velocity. It worked. I directed it's path towards to sea to test it's underwater qualities. It's noteworthy to mention that I had Portal 2's soundtrack playing in the background (specifically, this song). Once I was relatively far from the shore I decided to stop my speed and slowly enter the water, yet, despite my best efforts, I was coming in too hot. This was going to be the end of Valentina Kerman (until I pressed the Revert Flight button) so I decided to let it crash. It, obviously, did so but here is where the strange events happen. Once the outer vehicle was destroyed, what only remained was an EAS-1 ECS and sitting on it, Valentina Kerman. She hadn't died in the crash and was inexplicably sinking. Rather than sinking, though, she was falling. Underwater. She gained more and more speed and I supposed that she would in fact crash into the sea bed so I ejected her from her seat at the last second. She survived the fall and rose from the sea bed, walking as she normally would on the surface, except she was doing it slowly, as if the water actually was slowing her down instead of ignoring her presence. It was night and I had the lights turned on, it instantly reminded me of SOMA.
  2. I'm playing with 2 other friends and we were wondering if it was possible to play on the same ship. If so, how?
  3. Nah, it's more exciting informative for them to see it from the station
  4. Okay, so yes. That was the thing, there was an expansion mission. Scared the hell out of me. Thanks millions
  5. So I was recently muddling around with a SSTO just to see if it could achieve orbit and I switched to my space station. Afterwards, when I looked at it from the M button view, it had this odd orange photo-like frame around it. I don't know if it's a bug or if I activated anything but it's a bit concerning. I am using the Mac version. Here's a photo of it:
  6. Hi there! First post of my account yet I'm full on ideas ready to challenge the community. So, I propose the following: Create a base similar to the ones of SOMA And, as always, there are requirements: -Make at least 3 bases -Such bases must be separated at minimum of 500 m from eachother -They must be relatively big bases -Mods are "allowed" but will most likely be shunned -Extra points for lights, names and other Well, let's see who can beat this challenge first!
  7. Still doesn't work, even though I tried everything +sal_vager proposed. I think I should upgrade my KSP version, perhaps it's a compatibility problem...
  8. I'm running on Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.2 and I have also tried the resolution fix to no help.
  9. Hello! I've also had this weird problem, don't really know why, since I got KSP. It's version 0.23 and I don't know why but it's the same problem and I've tried the solutions above (not working at all). I've saved some footage to see how it looks like if that'll help in any way... Specs Processor 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel Iris 1536 MB Video: