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  1. sorry, only just saw this, i'll have a look as soon as i can but irl stuff may keep me from it for a few days. hopefully, but not sure when i will get around to it im affraid. Thanks glad your enjoying the mod.
  2. There was no specific source for the design but i did draw inspiration from several places, after all, everything we do is based on things we've seen whether we know of it or not. mainly design inspirations such as the halo franchise, the mass effect rovers as well as current military/exploration vehicles and some NASA concepts like the 6 wheel rover they recently showed. i never base them on a particular thing. and too your second question there not scaled, the cargo truss buggy in the photo uses the radial ore tanks on mirrored placement. Hope this helps i hope to in the future include
  3. Glad you Found a way around it, i hadn't fought of that myself, glad to here it all worked out sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you continue to enjoy the mod.
  4. Cheers glad you like it. i have a new forum thread for the rover pack and it is located here - [1.3] Version_2.0 Industries Rover Pack this will be where im posting updates and other information from now on for the V2.0 Industries Rover Pack mod.
  5. About. This is the new thread for the Version_2.0 Industries Rover pack, the old thread can be found here Version_2.0 Industries Rover Pack. This pack seeks to fill the kerbal's need for thrill and adventure in the way of exploration and little to no safety guidelines. The pack consists of a variety of rover parts to tackle the gap in planetary scientific exploration as well as cargo and passenger transportation. Leading the pack in these endeavors is the R32M Puma vehicle parts which give the perfect platform for light transport solutions and scientific exploration.
  6. About This Thread was Created in The wrong place you can find the real Thread here, my apologies. Link - [1.3] Version_2.0 Industries Rover Pack
  7. space dock hasn't been working for me all day, im afraid i think its on there end as so many space dock links have not worked for me today. shame i really like space docks UI very user friendly.
  8. yes sorry ive been meaning to get around to removing that as it was my first ever go at a mod and lets just say, it had more problems that there were solutions so after much debating i have decided to discontinue the "comet class" model and there fore the "v2.0 pack" in way of more individual packs although lately i dont have much time, but thank you for the support.
  9. to my knowledge it works in 1.2 as well as always, but due some other responsibilities I've sadly been too busy to do much more than a quick test. so i have done basic tests but i am gonna update it to say 1.2 but please if you find any bugs dont be afraid to tell me and ill do the best of my limited knowledge to fix it.
  10. just done that works perfectly. thank you very much for the assistance.
  11. so is it as simple as creating two blank game objects and naming them? i should take this time to mention i have not learned these programs via any actual training so i dont know it too well, im a hobbiest learning them in my spare time.
  12. im thinking maybe sleep at this point may be a good idea, i didn't stop to think it may be the model i presumed it would be a purely config based system. is there something in unity i need to add? sorry abit new to this.
  13. so i made a duplicate of the stock docking node and changed the config so that it locks to an orientation and the docking port worked perfectly. but as soon as i replaced it with the model i made the "decouple" button has disappeared from the GUI but the disable cross feed and control from here remain. nothing has changed except the model and i can find no explanation for it stopping working. has anyone experienced this issue or can offer a possible explanation?
  14. MrMeeb not all hero's wear capes... it 100% worked thankyou so much, i kinda feel dumb now... but thankful none the less.
  15. just giving your first suggestion a try ll get back to you in a second sorry
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