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  1. It will only display a toolbar if at least one part on the active vessel contains an HLEnvelopePart module. I haven't looked at th Heisenberg pack to see what those parts define.
  2. That looks like a good approach @gomker, the celestial body's lat/long should be stable to reload from. I would skip the underwater check (submarines may want to park too), and some of the borrowed code could be cleaned up a bit. I'll do some testing on it.
  3. Sure, if there's another global coordinate system (like lat/long) we could use that would work. I haven't seen anything like that either. There's got to be some way of getting the local coordinate reference - the system must do it as stuff goes on/off rails.
  4. Sure, I can help look at the problem. It sounds like it uses a local coordinate system that resets occasionally. So storing and attempting to restore the position/velocity won't work unless you also store the local origin and transform into the new local coordinate system. I don't see any hints on how to get the current local origin, though.
  5. In the last update I made to my fork, I stopped trying to muck with position or velocity at all. My thinking was that while on rails, the vessel may have moved substantially (rotating around the planet to the other side, for example). Attempting to restore a position and/or velocity could end up with really bad results.
  6. Updated the AirPark GitHub with a new build. See if that fixes the jumping issue
  7. Been on vacation and still catching up. There's definitely something odd going on when using autopark and multiple vessels get close. I'll try to debug the issue.
  8. I think I found the issue with the 1333 Mass factor several people have been posting about. The .18 release changed USI_NF_Mode.cfg (I'm running with near future stuff installed) from: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[FNModuleCryostat]]:NEEDS[NearFutureElectrical]:FOR[WarpPlugin] To: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[FNGenerator]]:NEEDS[NearFutureElectrical]:FOR[WarpPlugin] { @MODULE[FNGenerator] { @rawPowerToMassDivider *= 0.002 } } This makes the mass divider really tiny and the resulting generator mass huge.
  9. I'm also seeing a problem with mass and tweak scale. Repro case is pretty simple Start a new craft with any capsule Attach a thermoelectric generator and rescale to 1.25m Mass I normal at this point. Attach a particle bed reactor Mass explodes to 1400 tons. Detaching the reactor doesn't change the mass.
  10. Those should also be part of the latest release
  11. You will like the auto-pitch control I've been working on. It neutralizes imbalanced airships pretty well. It doesn't completely neutralize everything, but will get it to where a SAS can easily handle the remainder even for wildly imbalanced ships. Yes, definitely interested in more details on the anchor bug. Were you using the auto-anchor mode on the inactive ship? It should go off rails when you get within 1.5km of the ship, but other than that shouldn't mess with the position or jump it anywhere. I set up the category icon, but it should show all the parts. It works in both sandbox and career for me.
  12. Right now it's hard-coded, but it shouldn't be too hard to scan the list of celestial bodies for any with atmosphere.
  13. The latest update seems to have broken behavior of the Nuclear Thermal Rocket and Hybrid Thermal Rocket when using Liquid Fuel/Oxidizer. Both generate very tiny thrust now when using that fuel mode. Soot accumulation still occurs, but fuel flow and thrust are very low. Running liquid Fuel alone works normally. I'm also seeing very low efficiencies on the two generators. Even upgraded I see ~23% for the thermal generator and ~30% for the charged particle generator.
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