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  1. Me 2 months ago: I'm probably going to buy a new computer for Borderlands 3. Me today: I am definitely buying a new computer for BL3 and KSP2. Why do u guys hate the thought or me having money?
  2. I'm curious if some SSS/reflective effects could be added to icy parts/Minmus, there are some nice real time techniques but the scales in this game may be too big- some LOD trickery would solve that though. I feel as though this would be pretty fun stuff for the artists to play with, back when I was doing 3D the texturing/rendering part was very satisfying and interesting.
  3. Maybe because I'm older, but I feel like a proper "game mode" is lacking. I'd love to see a designed progression (story) with optional side missions to get more stuff. The RNG sandbox thing is weird to me, I'd love to see must-get goals and an end game somewhere. Again, I'm an old dude- first game experience was Atari 2600/Arcade where you played for score, I was so excited to play NES games because they could be beaten. Maybe there will be a story DLC someday...
  4. stupid question, but will changing DELTAV_CALCULATIONS_ENABLED = True to false kill all of the dV functions, or will there still be background stuff running? I actually like playing with no dV readout, its more exciting to me.
  5. The obvious solution is to have set prop units that can be tweaked if the "advanced tweakables" setting is enabled. The hard part is coming up with sane defaults for the prop units.
  6. I'm in the camp of more standardized propeller+motor units (boring I know). Just as a specific rocket engine has specific stats- thrust, efficiency, etc., I'd like to see propeller units act the same. Personally I like the idea of problem solving with constraints, but I understand that some people like to really delve into the engineering side of things and customize something to be perfect for it's purpose. I imagine there are long meetings amongst the devs dedicated to this balance. Having multiple means of applying force- RCS, SAS, rocket engines, jet engines, propellors, AND giving players free reign to use any combination, AND keeping it friendly to use has got to be an intense mental exercise. Anyhow, cool update, always fun to see more ways to play and things to do.
  7. What do you mean by "operate" in the first option? Also the second option is a great concept, can't wait to play with it
  8. Another reason is they serve as a convenient altitude marker for both launch and re-entry. I use the more lightweight visual mods and they serve as a satisfying visual improvement, even at their lower resolutions. IMO the planets are an important part of the cast and any improvements to them really add a lot to the game. Glad to see some more points of interest in this DLC in this regard.
  9. Very cool, I'd love to see an EC requirement added as a sort of generic temperature/air recycling/QoL abstraction to go along with the food resource- I look forward to this particular update!
  10. I like the cut of this mod's jib, has anyone tried this with Snacks! and/or Missing History? I really like the idea that science and funds continue to be an important resource in the later game.
  11. Great news that the moons and planets are getting some love and personality. I'm curious if the science points will get balanced now that there will be more of them to farm (I assume), or if they will have other functions. I've been playing Borderlands2 lately and the money system becomes pretty much pointless after a bit, and it appears BL3 will address this which is nice. I'd love to see the gathering of science points as a reason to get out to all the planets.
  12. The terrier and poodle are at the very least Kerbin system workhorses, you see them a lot when working locally. That said, I think the new designs are way more appealing than the previous ones which were a bit exaggerated in style. [snip] Give a proper critique if you have a beef with the new designs. Post some images with actual pluses and minuses, state how you would improve the current designs, etc.
  13. Turbo Pumped is awesome! Always has fun commentary, great editing, good choice in music, on top of blow-your-mind missions :D
  14. I don't remember specifics, but I remember I played the demo for about 10 minutes then immediately bought the full version- I hadn't paid more than $5 for a game in probably over a decade previous to that, and there I was impulse buying a game for $40. That first Kerbin orbit and Mun Landing were freakin' magical I tell ya, worth every penny.
  15. Dang these are some really good looking planets, you really hit the sweet spot of having enough color to make the planets look interesting but not too much color where they look cartoony. Great work!