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  1. The terrier and poodle are at the very least Kerbin system workhorses, you see them a lot when working locally. That said, I think the new designs are way more appealing than the previous ones which were a bit exaggerated in style. [snip] Give a proper critique if you have a beef with the new designs. Post some images with actual pluses and minuses, state how you would improve the current designs, etc.
  2. Waxing_Kibbous

    JoolTube: 1.7 ton to Minmus and back

    Turbo Pumped is awesome! Always has fun commentary, great editing, good choice in music, on top of blow-your-mind missions :D
  3. Waxing_Kibbous

    Your first hours in KSP

    I don't remember specifics, but I remember I played the demo for about 10 minutes then immediately bought the full version- I hadn't paid more than $5 for a game in probably over a decade previous to that, and there I was impulse buying a game for $40. That first Kerbin orbit and Mun Landing were freakin' magical I tell ya, worth every penny.
  4. Waxing_Kibbous

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    Dang these are some really good looking planets, you really hit the sweet spot of having enough color to make the planets look interesting but not too much color where they look cartoony. Great work!
  5. Waxing_Kibbous

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    Happiness is a TriggerTech folder in my GameData directory :)
  6. Waxing_Kibbous

    [1.6.x] Snacks! - Friendly, Simplified Life Support

    Hey you put the option for Kerbal death in there, thanks! I'm going to try this for my new 1.6 game now :D
  7. Waxing_Kibbous

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    It wouldn't happen automatically, but you can add their names to the Vets list in the USI-LS options when they become vets.
  8. Good to hear, it's weird to EVA without the door sound!
  9. Waxing_Kibbous

    MH Engine Rebalances for 1.6

    I finally ended up buying the DLC because of this, I have been on the fence because I didn't want OP parts for the Kerbal system, but the fact that things were given a second look and tweaked cemented the decision for me. Now to play with them!
  10. Waxing_Kibbous

    Looking for what to do in KSP.

    You could try to create a photo album of Kerbals posing in front of all the anomalies in the game. It'd be a good idea to have ScanSat for that one.
  11. Waxing_Kibbous

    Mun - Orbit and landing

    Dang OP has a decent amount of tech happening, the only thing I'd want to be safe are solar panels. You could get to the Mun easily with a decent lander that could hit 2-3 biomes with your current tech, I won't give a design but I'll say don't be afraid to use 2.5m parts. Again though, you may have to micromanage your batteries because of the lack of a solar panel.
  12. Waxing_Kibbous

    Do you play KSP only or are you into lots of games?

    I've been playing games since the atari 2600/arcade game 80's, but I consider myself in between casual and hardcore gaming these days. The last console I had was a gamecube, and these days only play a few select games in bursts, but I think it's a well rounded selection: KSP, Rimworld, Borderlands 2, Kingdom Rush series, Hollow Knight, I'm trying Cities:Skylines but the whole traffic thing is stressing me out :P
  13. Waxing_Kibbous

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    I'm getting as excited for this release as I was for 1.2, heck I may even get the expansion if Squad keeps this goodness up
  14. Waxing_Kibbous

    KSP Loading... A closer look into Update 1.6

    I love the new Terrier, I know there is some nostalgia because it's such a great engine, but these new variants are pretty as hell - the yellow-gold striping is a nice homage the the OG version. Concerning the dV readout, as an old school player who likes the gamey aspect of just guessing if my rocket will get there and back, will there be an option either in the main options or config file to disable it? (dodges tomatoes) I've used KER at one point and decided building rockets became to mechanical for my tastes.
  15. Waxing_Kibbous


    You can do actual weird math fyi