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  1. So this may have been touched on already. I see that the containers are compatible with USI-LS, but are the habitation modules and all? Or do they just act as structural parts
  2. 30 is nothing, I'm at about 70 and actually watching some old YouTube videos of a guy with over 120
  3. So ive come back to KSP after a while away, and while going thru the modules i noticed that the Logistics Module makes "Transport Credits". What exactly are these for?
  4. Yea ive got usi and your icon isn't there for me. Hmm, I'll have to work on that when I get home, and possibly message Rover about it to see if he's suppressing it
  5. Ok so this may have been stated before, but heck there are almost 150 pages here so im just gonna come out and ask. Im finding the Orbital Shipyard and the Launchpad, but cant seem to find the Runway. Was it removed or am i just missing something?
  6. You talking about the 'Suicide Burn' being at 'Infinity Mm'?
  7. ah ok - then I give Release Candidate 1 a gold star
  8. @Ziw ok so my first impressions here: -The UI is perfect - Love the build aid (just noticed it itf it was already there) - The only con I see is that I built a basic rover with Curiosity wheels and it bugged out on spawn. It tilted up on its back two wheels and stayed put, but when I moved the parts and got all four wheels back on the ground it shot up in the air (I spotted the height at 50m when I realized I was up a bit)
  9. aight ill get back to you in a few did the legacy parts change, or still the same files?
  10. @Ziw I see theJesuit gave you a nice heart attack.
  11. mine is not on a SSD (i assume you do mean Solid State Drive)