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  1. A few questions. 1. How many mods do you guys think will be broken by this update? 2. Does Squad have any plans to add steam workshop support for mods in the future? 3. Is it possible to upload modded craft onto the steam workshop?
  2. Maybe linuxgurugamer could help. He has updated old mods.
  3. I have to agree, but if it is integrated, I want there to be an option to not use "Scrapyard", "DangIt!" and "Oh Scrap!". How's it going so far?
  4. The Russian Launch Stand is causing quite a lot of issues for me. Most of the time, the launch clamps (the four big ones) will be in the position where the rocket is held before launch. But then, when I put the rocket on the pad and load it into the game, the launch clamps will be shown as retracted, and even when staged the rocket will be stuck to the launch stand and unable to take off. Am I doing something wrong? @AlphaMensae
  5. If I remove this mod, will it corrupt my saves? (I'm having issues with Kerbin being dark all the time, and the solar system being gone on map view in the tracking station. I warped to day and it was pitch black. When a vehicle is launched, it is still pitch black out.) (Well, I can see a little but not much. It's effectively night all the time.) As of this last edit, I have not tried restarting the game. I am trying that right now. Either way, I still need to know if removing the mod will corrupt my saves. Oh and another note - my game is heavily modded, so it takes a while to launch. Also I'm not sure if this is even working for me. I see it ingame and it does the thing where it generates stuff when a new save is created, and loads the stuff it generated whenever the save is opened again. BUT, the closest mountains to the KSC for example, are in the same spot and look identical. Are you still okay? It's been quite a while since you updated the title of this mod thread to reflect the new changes.
  6. So no 30mm a-10 gun? And what if I get a 360 degree swivel weapon but I set it to only be able to do 180 degrees? Also, what typo?
  7. 4. Weapons must be BDA only! Also must carry its own ammo, infinite ammo will not be enabled. Turrets, Cannons, and lasers are absolutely BANNED!!!!! Umm, what if I have a turret because my heavy fighter needs one to defend from behind? A lot of heavy fighters had one. And what counts as a cannon? Like, 37mm Yak-9t autocannon? Is that kind of thing okay?
  8. The trees on my KSP save are glitched and I am not sure why. I have images provided below and a mods list. Operation System: Windows KSP: 1.2.2, 64 bit. Mods: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ihhv5idl8bkamc6/KSP Heavily Modded DMP - Mods List.ckan?dl=0 Images: https://imgur.com/SDATW91 https://imgur.com/f99THzb
  9. The file sizes for the cover photo and profile picture are far too small. I can't even use a screenshot from KSP as a cover photo due to the size limit. Everything has to be shrunk so much it looks bad. Please, hear me out here and change this! You can see the distortion in my profile photo by the way. I had to remove the background for my profile cause it was too blurry.
  10. Alright. I'll launch KSP and then give you the log for it when I finish. Maybe that can tell you some more information. This is true. Could LanderCanMK12-1.0 be causing issues with adding mods?
  11. Alright. But oddly even without it deleted I don't have the issue. Will deleting this allow me to add mods now? (The issue was not present last night before you told me to delete it. As of this post, I am deleting the mod.) Also, I keep seeing this in console ingame: https://imgur.com/a/2p07P And keep getting errors and warnings when loading KSP.
  12. To confirm, what do I delete? I just want to make sure I am deleting the right thing. I checked, and it has duplicate files of the mod. I don't see any mods from my game data folder in KSP. (Game Data folders inside like this are like... the mod's game data. I think.
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