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  1. Good idea, I'll give that a try tomorrow. I haven't messed with real fuels in some time, but perhaps I'll go back and check it out. As far as whether it's worth it or not from an additional gameplay vs. tedium perspective... eh... That will be become clear enough in retrospect.
  2. I suppose it's worth mentioning that one way of accomplishing this would be to rebuild the tech tree entirely, such that individual part lines have their own nodes/progressions of nodes. This is a pretty big departure from stock tho, and would require a lot of tech nodes. I'd prefer a different way of getting it done. Another way of doing it is to just make the upgrade available as a separate part, in a later node, and have the entryCost as you normally would for an upgrade, and then just put in the part's description "Only available if you bought into the preceding parent engine" And then rely on the honor system. After all, anyone playing a heavily modded KSP is after a challenge anyways, and is likely to be ok with "House rules". The honor system would be an acceptable, if not optimal way of getting it done. Not as good as properly working part upgrades tho as it does tend to clutter the tech tree/VAB. Although Janitor's closet can alleviate the VAB clutter.
  3. One of the things KSP does not model, which I think would add valuable decision making/gameplay, is how in real life, companies are committed to existing architectures because of financial reasons. In real life you see that almost no orbital launch vehicles are clean sheet, modern designs. They are overwhelmingly the most modern iteration of a series of launch vehicles that go back to the 60s, with development started in the 50s. The reason for this is pretty much common knowledge in the KSP crowd, but KSP does not model this at all. So, I'm looking for ways to accomplish this. When I started with my project I assumed I could do this with the inbuilt part upgrades module, but unfortunately that really does not seem to be the prince that was promised. I can modify mass and cost, and maybe more, but I can't say... modify the contents of a RESOURCE node, or add a new module. Or make a ModuleEnginesFX use different propellants. Let's say I want to make a redstone missile engine, first iteration, and put in in the 20 science level, and make an upgraded version in the 45 science node that has better Isp, thrust, and uses a different propellant. Upgrade nodes allow me to accomplish the thrust and Isp, but not the propellant change. So instead of upgrades, how about I just make a new part and have it's availability or entryCost depend on whether or not the first engine at the 20 science level was purchased? Is there a way for me to hide parts in the tech tree, and make them show up when the player pays the entryCost for a different part?
  4. Google doesn't seem to know anything about that either
  5. Thank you I'm in the process of making a better mod pack atm, and this career is on hiatus. I will resume it tho, with the same story.
  6. @OhioBob Holy excrements are you the author/owner of Braeunig.us? I have spent a looooooooot of time on that site. Thank you very much for taking the time to make that available.
  7. Ok, I've had some success. This shows up properly in the tech tree, and the upgrade shows up properly in the Electrics node. I tried editing the mass inside the partStatsUpgradeModule, and that worked, but I haven't been able to make the upgrade work on stuff inside the StoredCharge RESOURCE or inside the BatteryFailureModule. That's where I'm stuck atm. @PART[batteryPack]:FINAL { @mass = .0004 @rescaleFactor = .3333 @cost = .08 !entryCost = 800 @title = Small Hg-Zn Battery Pack @TechRequired = start @description = A little non-rechargable battery pack. @PhysicsSignificance = 0 !RESOURCE[ElectricCharge]{} %MODULE { name = BatteryFailureModule baseChanceOfFailure = 0.01 expectedLifetime = 10 UPGRADES { UPGRADE { name__ = Hg-Zn Battery Upgrade description__ = Improves capacity and expected life expectedLifetime = 12 } } } %RESOURCE { name = StoredCharge amount = 3.332 maxAmount = 3.332 UPGRADES { UPGRADE { name__ = Hg-Zn Battery Upgrade description__ = Improves capacity and expected life amount = 4.704 maxAmount = 4.704 } } } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = Battery StartActionName = Connect Battery StopActionName = Disconnect Battery ToggleActionName = Toggle Battery FillAmount = 0.95 AutoShutdown = false GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecialistBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = StoredCharge Ratio = .0111 FlowMode = None } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = .0111 DumpExcess = false } } //MODULE //{ // name = ModuleResourceConverter // ConverterName = Charger // StartActionName = Allow Charging // StopActionName = Disable Charging // ToggleActionName = Toggle Charging // FillAmount = 0.95 // AutoShutdown = false // GeneratesHeat = false // UseSpecialistBonus = false // INPUT_RESOURCE // { // ResourceName = ElectricCharge // Ratio = .0083 // FlowMode = None // } // OUTPUT_RESOURCE // { // ResourceName = StoredCharge // Ratio = .0083 // DumpExcess = false // } //} MODULE { name = PartStatsUpgradeModule UPGRADES { UPGRADE { name__ = Hg-Zn Battery Upgrade description__ = Improves capacity and expected life techRequired__ = electrics IsAdditiveUpgrade__ = true } } } } PARTUPGRADE { name = Hg-Zn Battery Upgrade partIcon = batteryPack techRequired = electrics entryCost = 30 cost = 0 // for display only; all parts implementing this will need a PartStatsUpgradeModule with cost = this. title = Hg-Zn Battery Upgrade basicInfo = <color=green>Advancements allow for about 41% greater energy density and 20% longer life</color> manufacturer = Zaltonic Electronics description = Applies to all Mercuric oxide-Zinc batteries. }
  8. I don't know where I'm erring When right clicking on the part on the tech tree, it shows that it has upgrades, and says they're available at #autoLOC_501052, but as you can see I didn't use that dictionary entry when I specified where to put the PARTUPGRADE - I just typed the id of the tech node. And on top of that, there's no upgrade at the electrics node. @PART[part1]:FINAL{ MODULE { name = PartStatsUpgradeModule showUpgradesInModuleInfo = true UPGRADES { UPGRADE { name__ = 4x2x1 MZ Upgrade techRequired__ = electrics IsAdditiveUpgrade__ = true PartStats { mass = .1 } } } } } PARTUPGRADE { name = 4x2x1 MZ Upgrade partIcon = LiquidEngine2 techRequired = electrics entryCost = 30 title = Improved Hg-Zn batteries basicInfo = Battery technology has improved description = The small Hg-Zn Battery Pack has gotten a little better. }
  9. Ok, if BDB doesn't do anything special for battery mass then I'll figure something out. What does BDB normally do for other payload parts mass like parachutes or solar panels?
  10. How do you go about statting your parts? Since they are not just rescaled versions of real life parts... With engines for instance, you normally copy the real Isp, but the thrust is a new number, potentially just real world thrust times a multiplier? Like real thrust x 1/2.7? And what about mass? I'm making a mod that reworks batteries, and I want the batteries to work nicely with BDB and JNSQ. And to do that I need to know how you guys determine mass.
  11. Hi, I want SRBs to be able to spontaneously and catastrophically fail while in use. You have liquid engines doing just that, although it's preceded by the "Fuel line leak". Also, is there a way that you could make liquid engines fail catastrophically some of the? So there is no "Fuel line leak"? Or at least no message about the leak. Also, how exactly does expectedLifetime work?
  12. What triggers a part to fail? Can a rocket engine suddenly fail while it's sitting there not doing anything, or only when you activate it with spacebar? Can it fail during the burn? Can ModuleGimbal fail and leave you with a function engine but a broken gimbal? What about engines with multiple ModuleEngines such as an engine from BDB that had a main engine and some verniers? I'm trying to decide between this and Oh Scrap for a parts failure mod.
  13. Ok, another question. I looked at the docs and it seems that the placement of the van allen belts is dependent on body radius, the belts at least should be compatible with JNSQ, if not the rest of the mod. How do you see the belts or know where they are? In the OP they are shown graphically, but not in my game.