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  1. So the original of this mod is on CKAN, but this updated version isn't yet. I'll have to remove the ones I got then and manually put this in its place. @linuxgurugamerjust curious if you plan to tweak the thrust values on the engines any? I haven't actually done anything with these parts yet aside from look at them in the tech tree. Just seems like something like 23,000 kn of thrust from the BFR engine cluster seems outlandish, considering the most powerful stock engine is around 1500 or 1800 kn I think. I know the BFR is massive, but is it really that massive? Even the Falcon 9 cluster
  2. My apologies, I didn't see this till just now. I simply stopped using the mod and started using the default contracts toolbar button. Less convenient than CW+, but it works well enough. I haven't tried CW+ in months now.
  3. My apologies for this. I know the answer is around here somewhere because I had this problem some months back with the 1.7.3 version, but I can't seem to figure out how I resolved it then. When I load JNSQ, my KSC is not located at the right place. It's on an island kinda hanging half off of it. As I said, I remember this problem before and it seems like it was a mod conflict, but I've removed KK and KSCExtended, which was where I thought the conflict was, but it didn't help. Anyone point me in the right direction? [EDIT] I'm running 1.8.1, btw. [EDIT 2] Found the conflict. KSC Switc
  4. For some reason I cannot delete the above bit. Sorry LGG, don't mean to ping you. @vardicd Since I don't have the expansion, I don't select a pad from the editor as you do. With KK, there is a button in the regular toolbar which opens a set of windows that allow you to open and close facilities, as well as choose the launch site. This does not work, however, with KCT. The asterisk menu is how I'm doing it. May seem strange that it's rolling out to a pad on the other side of the world, but I just imagine that it was actually built at that location instead of the KSC.
  5. @Master39 Yes, I use KK. I haven't had any issues so far with the beta, but I'm not much of a beta tester. I'm not sure if I'm getting errors in my log from this, because I've got several other mods that are throwing errors (but they still working). I did get one CTD the first time I tried to launch from one of the KK pads (from KSC Extended) in my career game, but I reloaded and it worked the second time around. I do not have the MH expansion, though.
  6. Hmm, I didn't have any problems like this last night, but I only briefly tested it with a tiny rocket from the VAB. It recovered to the VAB without incident. I'll be doing more with it today most likely. I'll report if I run into issues.
  7. This has indeed solved the issue I was having. The "select launchsite" is now showing up, and the KK launchsites are listed and usable. Thanks a million @linuxgurugamer and @siimav. KCT doesn't honor KK's purchased or opened sites system, meaning I can launch from any KK site, whether I've paid the fee to open it or not, but that's a very minor issue. I can always just force myself not to use a base until I've opened it within KK.
  8. Ah, I got you. I don't have the making history expansion, so I don't have those. I'm pretty sure at one time, KK and KCT were compatible cause I think I used them, but maybe not.
  9. I've been away from ksp for a long time (since around the 1.2 days) and these mods have progressed significantly in that time, so I'm still re-learning how things work. What I'm doing now is selecting a launch site from the KK menu while in the VAB/SPH. Text comes across the screen indicating the desired site is the active one. But then when the construction is complete and I roll it out, it goes to the default pad. If I'm understanding the bug here, there should be an option within KCT's menu to select the launch site, but it seems to be missing. Now, am I an idiot and not doing t
  10. Curious, I just ran into an issue with this. After completing a set of about five part test contracts in one mission, now no contracts are showing in the window anymore. I double checked and I have active contracts, but the mod's window shows none of them. I tried accepting some new contracts to see if it was something to do with the existing contracts, but the new ones are also not showing up. I've used CW+ since I started playing KSP way back at 1.0 and I've never seen this happen. Any ideas? I tried searching but not finding this issue. Any suggestions? I use this extensively in part testin
  11. I am curious about this issue involving the missing "Select Launchsite" option. Is that a solution to having KCT work with alternate KK launchsites? I just recently got back into KSP after a long hiatus and remember this used to work, but a lot has changed since then. I tried searching around and found a few references to KCT no longer recognizing KK sites after KSP 1.3, but not a lot of info on fixing it. I'm using: KSP 1.7.3 KCT (latest on CKAN, the "-1.7.3" version of KCT) KK If it's not fixable, then that's fine. The other KK launchsites would be nice t
  12. I know. What I meant was that CKAN hung after it finished downloading it from the archive site. I had to cancel the installation and do it again. It then recognized that it was cached and installed it from that. Amazing work, @Galileo. Almost can't wait until you get it figured out and get the repo back open again.
  13. Did it take a very long time to download it from the archive site? I'm trying to download it now and it's dropped to around 1 meg/sec DL rate. CKAN usually crashes when a download takes this long for me, but it hasn't yet. Guess I'll let it keep trying. EDIT: Well, it finally downloaded after about 15 minutes. It hung afterward, but a simple cancel and retry and it installed it from cache without incident. Hopefully it works.
  14. Does this work with different planet mods (Outer Planets, GPP, ExtraSolar Planets, etc)? Not sure how the coordinates are generated. I ask since there was a mention of a problem with the RSS mod.
  15. Sorry, I normally use pastebin but I wasn't thinking straight last night. I'll attach it later when I get home from work. Log File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15sRyebjYjp4v3t975lSbJGEGkRctXtP2
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