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  1. Does this work with different planet mods (Outer Planets, GPP, ExtraSolar Planets, etc)? Not sure how the coordinates are generated. I ask since there was a mention of a problem with the RSS mod.
  2. Sorry, I normally use pastebin but I wasn't thinking straight last night. I'll attach it later when I get home from work. Log File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15sRyebjYjp4v3t975lSbJGEGkRctXtP2
  3. Mine seems to work if I don't have the Nova Kirbani system installed. Haven't tried it on the fully modded copy yet as I had something else to attend to and it takes about 10 minutes for the full mod KSP to load. Have you checked that you have the latest Kopernicus, MM, and MFI installed? As stated above, I'm using Kop. ver 1.3.1-3 and MFI 1.2.4 and MM 3.0.1.
  4. Ok, the issue (on mine at least) is in the Nova Kirbani system. I installed all of the systems one at a time and reloaded KSP after each without a problem. Nova Kirbani was the last to install and KSP "soft-locked" on loading the menu. I completely removed KSS and installed only BASIC and Nova Kirbani and I get the same issue. See spoiler (a few posts down) for the KSP log output. Installed mods (MM3.01 is there, too): Kopernicus 1.3.1-3 ModularFlightIntegrator 1.2.4 [log file removed by mod team]
  5. I am having this same issue as @rexscates. Kopernicus is repeatedly throwing an error in the log file when I have the full KSS system installed along side only MM, Kopernicus, and ModularFlightIntegrator: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Kopernicus.Components.KopernicusStar.LateUpdate () I'm in the process of trying each element of KSS to narrow down which one(s) is causing the issue. Basic and Extended Kerbol have checked out with no issues so far. I suspect I'm going to encounter the error with each of the extra star systems. I'll update in a few minutes when I know more.
  6. No problems man. I'd be in the same boat as you if I tried modding. For you it's school. For me it's work, I work between 12 and 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, and I play in two tabletop RPG games. Just not a lot of time for kerbals. I'm game for that, if it's not too much trouble.
  7. I just ran into this same problem myself. I haven't had Extrasolar installed until last night because my computer only has 16GB ram and I've got that almost maxed out with other mods. I tried Extrasolar on a whim and found it doesn't seem to add too much to the RAM bill like other planet packs I've tried have. However, after installing it, I noticed this bug. It's like it's close to night time on the sunny side of Kerbin. Here's a couple of screenshots to show the issue. The time of these shots is basically high noon, with Kerbol directly overhead. https://ibb.co/gdOaPb https://ibb.co/b0qdcw I don't know how @Tryphon managed to pin it down to MFI, but it sounds like the same problem. I haven't gone outside atmosphere yet to see if it's completely dark as he's saying, but I bet it is. [EDIT] Just checked it out and it is indeed as Tryphon said in space. Bodies light up, but not craft. See the following. https://ibb.co/cQauHw https://ibb.co/bPcVqG
  8. Sorry, it's something of a known issue, so I didn't think about attaching a log. https://pastebin.com/VF0dsvK9 Here is a screenshot of the terminal screen before exiting on that game. It's a fresh install with only kOS ( and AGX (2.3.1) installed. The antenna's "Toggle" action is tied to AG20. I tested it first with the AGX interface, and the antenna activated and deactivated correctly, but kOS throws an "undefined variable" error when I try to get the state of AG20, and does seemingly nothing when I try to manipulate it, although it does appear to create the variable when I activate it, because after that getting it's state returns a bool value. It just doesn't do anything in the game.
  9. Would you have any idea why kOS no longer recognizes AGX action groups? I just started fiddling around with kOS again and noticed that the documentation says the AGX groups function identically to the stock groups, but my programs were throwing errors when I tried to use the AGX groups. Did some research and found it's a known issue with the latest, or at least some later, versions of kOS. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much help there since Diazo hasn't updated AGX "officially" yet. Haven't seen any action on it since October.
  10. I'm curious if there is an easy way to identify what mod an MM change to a part module comes from? What I mean is, when a mod includes a MM patch that say, adds a new resource option to a fuel tank, how can I identify what mod made that change? The current situation is I'm trying to use kOS to control a fuel cell on a satellite. The program will automatically activate the fuel cell if the craft's total EC falls below 20% of capacity. Problem is, I have a mod that altered the fuel cell and added an "LHO2" option or something like that, in addition to the stock "Fuel Cell: stopped" button. The LHO2 option requires liquid hydrogen to work, while the stock button requires just hydrogen (modded from the stock LF by Universal Storage I believe). When I use the kOS command "FUELCELLS ON", it activates the damn LHO2 one instead of the stock one. The craft doesn't have any liquid hydrogen, but it does have plenty or regular ol' hydrogen. Unfortunately, I'm not very good with kOS yet, and I not understanding how the PARTMODULES stuff works right now to be able to activate actions or events manuallly. I found the FUELCELLS command and figured that would work for the time being. I figure someone can tell me what mod is doing this so I can maybe go alter he MM patch to stop it, but for future reference, I'd like to know if there is a simple way to find out this information on my own without having to ask. "Teach a man to fish" type thing. I have about 150 mods active. My main suspects are KSP-I, Universal Storage (don't think this is it), or one of the Near Future Techs.
  11. Thanks. I believe I tried removing RealChutes last night and it didn't help, but thinking back on it now, I may have forgotten that one. Bonehead if I did forget it, as that was my first suspect for obvious reasons. I'll check it out when I get home from work this evening. EDIT: Ah, I see it now. RC just released an update a few hours ago to fix it. Cool.
  12. I'm trying to get back into KSP, as I haven't really played much since 1.05. I've assembled all the mods together and things seem to be working well, but I just ran into an issue while trying to build my first manned rocket. The only parachutes I have available to me are the DERP (from one of the USI mods), Jetwing Chute (from WildBlueIndustries, I think the Buffalo), and the Kurricane Parachute (from the Kurricane Probe mod). The strange thing is the other chutes (default ones and the ones from RealChutes) show up in the R&D building under their respective techs, but after researching said tech (or playing in sandbox), the chutes are not available in the part picker. I've got a lot of mods installed. AVC says 133, and I know that doesn't count everything. I'm just curious if anyone has heard of this before and has some idea what's going on. It takes close to 10 minutes for KSP to boot, so it'll take me hours to go through one by one and check each mod to identify the culprit. I searched and found another question from last year about missing chutes, but in his case, it looks like the chutes were still there, just not being treated like chutes. I tried removing the few mods that were indicated in that thread and they did not resolve this. My next plan of action is to make a fresh instance of 1.3.1 and install the mods in small groups to hopefully find the offender more rapidly. I just hope it isn't an interaction between seperate mods that is causing the problem, as it might not turn up that way. Any ideas? Mods List, copied from AVC. I know some mods don't show up here, such as Kerbalism, but this gets the bulk of them.
  13. I am having the same problem, and it's a rather significant one in my opinion, as the only way (that I can find) to get out of the settings window is to close KSP completely down. and restart. Given that it takes my old machine a good 20 minutes to start he game, that is something of a game killing bug. Any idea how to get out of the settings window using the keyboard?
  14. I can't think of a reason why this wouldn't be possible. I don't claim to be an expert on the subject by any means, but from what I remember from my environmental sciences, part of the nitrogen cycle includes bacteria that converts waste nitrogen back into nitrogen gas and releases it into the atmosphere. I'm betting no one has developed an artificial means of reproducing this process simply because nitrogen is so abundant on Earth that there is no reason to. I suppose,could you simply add a "fictional" process to the chemical plant to simulate this?
  15. Until dedicated US parts might be created, you can do as I do and use US Science Bays to cram a bunch of the small pressurized tanks in. I'm still waiting for my wildly overmodded KSP to load, so I can't show a picture of what I've done, but you can experiment with different arrangements to see how it works. You can fit one of the large tanks inside two stacked Science Bays, or you can cram three small tanks in each bay. However, if you go the small tank route, you still need to stack two bays to prevent any part clipping, at least from my experience so far. If you don't mind very minor clipping, then you don't need to stack the bays. [EDIT] I guess you can only fit a total of five small tanks into the two bays without them clipping into one another. If you don't mind clipping, then I guess you could easily squeeze six, maybe even eight tanks in there. Here's a pic of my arrangement.