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  1. I'm so hyped I'm having a hard time breathing.
  2. Here:
  3. I updated my heavily modded install to 1.7, and rockets have notably started buckling. Additionally, large rockets seem to sink into launch clamps. This happens in spite of autostruts, physical struts, and rigid attachments being on. The buckling seems limited to certain parts (I've observed it most prominently with the 3.75m docking ports from DSEV, but can't tell if it's just them, just docking ports, or would happen with any similarly-shaped part. I have a screenshot of my mods folder below:
  4. A while back, I realized that the structural tubes from Making History were the perfect size to serve as ducts for electric props. While this does not seem to confer the huge thrust increase it does in real life, it does provide a durability increase, as well as making propellers much easier to construct: slap one rotor onto the top internal node, another on the bottom internal node, add some blades, and you have an instant counter-rotating propeller which, as a bonus, can be easily mounted on a servo or have things mounted on it. I immediately made some standardized ones and went to work. I'm going to list these by vehicle type, though some don't fit evenly. Coleopters: Coleoplanes Tiltrotor Airplanes [Coming Soon]
  5. When I try to use an action group, I get told the part cannot be locked because it's moving. If I try to do it manually, I have to click it multiple times to get it to work, and even then it isn't fully secure and will start flailing at higher speeds. I have not tried autostrutting, but unless that can be done through an action group it may be difficult to properly toggle during flight.
  6. I’ve tried to make a tiltrotor plane, but inevitably the rotors end up tilting mid-flight, which sends the craft into an inescapable spin. Locking the servos helps somewhat, but is very difficult to do while the craft is flying. The only solution I’ve found is to use same-vessel docking, but that means it can’t switch back into VTOL to land. Is there any good way to solve this problem?
  7. Oh, right, I should probably be adjusting my prop pitch and not just leaving it at a constant value.
  8. You don't have to set the thrust manually. Just bind the RPM limit to the main throttle axis group, and the "activate rotor" action to the stage action group, and it will behave like any other engine.
  9. In trying to reinforce the engine connections on a tiltrotor plane (the engines kept flailing themselves into VTOL mode during normal flight) I came to the idea of using docking ports. It works perfectly except for one problem: neither action groups nor the KAL-1000 controller can make the ports undock. The only way to do so is through the PAW. I'm wondering whether this is a bug with the game, or something I'm doing wrong.
  10. I wanted to see what the smallest helicopter I could make was. As it turns out, you can make some pretty dang small helicopters. Jeb here has graciously agreed to test it. Power comes from a single RTG. Control is wholly provided by two reaction wheels, and while there is some clipping involved, it was mostly to avoid having to redo the frame. I'll probably release a clipping-free version later. The first, most important question: can it take off? Yes Next, less important question: Can it land? Indeed it can! Jeb has survived every test with it, and I can assure you that the helicopter blades did eventually come down. Final, most important question: Where can I get me one of these bad boys? Right here:
  11. I'm fairly sure that was the case, but the problem was that I couldn't access the play mode selector because the game wouldn't let me to the title screen.
  12. For some reason, this mod is making B9 part switch throw a fatal exception while loading, claiming it can't find water tanks. I've checked and verified that there is a water tank template.
  13. So, after realizing that struts can have their angular and linear strengths adjusted independently, I realized that a strut with linear but no angular strength could be useful for piston engines, robotic linkages, and the like. I then realized that a strut with angular strength but no linear strength would pair exceptionally well with a piston. I threw together some quick module manager patches to create both, then opened the game and began testing. Note: all robotic parts were operating with ten times their normal force, simply because I forgot to remove an earlier patch. 0 angular, 150 linear (like the tie rods in a car or train): Remarkably difficult to use. Unless you're extremely good at eyeballing the relative positions of the strut endpoints, you're probably going to end up with some unwanted linear force, causing your mechanism to grind to a halt. The offset tool can help, but in all likelihood you'd need some sort of alignment indicator addon to figure out precisely where the thing is free to rotate and where it isn't. I might try lowering the linear strength a bit, but sooner or later there's no real point. 0 linear, 150 angular (Like a telescoping piston): This one turned out somewhat better, although this might just have to do with the robotic parts rather than the actual struts. When tested with a piston, it could extend, albeit with some resistance. When tested with a hinge, it could barely even wiggle. Have a few screenshots here. This one is a bit more niche than the other one, but would be good to cut down on wobbliness in a piston. Again, alignment is an issue. If there was a way to get both ends of the strut to angle snap it would be a lot less of an issue for this part. Next steps: Try to find the ideal linear strength for the tie rod part, so as to get more freedom of motion without compromising function too much. Try to create a shock absorber part See if there's a use for these in legs See what happens if I extend one beyond its maximum length See if it's possible to create some sort of fancy end bit that will give them limits to their range of motion See if it's possible to use an extremely short version of the tie rod as a weird hinge