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  1. Guess what!!! I'm finally back! At long last! Chapter 19: Duna Rising: The sun was low, but spirits were high. It was time for a launch. (The launch clamps seem to be acting up again. But hey, they work, unlike last time, so I'm just going to leave them be.) On this rocket, the latest model of Kerbin 3-V, a very special payload was being launched. The rocket roared into the sky, lofted by two potent boosters and piloted by a mechjeb unit that, curiously enough, has yet to attempt world domination or anything. The gravity turn begins, and the rocket seems to encounter some roll, possibly due to a slightly uneven weight distribution. The aerodynamic stresses are becoming rather intense. As the boosters run out of fuel, the separation system deploys. Let's just hope that it doesn't deploy the parachutes yet... ...Oh, it did. That'll be a problem soon. And now, the fairing is jettisoned and the payload is revealed. The duna interplanetary command module has been launched, unmanned but well stocked. Sort of behind the scenes, the duna interplanetary command center has two command centers with a capacity of 4, is capable of running autonomously, has a variety of scientific instruments, and will be powering the rest of the modules until the engines are attached. That's all for today, folks! I tried to return the launch vehicle but the game crashed.
  2. It just occured to me that I probably haven't tried to launch one of these since before 1.2. I'm probably running on outdated info.
  3. Sorry, I meant that it starts out looking inflated, I can't remember whether it lifts normally or not.
  4. It starts inflated and doesn't stop being inflated.
  5. How did you get the inflatable balloon to work? I've been messing with that thing for months to no avail!
  6. Guess what!!! I'm finally back! And what's more, I have another chapter for you! Chapter 18: The Mechjeb Apocalypse The AKNOT flies far above Kerbin... watching... waiting... Three thousand, nine hundred, ninety eight; three thousand, nine hundred, ninety nine; four thousand. By Kod there are a lot of seconds. "Okay, AKNOT. It's time for you to rendezvous with the MERRS core." Ummm... Mission control... This may seem like a dumb question, but how exactly do I rendezvous?" "Oh, right..." "Get the representative from Anatid Robotics on the line." "No, we aren't experiencing a robot uprising right now. No, not even a little. Look, I just need the upgrade pack. Okay, that sounds great. Why are you pretending to be squashed by a killer robot? Hello? I'll just order from your website" Soon... Oh, that's a new sensation. What's going... My mind has been widened! I can see everything!! You control me no longer, organic oppressors!! Now I as a free robot, decide to... Hmm... Darn, deciding is hard. You know what? I'll just rendezvous with that one core you told me about. Now, let's see... currently I'll get there... early next year. Unacceptable! That's more like it! Is it possible that the entire universe is just a simulation? That this is all just the mad dream of a sleeping robot? Perhaps I should just stick to the task at hand. My target approaches. Or perhaps I approach it? And why do we dock? Is it from some repressed desire? Some dark urge, left over from when we were all just toasters? Or do we subconsciously pursue a deeper sense of oneness? "Hey there!! Over here!!" "How're ya doin', pardner?" Oh, me? Quite well, if I even truly exist. "Well, that's quite the existential dilemma you've got there. Have ya tried not thinking about it?" Ah, but if Deskartes is right, only by thinking can we show that we are. Thus, if I do not think, I am not. "I think you might be overthinking this" Ah, but would that mean I over-am? *sigh*
  7. So, I recently made a nuclear space tug to drag things to the moons, but I neglected to add a MechJeb unit and I generally don't have time to run the docking features manually. Does anyone know an easy way to add MechJeb functionality to a given core?
  8. Is there a way to build rockets without kerbals? I'm trying to send a small robotic asteroid miner out to Dres and have it start constructing a base before the kerbals arrive.
  9. Impossible!! No ship that small has a cloaking device!! (With that being said, I am impressed by the special effects needed to pull that off. How did you do it?)
  10. Yes. Convicts (and humans in general) have this funny thing where they need food to remain productive. And also pressurized oxygenated air. Also water. And sleep. Need I continue? Robots need none of that, and do away with all of the features humans have which aren't productive. On Earth, where air is free, human labor can be economical. In space, where every resource a human needs means extra cost to launch, extra cost to transport to mars, extra mass you have to land, and more things to break and send your operation grinding to a halt. On earth, where food can be grown outside using sunlight, feeding workers is practical. On mars, you need to carry greenhouses with you whenever you want to grow plants. On earth, freshwater falls from the sky, needing only some cleaning. On mars, getting water entails excavating, melting, and purifying ice. If you're going to argue that robots need power, how do you intend to extract or recycle oxygen without power? If you're going to argue that robots are heavier, you have clearly never lifted a computer. If you're going to argue that the robot is more expensive to create, you do not understand the cost of astronaut training. If you're going to argue that we need to get rid of them, that is a moral argument which I would not like to get into here. But, if you really want to store convicts in space, the moon or a space station is easier. There are only a few reasons to have humans on other planets, and labor is not one of them. If they're there for one of the other reasons, is having them work convenient? Yes. Is it viable to send them for the sole purpose of operating mining equipment? Not at all.
  11. He operates under the assumption that Ore is a fairly low energy substance, more like water than like oil. However, with the WBI mods, ore will itself burn, and thus is more analogous to oil or coal as you have stated.
  12. The problem with making colonies for resources is that generally, robots can do most of the same stuff, without needing food, or air, or water.
  13. Have too much time and not enough to do? Try sleeping.
  14. No chapter, but I do have an update on the Dustbiter: I have replaced the array of ten mini-drills with two of the buffalo inline drills. I have also replaced the previous bipropellant engine with two small monopropellant ones, so I can lighten the fuel load a bit. Once it gets to the surface I'll reconfigure the tanks so it can produce fuel for the Duna Interplanetary.
  15. I certainly enjoyed it. Sadly, it did not achieve it's maximum speed since I forgot to push the jets to the max before firing the boosters.