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  1. I'm planning on revisiting the Atlas engines. The lack of a stock cryogenic fuel makes Centaur very heavy so that complicates things a little. Mass at this scale runs about 20-25% depending on the model. I try to shoot for 50% of real with payloads to allow for heavy KSP parts. Really, anything you can get off the launch pad on teeny-tiny Kerbin will probably make orbit with these rockets. I build an Atlas II with a twin engine Centaur using the 1100 and two 400 tanks, on top of the Atlas stage with the usual bottom setup minus the verniers, two 1200's and a 600 tank. That setup won't lift much, but if you strip the Centaur down to just the 1100 tank you should be able to get about 3.5 tons up. You need to hang on to the boosters until the big tank is nearly dry to get your apoapsis up as high as you can. The sustainer can run for about a minute and a half on just the fuel in the little adapter tank at the bottom.
  2. It's much easier than you think. 1 set of source files. You use a batch file to script building the individual zips. Atlas for example would be just the files required for the Atlas in exactly the same folder structure. Accommodating CKAN could be the trick. I'm not sure how it would handle the same file being in different addons when sharing occurs. You might need something like a BDB_Core to contain anything that would be shared.
  3. Nice. For those of us who missed the stream, got some screenies of the core station parts without the attached accessories?
  4. Check if you have the DMagicScienceAnimate folder in your GameData. It's included in the download.
  5. Try dry mass 23% of fuel mass and Isp 40 secs below real. That's what SMURFF is expecting. BTW, you probably want to roll back the liquid engine thrust buffs SMURFF gives. They're already anywhere from Ok to OP. This is the config I use for HSSx3: @SMURFFCONFIG:BEFORE[zSMURFF]:NEEDS[SMURFF] { // 1 = real-ish performance ("classic" SMURFF), 0 = stock, and anything in between is in between. @tanklever = 0.5 @enginelever = 0.5 @podlever = 1 } @PART[bluedog*,Bluedog*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*],@MODULE[ModuleSMURFF]]:AFTER[zSMURFF]:NEEDS[SMURFF] { @MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[@PROPELLANT[Oxidizer]],* { @maxThrust /= #[email protected]/enginethrustfactor$ } }
  6. Well this sounds like a project. At the very least they should probably all have the same fuel/mass ratio so they're balanced against each other mass-wise. If I had my way they would have the isp of their real world counterparts, which should lighten them considerably. The squad-alike solid isps tend to be awful. @CobaltWolf, have you been using any system at all with solids? I haven't looked under the hood on them since the Delta's so I'm not sure what the general state of affairs is.
  7. Couldn't you stash a copy of the transform away on initialization and compare that to the new transform when the event fires? Then assuming it's a 90 degree rotation remap the appropriate enableXYZ fields.
  8. They are. What's the function of the two smaller nozzles? The one's that in the first pic looks like they have garbage bags duct taped over the end.
  9. Texture sharing might be a little borked. Numerous errors in the log along these lines: [LOG 20:32:20.243] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Bluedog_DB/Parts/Antennas/BluedogMariner2Omni/bluedog_mariner2omni' [ERR 20:32:20.246] PartCompiler: Cannot replace texture as texture replacement string is invalid. Syntax is 'origTextureName newTextureURL'
  10. The Titan black and white interstages look good on the wider than they are tall engines. That's everything with a tank butt I guess. I like the Able style plain white on the taller than they are wide, but it doesn't scale well. Look at the Buzzard and Vulture. I can't wait to see it...
  11. Thanks. It's not in dispute. I was watching the TV coverage of Atlas Agena 9 and the commentator was talking about the sustainer failing to ignite when they lost it. That's not what happened of course, but I had the idea in my head when I was reading that page. Sounded like something they would try. Why they hang on to 6 spent boosters? Assuming they do (I'm not sure), I would guess safety overrides the weight in that case.
  12. Is the texture getting stretched or something? I notice the redstone engine looks much sharper than it's tank as well. The top node on the Fenris-860 adapter tank is a little low. Stick the Chryslus-9SA adapter on it and it becomes obvious. Do you have some mechanism to keep a list of nodes-to-be-fixed since you're probably not dropping everything to fix these as they come up.
  13. The grey lines on the engine look sharp to me, less so on the tank. The black patches on the engine are sharp, obviously blurry on the tank. I have to zoom way out to lose the effect.
  14. The engine is outstanding. I think you're on the right track with the rest but the blacks still have that blurry quality.
  15. You're specifically worried about the new structural ends? They look fine to me. I might steal that and use it on the procedural parts :-)
  16. I was going by this but I can't find anything to corroborate that, other than an obscure mention that it's theoretically possible, so um, nevermind. I guess they never did it.
  17. Cool. Higher res textures? I've been flying Atlas a lot this week looking for flipping issues that were mentioned (probably 10 pages back by now), there's aren't any. That turned into fixing the engines - much better with correct Isp's and a lower thrust sustainer. That turned into adjusting Centaur 'cause it's too heavy or the Atlas engines are way OP. Now I've got a liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen Centaur config - stock, not real fuels. Less than half the weight, and much more realistic DV's. Interested? Trivia discovered researching this - Atlas-Agena did not light the sustainer until booster shutdown.
  18. Check your inbox. I sent it to you Feb 18th. Edit: @CobaltWolf, probes. You've been busy. Edit 2: The Micro RCS Boom is very cool. Maybe make it a little longer so it fits easier on the Centaur and Delta K. Could you add a separate transform (rcsTransform2) with the vector pointing downwards? I want to try to use it as an ullage motor for real fuels setups. With a separate transform I think we can use the EnableXYZ parameters to keep the ullage vector from firing on rotations and pushing you forward. I think.
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