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  1. Retrograde reentry

    On top of this, heating tends to go as velocity cubed, so a small incremental increase in velocity has big implications.
  2. Having Problem with SSTO

    Besides the fact that MK2 in general is very draggy unless your piloting is perfect -- to the best I can tell you have those center 4 engines radially attached, with an empty node in the middle. Very draggy. The precoolers don't help anything either, really. You can get by with just the 2 shock cones. So, ditch those 4 central engines. Add an MK2 bicoupler and put 2 rapiers on it. If you are willing to ditch the MK2 nacelles and go to MK1 for the nacelles, that would help a lot.
  3. Damn my boosters!

    Most likely, the boosters have lower drag than your rocket. You may want to read up on something called a Korolev Cross. But the basic fix is that you want to add a little drag on the outside edge of your boosters at the bottom, or put some other aerodynamics on them -- so that when you decouple them, they curve outward away from your ship. I like to put one or two little fins at the bottom. It's cheap and easy and it works great. Alternately -- you may be putting nosecones or something on your boosters in an attempt to make them less draggy. Try taking them off and see what happens.
  4. Yes. The nacelle is low tech, and works best at low speeds. The divertless intake works a little better at higher speeds, and holds more fuel. The precooler weighs a lot less, has even better performance, and significantly lower drag.
  5. Not quite what I said. There were never any bug reports from stock that had testable ships and savegames. But there have been a few untestable bug reports over the years. for example. But there may be many variants on the bug, and there is certainly a lot of mod interaction -- most of the stuck docking ports ever seen are certainly mod bugs. So yes, I have now entered in the one variant and we will see how widespread the fix is when it comes.
  6. Drill o matic won't drill

    Interesting! I've never tried that before ... I'm gonna have to try to reproduce that. Thanks for the additional testing.
  7. Undocking Not Working---How to Hack?

    Thanks for the tip. I'll rebuild a few of my test craft with Sr. docking ports and see if it's easier to get those to fail.
  8. Drill o matic won't drill

    Hmmm. No, I don't think that's it. Looks to me like the right-hand drills on both vessels have good contact. However, there are many mods that interfere with drilling, and I am pretty confident that it's one of your mods that is making your drill not work. If you click the "Start Harvesting" button and nothing happens and there is no error message in the status -- then you are doing things right, but there is probably a mod bug blocking it from working.
  9. How to build bases?

    Autostruts are like regular struts, except better. They hold parts of a ship in a fixed position relative to each other. They keep the joints between parts from flexing. Wheels and landing legs automatically have them. To turn them on for the rest of the parts in your ship, you have to enable "Advanced Tweakables" in the Settings. They are better than regular struts because they don't cost anything, they have no mass, and they have no drag. The devs put them into the game temporarily because there is a Unity bug that makes rockets too noodley, so they exist to counteract that.
  10. Undocking Not Working---How to Hack?

    OK, issue confirmed. Full formal bug report created and filed. It's in the hands of the devs now, and it will probably get fixed pretty soon.
  11. Undocking Not Working---How to Hack?

    As you pointed out, that "Can't Undock Bug" thread has been in existence for four years. Which means the bug has existed for more than four years. So no, it's not a new thing at all. And HebaruSan's example is the very first time I've ever seen it happen in stock KSP with my own eyes. Every time I dock and undock since 1.2.1, it's always worked perfectly. So no, docking is not the tiniest bit broken in 1.3 -- but when the devs fix this 4+ year old bug, it'll work even better than any previous version.
  12. Undocking Not Working---How to Hack?

    OK! Thanks! That should give me enough to work with now.
  13. Undocking Not Working---How to Hack?

    Sorry to be a pest, but would it be possible to give me a savegame from before they dock? Since the important error happens during the docking, having a save from after the docking is a bit too late to watch the error happen.
  14. Undocking Not Working---How to Hack?

    I think I'm going to have to use yours -- because I just tried the "stage after magnets but before complete docking" thing, and my ships undocked perfectly. So there must be something more to it.
  15. Undocking Not Working---How to Hack?

    No, there is no existing report that I know of. I had read that a staging event after docking might do it, and I tried that -- and that didn't work. But I didn't try to time it to be after magnets but before docking. So I will try that. True, but I think Mythos' KML persistence editor tool (that I tried to link to, but the link didn't work so good) has been updated to work with the current KSP version.