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  1. Sounds like a corrupted game. Have you tried doing a steam file validation?
  2. If you bought the game from steam, you should try doing a steam file verification on your game.
  3. As your pilots gain levels (stars), they acquire new abilities for Stability Assist. Similarly, higher tech probe cores also have additional programming that allow them to use more Stability Assist modes. A one-star pilot, and a HECS probe core only have prograde/retrograde hold.
  4. If you look at a porkchop plot of near-hohmmannly tranfers to anywhere, you see that the dV cost increases really fast when it's slightly non-optimal. I promise that it continues to increase really fast even off the edges of the porkchop plot. Just for fun one time, I turned on infinite fuel and flew to Jool on a fairly direct and fast intercept ... I calculated the final dV cost of the experiment at somewhere around 26km/s, IIRC. To leave Kerbin at a non-optimal time, you have to redirect your vector using a gravity slingshot from a flyby of Eve or Duna. There is no other practical way without expending hellish amounts of dV.
  5. The problem is generally microbouncing. The gear sink a little way into the ground and then are forced back upwards with excessive force. This means that the entire craft tends to "float" a fraction of a centimeter above the ground for a few percent of each second -- while all the gear is in the air. Obviously this means that there is no friction during that period, which allows rotation and movement. Unbalanced forces can even cause uphill microbouncing. It was supposed to have been improved in 1.8, but I haven't tested it out again -- I haven't bothered used landing legs/wheels for spacecraft since 1.0.5.
  6. When a Kerbal dies, there are two possibilities. KIA and MIA. If they are KIA, they never respawn. If you have the setting for "no respawn", and then they die, they get marked KIA. If you then turn on respawn -- they stay KIA. MIA is always supposed to happen if they die when respawn is active.
  7. A 3 star contract is extremely precise. 1.5 degrees is way too much. If you are ahead of your target, raise your Ap or Pe by a little bit, and contrarywise if you are behind. When the game is happy, as said above, you will get a notification -- then fix your orbit again.
  8. Courage actually does have a bit of an effect on G force tolerance.
  9. No, it's more like Roger Rabbit. We're just seeing whose willpower breaks first. Shave and a haircut, ....
  10. Correct. Pretty much, but to get back to kerbin you want to be going retrograde along the Mun's orbit, rather than prograde. But yeah, if you are in a polar orbit then you can really only leave twice during a Munar month.
  11. Important info: If you fly to the Mun and directly dock your minmus station to your mun station, then undock -- then your minmus station will no longer be "new", and your minmus contract will fail. You can do the minmus contract first, then fly the whole contraption to the mun and do the docking and that will cover both contracts perfectly. But if you go to the Mun first, then you have to be very very careful not to ever dock your whole minmus station to the mun station. You would have to decouple a hab section from the main craft without docking, then dock the hab section to the Mun station while it is in free flight -- and it would just get complicated and annoying. But yes, as 5th horseman basically said, to get from the Mun to Minmus takes very little deltaV but you have to time it right. You would want to go when your orbit is parallel to the Mun's velocity vector, and that vector leads the position of minmus by about 90 degrees, as I recall. And the trip takes about 15 days.
  12. Since you are using mods, there is always the possibility that it's a bug in a mod.
  13. Are you sure you have to generate it? Most station contracts require storage, not generation.