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  1. bewing

    Save my Neidon mission

    Normal low-speed rendezvous maneuvers can be generalized and used as high-speed rendezvous maneuvers. You go into Target mode on your navball -- you go full throttle and pull your prograde marker on top/in front of your target marker. When you get close you turn around retrograde, burn like hell and push your retrograde marker on top of your anti-target marker. It's not really something where you are looking for a window. You just want to get pointed in the right direction and then go 1 km/s faster than you need to for a hohmann transfer.
  2. bewing

    Double Docking

    Yes, multiple docking ports have been able to dock simultaneously since back before version 1.0, I think. It hasn't changed.
  3. bewing

    How to see Kerbals through windows on Console

    Hit the C key to enter IVA mode (and to exit again). Or click the "View" button on the portraits. It lets you fly the rocket (mostly) from inside the cockpit -- and look around inside the parts to see all the decorations.
  4. bewing

    kerbal respawn

    Welcome to the forums. What Xd the Great said is right. There is a slider in the Difficulty Options where you set the time yourself. You also have to click the "Missing Crews Respawn" button. Any Kerbals killed while the button is turned off will never respawn. I do not think that timewarping while you are at KSC makes them respawn. I think you need to be in flight mode.
  5. bewing

    How to see Kerbals through windows on Console

    It's a little dot of a button next to the Kerbal portraits, in the bottom right of the screen. If you hover a cursor over the Kerbal portraits, the dot appears and you can click it. If you are in the Simplified preset, then the instructions are different, though. It's typically called the "cutaway view".
  6. Instead of reaction wheel, I'd add two pairs of steerable fins at the bottom of your boosters (45 degrees off the line of symmetry). They will add stability, and for the first minute or two of your launch they will give you a lot more steering control than you have now.
  7. Almost no matter how you fly your ascent, there is a period where you coast up to your circularization burn. That almost always begins while you are still deep in the atmosphere. During that coasting phase, nothing is costing you anything. So the basic answer is that you always want to blow the fairings just a bit before you do the circularization burn, but after you are above the atmosphere. And yes, fairings do have a value (sometimes significant) -- just so long as the cross-section of the fairing is not significantly bigger than the cross-sectional area of your payload. But if your payload is a few skinny girders sticking out 5 meters from your core, then putting a giant cylindrical fairing around that is going to be a big mistake. In any case, though, the smart thing is always just to try it with a fairing and see if you end up in orbit with more fuel.
  8. bewing

    Powering Space Stations.

    The fact that you are using a modded older version of the game confuses things. Your game might not be behaving normally. I do not see a battery. I do not see a probe core. I see that your lights are on, and that will use a little EC. 4 of the 1x6 panels will produce 6.8 EC at absolute max output when on the sunlit side of Kerbin, if all the panels are facing Kerbol squarely. When doing research, your station will probably be using about 5.1 EC. So, for an experiment -- could you note your exact EC battery levels and your UT time, switch focus to some distant ship for exactly one game minute, switch focus back, and tell us the exact level of EC in your batteries?
  9. bewing

    abort group in training missions

    Welcome to the forums. In the FAQ (stickied at the top of the list of forum threads), it describes in detail how to attach images. Generally, you go to an image hosting site such as, drag'n'drop your image there, it gives you a hotlink URL to your image, and you paste that URL here -- or you can click the "insert other media" button in your posting and put the URL there. There's an additional "advanced" trick you can do to make the imgur image frame go away. However, the answer to your question is almost certainly that you either put too many or too few engines into your Shutdown Engine action. There are two liquid fuel engines to put in (a terrier and swivel, I thinik?), and you must not put in any SRBs.
  10. It's a new feature in 1.4.4, to allow us to track versioning of any DLCs along with the main code. In the Pause menu it now says "Click for Version Info".
  11. bewing

    Powering Space Stations.

    Electricity is not modeled for vessels outside physics range. Their functions (drills/converters/MPLs) do not use any electricity. Their panels/RTGs/fuel cells do not produce any electricity. They will continue to operate forever with exactly what they have.
  12. Or don't run the game while logged into steam.
  13. bewing

    Multiple Experiment Storage Unit

    There are several types of experiment that get you a little extra science if you take more than one experiment. Additionally, if you are trying to use an MPL in some other location -- then you need to take an extra experiment to process in there.
  14. bewing

    Orbital Drift Compensation

    Generally, without that setting, your Ap will drop some random amount -- depending how how low your Pe is.
  15. bewing

    EVA Orientation issues

    To make it work the other way forever, change the "EVAs Auto-Rotate to Camera" button in your settings. To make it work the other way temporarily, click the T button to turn on "SAS" for the Kerbal. To make the Kerbal face away from the camera just this once, hit the spacebar.