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  1. For the Kerbin system, if I'm trying to do things the easy way, I prefer to mine on the Mun. The reason I prefer that is because of the round-trip time. You can mine, refine, repeatedly send a mini-lifter up to LMO, gradually fill up a tanker, send it to Kerbin, offload it to a station, and return to the Mun to repeat the process every 3 days if you try. Trying to do anything of that sort via Minmus ends up with a lot of timing problems and delays. The thing about mining any other CB is that you generally only go there once. It's not all that hard to bring along some drills and a converte
  2. It's easiest to wait for a "land a station on X with some engineers and pilots" contract, so that you get paid for doing it. You really don't need all that many multi-star kerbals in the end. You can send along an MPL if you want to give them their stars immediately, and they are a long way from home.
  3. It's fairly easy to test this on Kerbin. Use an identical craft that has both types of parachutes, and probably a SRB, so that the launches are identical. Launch straight up from the launchpad and test. Open one set of parachutes or the other, and check their terminal velocities while descending. I think you will find that the efficiency of the parachutes do not scale with mass, and the MK3 parachute is crappy. Also, mulitple overlapping parachutes are more effective because of a glitch. Also, the more you increase the spread angle, the more effective the parachutes are.
  4. Ike is so big that it's actually really hard to miss it. Any craft orbiting around Duna that has an Ap within a million meters of Ike will rapidly find itself in an encounter with Ike. When the Ike/Duna system was created in the game, that's specifically what makes that pair of CBs challenging -- plus the fact that Ike is in a synchronous orbit. Visiting other moons is just like visiting the moons of Kerbin. It's easiest to visit the moons first, then bleed off energy to visit the planet last. That is, before you reach your target's SOI, adjust your flyby to give you a really low Pe.
  5. There is no way back to anything prior to 1.0.5, unless you saved a backup yourself.
  6. Wait until you've finished putting together the rocket before you play with the staging.
  7. Generally, the moderators around here want to keep everything permanently for historical purposes, so they don't delete anything. However, if you really want your thread to die, then look in the upper right hand corner of your post for 3 dots. Click that. See it says "Report"? Click that, and report your own thread to the moderators. In the box, explain that it's your own thread and you figured out your answer for yourself, and you want your thread to die. They will probably lock it for you. Also however -- sometimes it's a good idea to leave your own question there, and write your o
  8. Yeah, it's likely it doesn't give a message if there are no techs left.
  9. It's pretty easy, actually. You just need to know one (or two) angles. But it depends on whether you want to launch your rocket straight up from the launchpad (which is the easiest way), or whether you want to go into orbit and then eyeball a transfer without a maneuver node. If you just want to go straight up, then you need to lead Minmus by a minimum of 30 degrees, and a maximum of 45 degrees. This is called a "direct launch", and usually takes a bit more deltaV than going to LKO first. You have to be a little careful that the Mun will not be in the way, because the Mun's gravity can ea
  10. There are two steps in activating a drill. First you deploy, then you harvest. And it has been pointed out to the devs that those "harvest" options are redundant -- because it is indeed the same action on all three, but it's not considered an important issue. It's not like you're short on action groups these days, though. So one action group performs the deploy toggle, and another one toggles all the "harvest" options.
  11. Generally, the easiest way you want to do it is to get science from biomes on easily-reached CBs until you've unlocked the highest end probe cores -- especially the RoveMate. Then you send a robotic probe to every CB you can reach. At that point, the only techs left to unlock are 500 and 1000 points (mostly), and you can use KerbNet to find the anomalies and green monoliths from space. Then fly down near them (don't bother to land), at something less than 500 m/s and 2km distance to unlock each new tech. Picking up an extra 2500 points of science from a few CBs that you've already scrubbed cl
  12. That means that your front landing gear is generating too much drag when it touches the ground. As a general rule, "too much drag in the front, and not enough at the back, means your craft will be directionally unstable." Sometimes this can mean that your landing gear is tilted (not vertical). Sometimes it means that you left the "friction" setting on "automatic", and it's set too high. Or you put it on "manual" and set it too high yourself. So try switching the front landing gear's friction to "manual", and set it to zero. See if that helps.
  13. In general no, you can't pick and choose which experiments get temporarily housed in which science containers. Whether the experiments are in a Kerbal's "pockets" or whether they are stored in some other science container, the only button you have available is to store all the experiments into a new container. Most containers will only accept one copy of an experiment, and leave the rest in the original -- that's the only filter that you have available. As these guys are trying to say, the other thing you can do is selectively "process" enough experiments (of the ones that you actually want to
  14. To the best that I can tell, it's an extremely weird mushroom-diamond-spherical shape. I am almost absolutely certain that it is not some simple geometric shape.
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