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  1. Thanks a lot (no, thanks a million) micha! Your modification (test release mw) seems fine: by using it (stock bar, I never used Blizzy toolbar), no more DPAI icon in KSP menus (main menus) on scenes changes! From your ZIP , I'm not sure if .pdb files are required or not (I've installed them, however) - perhaps required debug symbols... Also, thanks for cleaned I've seen above, I'll test it this Sunday. EDITED: both mw and mw work fine! Great stuff, merci (thanks in French ) - have a merry Christmas in advance.
  2. Hi micha, I've done few tests this evening by using your DPAI "debug" patch - the icon doesn't appears when returning to main menus. Of course, more tests are perhaps required (I presume), but I hope is a good way! I use stock bar only (+ ToolbarControl / ClickThroughBlocker, required for lastest Critical Temperature Gauge mod). Last checkbox unchecked (like Stone Blue just above). Thanks!
  3. Using French Windows 7 too (us-en KSP) - but this "bug" also concerns English Windows users. Firstly, other mods I'm using don't have this "bug". I admit the game runs fine, but be sure it's abnormal. For me, it's a bug, like any other bugs. I don't understand why it wasn't fixed (despite as indicated in TXT file - since 6.8.0 !). For now, I don't use it why this bug remains unfixed.
  4. Hi, having given "a last chance" by testing 6.8.4 over KSP 1.8.1, stock toolbar (+ ToolbarControl mod, required for lastest Critical Temperature Gauge). For now, the DPAI app icon doesn't come back on scene change (main menus), so I'm crossing mine fingers... EDIT: too bad (again), the icon issue isn't solved!
  5. Hi, too bad (since some releases I presume) the countdown by using dots seems disabled (for node maneuvers), yep too bad because the effect was nice, and useful (IMO). Thanks (again) however about this great mod - always in my list!
  6. FYI : - Page 54 (May 30, 2018) - Page 48 (January 3, 2017) - Page 47 (October 26, 2016) Perhaps more older post(s) from me, but I don't have checked prior page 47... For pages I've mentioned, simply search my nickname DomiKamu. I precise I'm not alone, other users have reported the same issue since long time. I'd like to have a clean KSP on my computer, and I avoid buggy mods.
  7. I'm using stock toolbar. I've already posted in this topic the elements about this issue (but now they're 58 pages).
  8. Yes, this is the issue I mention. By using any other mod, this never occur. Also, from older README.txt (or similar doc, I don't remember precisely) he've mentionned this (cosmetic) issue was solved, but in reality, not. Something is bad in source 'I presume - I don't have C# knowledges to read sources). Also, about recent compiled dlls, it's abnormal to see 30/06/2019 (aka 30-June-2019) as timestamp from zip files (from Spacedock, and from GitHub) for... KSP 1.8.1 binaries! Be sure it's confusing for me, but also for other users here. Why the ".version" file mentions from v1.6 to v1.8.9
  9. The bug is known and never solved : the icon remains from KSP main menus (the readme says it was fixed, it's false). Also take a look about DLLs (3) timestamps from zip (picture in reply above) : 30/06/2019 (format DD/MM/YYYY - I'm using French Windows). I've downloaded BOTH from SpaceDock first, then from his GitHub (zip files are identical). Due to this persistent bug, unfortunately I've removed all DPAI from my mods list.
  10. Like tg626 above, I confirm this great mod still working fine from KSP v1.8.1, as is!
  11. LOL (I've placed a reply just above - I'm disappointed about this mod)... It's easy to edit the post title on forum and .version file... Unfortunately, previous releases (binaries) are removed (unable to compare files / CRCs).
  12. V6.8.4 updated to v1.8.1: hum... [snip] Be sure in advance I don't want to be angry, but simply by checking DLL file timestamps from zip (30-June-2019), it's an old release - and having the continuous bug concerning the icon in main menus in previous KSP 1.7.3 (in fact, please be honest, this bug was never fixed). I don't want to use it KSP 1.8.1, and this mod is ban for my computer. Too bad, because I love the docking port renaming feature, and the gauge itself. [snip] EDIT; downloaded from SpaceDock and your GitHub (lastest release, shown by screen capture below).
  13. Ok I understand, but in this case, why not two releases? one including the dependencies, one not? Thx
  14. Hi, Critical Temperature Gauge is one of my favorite mod since long time. But really I don't know the reason why the developer have added both Click-Through Blocker and Toolbar Controller as dependencies. This mod works perfectly without them in previous versions (KSP 1.7.3 and older).
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