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  1. @TriggerAu Thanks! in fact I've discovered today your reply from bug tracker. Of course, having an option in settings to adjust the dim will be great. TIA! for now I'm staying in 1.4.3 + Making History 1.2.0...
  2. What Squad developers are doing exactly? after Red Shell into 1.4.3, now from map the orbital informations (when behind a planet) are unreadable since 1.4.4! Why do you have changed this? sincerely I don't understand this regression. Also I'm disapointed about Making History DLC in particular enclosed missions, they're too difficult - even as beginner (in particular Jebnik 1, from first mission), of course I don't regret this buy because I'm using MEM (with Saturn V-Apollo craft by DarkStar) but for the remaining... uncrontrollable rockets, objectives too hard to achieve and so on...
  3. Hi, DPAI is a "must have" plugin for me and I confirm it works fine against KSP 1.4.3 (except the mod icon is often displayed from main menus - but this "problem" isn't new and doesn't cause issue in KSP, however). Installed manually (I don't use CKAN nor MiniAVC).
  4. DomiKamu

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Hi, This mod seems fantastic, but as indicated on first page it was designed for KSP 1.4.2. What about compatibility against KSP 1.4.3 (for anybody here having tested it as is in 1.4.3) ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Atlessa, of course I've re-tried "Trajectories" v2.2.0 for KSP 1.4.2, the main problem big red X always moves, in particular after lastest maneuver just prior Kerbin reentry, and BTW, my pod is splashing/landing elsewhere else as expected (too far). Looking for YT tutorials (if exist), surely they can help me to "master" (to understand) this mod. Thanks anyway for your reply, appreciated!
  6. DomiKamu

    Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Yes, all developers will compile all of their plugins especially for you. :-)
  7. EDITED: retrying Trajectories (v2.2.0 for KSP 1.4.2)... Hi, Is existing a good mod (for 1.4) in order to do a precise re-entry & landing on Kerbin? (for pods/spacecrafts). Thanks in advance for recommendations.
  8. Tested the AppLauncher button hiding -> now the button remains hidden between flights, it's perfect ! Great stuff! Thanks a lot Teilnehmer for this mod and this useful update. Greetings from Chartres, France. EDIT: this is my "config.xml" (gauge will appears only if required, and located below KER HUD). As you can see, I've disabled "Hightlight Critical Part". <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <config> <vector2 name="SettingsWindowPosition"> <x>254</x> <y>255</y> </vector2> <vector2 name="GaugeWindowPosition"> <x>440</x> <y>91</y> </vector2> <bool name="ShowAppLauncherButton">0</bool> <bool name="LockGaugeWindow">1</bool> <bool name="AlwaysShowGauge">0</bool> <double name="GaugeShowingThreshold">0.5</double> <double name="GaugeHidingThreshold">0.40000000000000002</double> <bool name="ShowTemperature">1</bool> <bool name="ShowTemperatureLimit">1</bool> <bool name="ShowTemperatureRate">1</bool> <bool name="ShowCriticalPart">1</bool> <bool name="HighlightCriticalPart">0</bool> <bool name="PartMenuTemperature">1</bool> <bool name="PartMenuTemperatureLimit">1</bool> <bool name="PartMenuTemperatureRate">1</bool> <bool name="UseExclusionList">0</bool> <string name="ExclusionList" /> </config>
  9. Please can you take a look about the option to hide definitively the button in (stock) toolbar? (I don't use blizzy78 toolbar, but only stock). Because the button always comes back on stock toolbar everytime I begin a new flight - despite Show AppLauncher button checkbox is unchecked. Having <bool name="ShowAppLauncherButton">1</bool> entry saved in config.xml, of course it's normal. So, from next flight, the icon appears again, by clicking it, the "Show AppLauncher button" is unchecked, we must click twice the checkbox to remove the button from toolbar. Hope my explanation is understandable. Many thanks in advance, and thanks again about Critical Temperature Gauge plugin, it's amazing!
  10. Hi, Having strange issue too, KPS (x64 Windows), unmodded/fresh installation: Year 999 Day 499 - 05:59:59 when returning to vessel (the clock remains stucked at this time bcoz it's the maximum/limit I suppose). To reproduce (KSP 1.3.0 x64 for Windows): - Create a new sandbox game, any save name, any mission flag (keep default), no difficulty modification (staying as "Normal"). - From KSC, click on Launchpad, select stock Kerbal X spacecraft (or any stock spacecraft), then click "Launch vessel" (green) icon/button (but no takeoff, staying on launchpad). - Return to Space Center by using the button above the altimeter: from KSC, date/time is Years 0 Day1- 0h 6m seems good but badly formatted (IMO) no space between Day and 1, no space between 1 and "-"... - Returning to vessel from Tracking Station, or by clicking on vehicule icon on launchpad: date/time is corrupted as indicated above Year 999 Day 499... Core i7 4790 @ 3.6 GHz, 32 GB RAM, GTX 660, Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit. EDIT: this issue was reported in bug tracker (bug #15389) by another user (11 days ago). Video here.
  11. I don't have the high CPU load issue I've mentionned by using your config xml file (link you've provided - thanks again), even I've done some customizations without problem. Without this XML, this bug comes back... I precise by default this value is (xml created on exit to KSP menu): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <config> <vector2 name="SettingsWindowPosition"> <x>0</x> <y>0</y> </vector2> <vector2 name="GaugeWindowPosition"> <x>0</x> <y>0</y> </vector2> <bool name="ShowAppLauncherButton">1</bool> <bool name="LockGaugeWindow">1</bool> <bool name="ForceShowGauge">0</bool> <double name="GaugeShowingThreshold">0.5</double> <double name="GaugeHidingThreshold">0.40000000000000002</double> <bool name="ShowTemperature">1</bool> <bool name="ShowTemperatureLimit">1</bool> <bool name="ShowTemperatureRate">1</bool> <bool name="ShowCriticalPart">1</bool> <bool name="HighlightCriticalPart">1</bool> <bool name="PartMenuTemperature">1</bool> <bool name="PartMenuTemperatureLimit">1</bool> <bool name="PartMenuTemperatureRate">1</bool> <bool name="UseExclusionList">0</bool> <string name="ExclusionList" /> </config> The GaugeHidingThreshold value seems stange (bold red), in my opinion... in your separate xml, the value is 0.4. Tell me if you need some KSP logs, don't hesitate!
  12. I'll try this ASAP (this afternoon) and I'll report if it works fine or not without, then with your xml file (thanks!) In case of I'll encounter similar issue, I'll try it from fresh (unmoded) KSP 1.3.0, then I'll add mods I'm using but one after one (in case of conflit with another).
  13. Hi Sarbian, Using MechJeb 2 v2.6.1 Build #710 (Dev), KSP 1.3.0 (x64 Windows), I have an issue concerning Landing Guidance module: sometimes, the distance between desired landing point and real, is enormous. This is an example (Mun landing), difference is 219 kilometers. Just before deorbit burn, they're a normal plane change (very small burn). Link to both logs + .craft + screen capture : Spacecraft is KerBus (homemade, Apollo-style), using stock + MechJeb2 AR202 cases (one mounted on each vessel) + optional DPAI (for named docking ports) Thanks in advance. EDIT: perhaps "HyperEdited" (lastest 1.5.4) "Apollo-style" vessels around the Mun first (directly, without KSC launch), prior landing, may be the culprit... After removing HyperEdit, doing a real flights, no issue found.