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  1. Hi, I don't understand why they're some "obsolete" dependencies are included in your lastest package (reDIRECT v0.10.0, downloaded from Spacedock, and tagged as KSP 1.7.3). For example, included CRP is v1.0.0.0 (October 28th 2018 - designed for KSP 1.5.0) instead of lastest v1.1.0.0 (more recent - February 2019 - but for KSP 1.6.x). Same fact concerning DeployableEngines v1.0.0.0 but recently updated to (very recent - July 29th 2019 - I admit). Also B9PartSwitch, a very sensible mod, offered as v2.7.1 instead of v2.9.0. By using lastest versions, in particular for Near Future Technologies (and derivatives like Cryo Engines) - instead of provided - I'm not sure about reDIRECT compatibility (I'm using KSP 1.7.3), btw I hesitate to use it... Thanks in advance for explanations.
  2. @TBenzOh yes it's okay about Dres location (between Duna and Jool). I've said mines questions may are stupid, so... this is one! Okay also for Duna satellites - but unfortunately I don't have enough skills to do by myself. And it's not important. Thanks for your reply, appreciated!
  3. Hi and big thanks concerning Outer Planets Mod addon! I'm using it (v2.2.2) against KSP v1.7.0. I have just two questions (maybe they're stupid questions), can are considered as suggestions however: 1/ is it possible to remove Dress planet? (maybe Dress is remaining in OPM for some reason I unknown - eg technical/KSP limitations, or other)? or maybe - if possible - Dress orbit can be relocated between Duna and Jool (in order to "simulate" Ceres into asteroids belt, for example). 2/ is it possible to enhance Duna moons system (like Phobos/Deimos) by redesign Ike orbit, and by adding small rock like Deimos? The "third" question was already asked in this forum (about Eve retrograde rotation, like Venus does), so I don't ask it again TIA. Dominique.
  4. Of course (I agree) because NF Construction is tagged as 1.6.1 => Spacedock assumes as "outdated", it's simple
  5. In my opinion, NF Construction is based on parts only (aka no plugin such .dll file). Also, Spacedock assumes it's a 1.6.1 mod, for this reason it indicates "Outdated mod" warning, but don't worry about this. I don't have tested lastest NF yet, unfortunately (I'm too busy actually). The doubt may I have concerns B9 Part Switch (enclosed is v2.7.0 as dependency, but lastest version is v2.7.1 for KSP 1.7.0) because I've read negative comments about it (against KSP 1.7.0). But must be confirmed...
  6. Don't worry mon Ami (my Friend in French), it was just for help. Thanks to continue (for now) this mod development!
  7. Hi Flupster, please check link to 5.22 (page 1, Downloads section, Lastest version) because the current link points to... v5.21 binaries instead! Also, the "View older version" link doesn't work for me, it returns "unknow domain"...
  8. Hi Snark, I'm testing BetterBurnTime v1.9.1 against KSP v1.7.0, I have ton of exceptions generated while landing (using MechJeb 2 Dev #883 - landing autopilot / after "Pick target on map") on the Mun: Recurent line is: [ERR 11:15:24.956] [BetterBurnTime] (NullReferenceException) Object reference not set to an instance of an object: at BetterBurnTime.GeosyncTracker.RefreshTarget (.Vessel vessel) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BetterBurnTime.GeosyncTracker.Refresh () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BetterBurnTime.GeosyncTracker.LateUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 This is my KSP.log:
  9. Where have do you seen this Dev #883 is working against KSP 1.7.0?
  10. Hi IgorZ, Is KIS v1.18 fully compatible against recent KSP 1.7? Or do you plan an update designed for KSP 1.7? (in this case, I'll wait). Thanks in advance, and big thanks about your KIS/KAS mods!
  11. Hi, and excuse me because your reply isn't clear in my mind (I precise I'm French, so English isn't my main language). I presume you'll can edit your post (page 1), like you've done to update Near Future Propulsion to 1.1.0. Perhaps by using "be careful" you've assumed I'm "aggressive" (in fact I'm not sure), but be sure it was not - probably by using "caution" (or something similar) it was better Please apologize in case of confusion, of course! Be sure Nertea I'm in admiration about your stuff, all (except Aeronautic) Near Future are in my favorite mods! Regards.
  12. Hi, be careful they're many "typos" (in particular version numbers), in this post (first page) for some Near Future... This is a list (all January 21, 2019): - NF Construction section indicates 1.0.5, instead of 1.0.6. - NF Spacecraft section indicates 1.0.2 instead of 1.0.3. - NF Launch Vehicules section indicates 1.1.7 instead of 1.1.10 (I don't know about Aeronautics because I don't use it). Hope this can help. Thanks a lot for your mods!
  13. Hi, I'm testing this mod against KSP 1.6.1, and report exception on every load (when starting KSP). Link to KSP.log (Dropbox) Line 158. However, the mod seems work when I dock/undock vessel to another (having sounds, no exceptions). Regards.