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  1. I absolutely love the space taxi paint. Anybody got suggestions for what parts might look good as "in-service/out-of-service lights?
  2. It's one giant piece that I can't "build in orbit". Has anyone actually launched one into orbit, either alone or attached to other colony bits??
  3. I love this mod, but does anyone have any ideas how to get the really big spherical garden into orbit? I'm having "difficulties" and would like to benchmark someone else's best practices, if possible.
  4. This is still my favorite mod. Thanks for keeping it up and even making improvements.
  5. Thanks. Now to go look them up so I can make something similar, yet different.
  6. ...So it doesn't make things easier for the Kerbonaut flying the plane, but just provides me with a sight for when I'm flying manually? That sounds like a good thing, but not one I can benefit much from. I have hand spasms* and no longer fly any planes (except briefly) unless I'm using an autopilot or other pilot assistance program. * It has made building planes more difficult than it used to be, but not impossible. Trying to position a small part in just the right place and orientation can be an adventure. ETA: Nice-looking plane. Is it intended to look like a specific air vehicle or is
  7. I've been building WW2(-ish) fighter planes and recently downloaded this mod. Are the included gun-sights functional or merely decorative? If they are functional, then how are they intended to be used?
  8. I loved all the weird experimental aircraft produced between the end of WWII and the '70s. The Ryan XV-5A Vertifan was just one of these, but I have no idea how to begin building one in KSP. I've made a few false starts, but need help from people more experienced in building VTOL aircraft (I fear I have little talent for that task). The challenge is to build a flyable approximation, and/or then tell me how to do likewise. I'll be taking notes. Relevant video (and thanks in advance):
  9. I never have problems with CKAN. Except that today I'm having one. I downloaded the program anew because it wasn't working right and now it breaks every time I try to run it. It won't start, and instead I get a message that reads as follows: Unhandled exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at CKAN.RegistryManager.AscertainDefaultRepo() at CKAN.RegistryManager..ctor(String path, KSP ksp) at CKAN.RegistryManager.Instance(KSP ksp) at CKAN.Main..ctor(String[] cmdlineArgs, GUIUser user, Boolean showConsole) at
  10. I wasn't able to manually install this in 1.30, but for 1.31, it works! I've been building planes based on the design of the Payen Pa-22, and the radial engine works very well with it. I also like the 2.5m offset adapter that tapers to 1.25. I can use tweakscale to shrink it down for use as the tail of an F-86 approximation. Bonus! It also makes my P-36 approximation look much less approximate.
  11. I've been trying to use this mod with BD armory, and I noticed some intermittent problems that do not occur when I am flying just one plane with this mod. The first plane loads normally, but the second and subsequent planes spawn (using Vessel Mover) with no crew. I tried just going back to KSC, then into the SPH, then launch a new plane. Sometimes it works, but on subsequent launches, some or all of the planes I had already launched and moved off the runway were missing. When I go to the KSC, some of the planes will not show a standard icon, but one for debris. I'm not sure how to chase
  12. I tried that, but none of the parts from the mod were showing up in the hangar. I've managed to download some other mods I'm fond of that aren't available on CKAN yet, but I think this is one of the ones I'm gonna have to wait to come out on CKAN before I can install it.
  13. I already have the Firespitter mod. Will the included version override that one? If that would cause problems, what steps must I take to avoid them?
  14. So even if KAX says it's only good for 1.2, I can use it in 1.3? WHat do I need to download and where do I need to install it?
  15. I really like this mod. It presents me with clear readings and brings up the critical temperatures I need to worry about. If a part is hot, it's nice to see how rapidly it's heating, if something I did to cool things back down actually helped lower the temperature, and how close am I to "hot enough to explode". Thanks!
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