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  1. [1.2.2] Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (KAX) v2.6.4

    I tried that, but none of the parts from the mod were showing up in the hangar. I've managed to download some other mods I'm fond of that aren't available on CKAN yet, but I think this is one of the ones I'm gonna have to wait to come out on CKAN before I can install it.
  2. [1.2.2] Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (KAX) v2.6.4

    I already have the Firespitter mod. Will the included version override that one? If that would cause problems, what steps must I take to avoid them?
  3. [1.2.2] Kerbal Aircraft Expansion (KAX) v2.6.4

    So even if KAX says it's only good for 1.2, I can use it in 1.3? WHat do I need to download and where do I need to install it?
  4. I really like this mod. It presents me with clear readings and brings up the critical temperatures I need to worry about. If a part is hot, it's nice to see how rapidly it's heating, if something I did to cool things back down actually helped lower the temperature, and how close am I to "hot enough to explode". Thanks!
  5. Perhaps this will refresh your memory (provided you've ever seen it).
  6. Just one question: will this get me to plaid?
  7. You and me both, brother! I just wish I could use tweakscale on the floats that come with Lack's Stock Extension (SXT). That would solve most of my flying boat needs.
  8. Relevant video (Read the comments on the first one if you want to see commentary by people who worked on them. This one has sound and gives some idea of how it was developed.
  9. The only problem I experienced was resolved when I removed the '.txt' extension my text editor had "helpfully" added to the '.cfg' extension you specified. It works. Thanks! Now I can make that FR-1 homage without the engine sounding like it's gasping for breath all the @#$% time.
  10. Roger, copy! I'm winding down today, but I'll give it a shot tomorrow. I already created the file and put it in Gamedata. We'll see how it works.
  11. It would be nice if it stopped dropping off at some low amount that allowed the engine to idle instead of cutting out, like maybe 3-5% or thereabouts.
  12. Ducted fans would be cool, once he gets the tilt rotors sorted. He might be able to use the tiltrotor as a starting point. Maybe if we ask real nice and don't pester afterward? May we have ducted rotors PLEASE? Like that.
  13. Not bad. Most of my VTOL experiments end up at ground level (or below) shortly after take-off.
  14. It's been updated. Have you looked for it here in the forums? I got it through CKAN.