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  1. it's basically just a large triangle with boosters that are being taken down to Laythe, and ISRU
  2. Yeah, I'm still running at close to normal speeds. My problem is none of the engines short enough to work with landing legs that also have the thrust I need work in stacks, so I'm making it wide which is upping the drag.
  3. i keep strapping on boosters and my ram is starting to yell at me and I haven't even left the VAB yet.
  4. But to find ore, you'll need to actually scan for it in the real thing?
  5. I'm on a Career kick right now. I'll probably do it at some point. Is the Cheat menu accepted for testing craft?
  6. How far along in the tech tree do you need to be to unlock Spaceplane Guidance? I really don't want to manually fly all the way around Kerbin.
  7. Does MechJeb have a straight-up autopilot? Like, can I set it to hold an altitude, speed, and heading?
  8. I think I just put that on Google about five years ago and it automatically connects to these things. Just never bothered to change it to a Skunk Works thing.
  9. My main priority is getting some solar panels so I can get my Comsat network up and running.
  10. I meant because Jeb is my highest ranked pilot, as I’ve alteady made some decent progress. He’s up to 2 stars, Val has 1, and everybody else has zero.
  11. So it has become even MORE important to keep Jebediah alive.
  12. So in Science mode where I'm testing my stuff, I have the ability to lock on to the maneuver node (or prograde, retrograde, or any of the other six cardinal directions). What needs to be upgraded to what levels to allow this in Career?
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