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  1. Does MechJeb have a straight-up autopilot? Like, can I set it to hold an altitude, speed, and heading?
  2. PTGFlyer

    Maneuver Node lock on

    I think I just put that on Google about five years ago and it automatically connects to these things. Just never bothered to change it to a Skunk Works thing.
  3. PTGFlyer

    Maneuver Node lock on

    My main priority is getting some solar panels so I can get my Comsat network up and running.
  4. PTGFlyer

    Maneuver Node lock on

    I meant because Jeb is my highest ranked pilot, as I’ve alteady made some decent progress. He’s up to 2 stars, Val has 1, and everybody else has zero.
  5. PTGFlyer

    Maneuver Node lock on

    So it has become even MORE important to keep Jebediah alive.
  6. PTGFlyer

    Maneuver Node lock on

    No, he got the question right.
  7. So in Science mode where I'm testing my stuff, I have the ability to lock on to the maneuver node (or prograde, retrograde, or any of the other six cardinal directions). What needs to be upgraded to what levels to allow this in Career?
  8. I will at some point. I'm more focused on Career now, but I just wasted too much fuel getting the angle for Minmus right. I've got a stage left, but if my second-to-last stage doesn't get me most of the way there, I'll just de-orbit and try again.
  9. You're fine. I don't want to bring it to the ground, just set it up in a circular 80km orbit because I want an asteroid space station but also don't want to go through all the hassle of capturing it.
  10. Fair point. But it seems like assembling in LKO isn't functionally different from refueling. Couldn't you just launch a bunch of fuel tanks, transfer, light the engines, and immediately jettison them?
  11. So we don't get to set up any infrastructure whatsoever before the mission?
  12. I figured I'd find a way to spawn an asteroid in an 80k orbit and take it from there, because I don't feel like going through all the hassle of figuring out how to capture an asteroid.
  13. Does setting up the space fuel station count as part of the mission?
  14. Can I use HyperEdit to move an asteroid? If so, how? I want a refueling station but I also really don’t want to drag an asteroid all the way back to Kerbin. I’m using 1.1.3 if that matters.