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  1. Always thought the bel air is nice
  2. Melon kerbal

    Powder Toy

    Had it for maybe 2 years now.kerbal is my user.
  3. Strobetong? hmm,sounds mooneese.
  4. Granted, But you can't move or speak. I wish I could jump into peoples bodies and control them (they believe they chose to do what i do)
  5. Apologies,I believe you ordered blobfish. Waiter, there's Scruffy The Janitor in my soup!
  6. years ago i went my Narf (a little creature I made in year 6 (9-10YO),I kinda didn't want to explain the story to when i made my profile for something (forgot what it was) i looked around and all i saw was a watermelon and a doodle of a kerbal i made,so i became melonkerbal. If your looking for me on any site it would be similar to narf or melonkerbal.
  7. Has anyone heard about the Arecibo code,sent from the arecibo observatory in November 1974.Just a thread about this, I've also seen the (possible) response this is a "decoded" version.It seems to have similarities to KSP (solar system,Race and (not visible in this image) the tracking station) Although (sadly) most probably a hoax.
  8. 1. Think of plot that people agree with 2. Create a script 3. Send to Hollywood 4. MOVIE MAGIC!!!!! 5. Profit!
  9. It would be hard,not just because may not have the same biology as us,but have 11th century technology so we couldn't explain the lander and such.
  10. @Randazzo That would be pretty cool,better than most stuff on TV these days.
  11. Ah,correcting me again on one of the topics I find the most interesting.There is no way of 'Shielding' an AI from bad influence as He/She/It will learn one thing and eventually find out about evil.
  12. Personally,It would good if they made at least one movie with an AI main protagonist (I Know there's the terminator sequels but their side characters)
  13. Glue didn't dry and thought it was quick drying glue. Giant Hamster destroys R&D Building.
  14. I hate it when films like terminator always follow the 'Evil AI' plot.In reality the programmers would probably create a failsafe. Not that I don't like terminator,it's just common sense to program a failsafe.
  15. "WAIT WHAT... You sent me HERE on this Rust-Ball of a planet.When You said Mars I thought you meant free Mars bars.*turns to camera*Erm...lets see...Always read contracts! Another 10 months to get back.Well...what better time to slowly descend into madness?"