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  1. The copy pasting and and the use of subassemblies of robotics with the KAL is completely furbur. I've been trying to make a walker, but its such a slow pain in the ass to create the tracks, which in itself is a pain, becomes stupidly annoying when you can't copy and paste a complete leg. and sometimes mirror causes the hinges to rotate or angle the wrong direction or something
  2. New space suits can't "climb" the hitchhikers ladder, they get stuck just before the hatch, and can't board.
  3. Shows the shuttle, I did take a screenshot of the whole stack including the first stage, but looks like imgur lost it and I couldnt be screwed uploading it again. not that important anyway, I'm sure most people can figure it out. this shows how I'm getting the passengers in without the higher tech mk2 passenger module, which makes the whole shuttle quite versatile. as I noted above it's possible to land this wheels down on the runway at KSC, though parachutes are there as a backup. The escape system modules are stuck on using the 4x radial attach, so there's a total of 16 escape syst
  4. pretty sure there are a ton of youtube vids showing this stuff, and google to help you find them.
  5. Not really orbital, but I've found that trying to rotate or move wheels on the mun causes a massive frame rate drop, which doesn't fix itself by exiting out of build mode. I have to go back to the KSP then to the tracking station and then back to the kerbal on the mun. That and not having some indication of symmetry made trying to match the wheels up on either side very difficult, even with snap mode on. Orbital construction is frustratingly limited sometimes, but it is extreamly handy for those "recover module from orbit" missions. just fly your SSTO space plane up to it, claw atta
  6. I should grab a screenshot of the vehicle I ended up using, basically a simple shuttle, with side mounted thrust plates each with 4 nodes attaching escape systems, so a total of 16 escape systems. it accelerated the whole shuttle, which iirc housed 3 tourists + a pilot. the whole thing was in orbit I pointed prograde at periapsis and fired up the escape systems. the thrust was enough to knock out the tourists but not the pilot, once done, the escape systems were all jettisoned and at the apoapsis it was very little energy to bring the periapsis down into the atmosphere. the shuttle was then ab
  7. I recall being able to "weld" two items together at the nodes by temporarily using docking ports, ie in the vab design two ships which lined up docking ports so the two ie tanks nodes would be together when it docked. is this still a thing? could w use this technique to join heavier items?
  8. Not *quite* correct, it turns into a cargo item if you're not an engineer, however you can't "build" science experiments with it open...
  9. Yup I was thinking the same thing, the existing pressure sensor could be used as an altimeter, throw in compass and attitude readers (from the ch-j3) and we could potentialy have our own autopilots.
  10. I recently got the last DLC and updated to 1.11 Am severely disappointed in the lack of physics bugfixing which has become even more prominent with the robotics parts.
  11. Because I was joining, adding a bit then seperating and joining in another orientation, I needed to set the docking port as root to get it to attach. maybe resetting something else as root when the whole thing is together would help. or even adding the port then saving the vehicle before the merge.
  12. Any idea why this is happening/how to prevent it? I've designed this thing twice, and both times I've saved the ship, Launched, then decided to revert to VAB and it's ended up with parts all misaligned. there are two "ships" inside the fairing, I started with the lander, then loaded/merged the second rover in, added the rover on, stuck a docking port on it, took the rover off and rooted the docking port, then re-attached it to the lander. then there's the rest of it. bit too frustrated right now to keep playing with it and try figure out what's going wrong.
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