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  1. Yeah pretty much, I kind of lost interest in even attempting to do it when I hit the wall of negativity, never even got around to looking at the source. if you do attempt this I'd be interested in looking at it, though I'm busy with my own project now and haven't KSPd for ages due to kraken annoyances etc.
  2. The reason a Rich workman doesn't blame his tools is because he can afford to buy the best ones. In this case "Rich/poor" is development time. you lot need to stop making snide comments till you've actually written a multi threaded 3d physics engine. Threaded programming is like Nam, you don't know till you've been there man...
  3. Back in my day, we had 8 bit ascii graphics and we *liked* it, because back then it was about gameplay, not shiny. so many games these days are just shiny with no gameplay.
  4. No worries. I've gotten pretty busy at work and will be for a while, so not much time for ksp and I've not had much of a chance to look closer at it either.
  5. I used to play in hardmode but stopped because it was too hard. now I'm a bit better at the game I'm tempted to try again, but I come across so many physics bugs these days that I quicksave all the time.
  6. It shouldn't be... desktop is userspace. I'd be more inclined to check the permissions on the save directory in KSP and make sure the user has full permissions. then again, I've not touched this stuff on windows since 7, there might be other stuff.
  7. Is this straight out of the VAB/SPH, or an already built ship in orbit? Try looking for parts that are attached to one stage, but clipping into another, or that have become out of orientation.
  8. Even if I wanted to spend all day debugging ksp without having access to running the source in debug, can you seriously not see the two glaring problems with what you just suggested?
  9. I've had this happen with some of the airplane wheels - don't remember if they were firespitter or Airplane Plus parts. never did figure out what was causing it, just stopped using those parts.
  10. I'm also getting this on one of my ships. did any of you figure out what caused it? I can however Rotate, RCS and Thrust normally, unlike the OP, at least before I' tried turning everything off, reaction wheels RCS engines etc, which had no affect - the ship still seems to be translating, though it doesn't appear to matter which direction the ship is facing. I don't have kerbal joint re-inforcement. I do have mechjeb and was using the rcs balancer on it, though I'm unsure whether the problem started happening before or after I used this. I also have many other mods installed. I'll
  11. No autostrut on these parts. rotations on the original ship which is broken again: rotation1 = (-3.59844012E-06, 8.57389296E-07, -8.4508963E-07, 1.00000012) rotation2 = (0.0833686069, -0.251122355, -0.0833751857, 0.960747659) Hitches were locked and never unlocked. I've not used struts since the whole idea was a small redockable part. I could use the eva struts but that'd be a bit of a pain. I guess most people are not using the hitches for long periods of time, ie trip to destination then unloading it onto the ground. maybe be
  12. pretty sure there's no autostruts on those parts, but I'll double check next time I load it up.
  13. I've had this happen again, on a different ship. it too had something funky with the hitches going on. fortunately I caught it before it got bad enough that the ship started falling to bits, and I had an engineer on board. Taking the crooked adapter off and putting it back on again resulted in a still crooked adapter, until I took the active hitch off and put that back on again, then attached the adapter to to hitch, then the shuttle back onto the adapter. doing that seems to have 'fixed' it. for now. I also noticed that one of the active hitches had moved sideways from the node it w
  14. I also dislike the stock tech tree with a passion. parts seem poorly placed and ill thought out gameplay wise, forget the realisim argument, hell I hate that argument as long as it doesn't kill my suspension of disbelief too much, which in this case it does a bit, so ok use that argument a bit. You're trying to do contracts that require airplane parts before you have access to airplane parts, yet you have orbital parts. You're trying to build rovers well before there are decent wheels, and the lack of parts to attach rover wheels too. As people have pointed out, you're trying to
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