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  1. If you've got a sas modual or a good enough pilot kerbal then this is the easiest way: Get close to your target, cut your ralitive speed to 0. point your docking port to your targets docking port. select the docking port on your ship and click "Control from here" Target your *Targets docking port* do sas point at target. use RCS to slowly bring yourself to dock. If your target can rotate it's even easier: Switch to the target, Control from it's docking port, target your ships docking port and sas point. switch back to your original ship. your target will stay on sas and keep it's docking port pointed at your docking port, with both your target and your ship both controlling from, targeting and pointing at each other's docking ports, it's extremely easy to just rcs yourself to a perfect dock. In a nutshell: Control From Here on my Docking Port Target targets Docking Port component. SAS Point at Target.
  2. I was under the impression that you needed to start a bit earlier than 50/50 due to higher t/w at the end of the burn than at the start. I swear I remember a mod that took that into account. maybe it was another mod, maybe I'm misremembering.
  3. I'm trying to figure out how to calculate exactly when a burn for a maneuver should start, ie more accurate than "burn time / 2" . iirc better burn time used to do this before KSP stock eventually added it, could you point me to either the code or math for doing this? (own project/interest)
  4. Does using the built in alarm clock or KAC and switching to the KSC (or switching to any other object out of physics range should work) fix it for you?
  5. I tend to suspect the root of the problem is not rounding errors, but something causing the game to not put the entity into a rails type Kepler orbit, which thing causes it to keep it in the physics loop which is where you're possibly getting the rounding errors, or a phantom force. This could be caused by Kraken drive type physics bugs and or something very similar. ie the game thinks there's a force acting on the ship, so it says in the physics loop. Last time this happened to me (yesterday) I solved it by switching away from the ship to KSC before enabling warp. this *should* force the ship out of the physics loop. (I use Kerbal alarm clock, which stopped warp and switched me back to the ship when it needed it)
  6. My campaign games always get to the point where I'm trying to build bases and rovers or stations and end up getting into Kraken territory I've not gotten past Mun and Minmus.f I've kind of given up and waiting for ksp2
  7. Ah ok that makes more sense, I'll try see if it'll let me set the text on a DialogGUILabel for updating text.
  8. The one called every frame, how much of the dialog code needs to be called every frame though? the first example in this thread appears to have everything in there, however noone has discussed that here, it doesn't feel like an instantmode type gui. https://gist.github.com/se5a/e56dbe2aa78336b9715d86b5f9517d48
  9. So I tried this to show some simple data, no toolbar buttons or anything, just: if (HighLogic.LoadedScene == GameScenes.FLIGHT) in the Update function. however it seems to be stopping me from clicking anything else, ie even hitting escape I can't click any of the buttons in that menu. had to force quit the game to get out.
  10. no looking for something more generic, ie right click on any part to bring up a window with added data on it. (or some other way to select any part on a vessel)
  11. So I can add a button to a right click part menu, but is there a way to detect the rightclick on a part and return that part?
  12. Yeah that's frustratingly vague. thanks though. I might just have to make a tool which displays the value for all the attrubutes on a selected module, might allow one to deduce what they do by flicking toggles on and off etc.
  13. Awesome, I assume for multiple engines I'm going to want if(engine.staged && !engine.engineShutdown) to get the current stage and active engines? Is there some documentation somewhere that explicitly states what each of the functions/methods do/return? I'm somewhat disappointed there's not even the normal C# xml trippleslash comments on them. I realize a lot of this could be figured out by trial and error, but it takes wwwwwaaaay too long to restart ksp to easily figure it out. (I assume there's no way to hot reload a mod right?)
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