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  1. Kept getting told the Log was too large for paste....tried to upload just the last bit in the hopes that it contains the stuff you need https://paste.ee/p/7ZlaC
  2. Hey I love this mod and I'm a big fan of the changes; but I'm finding that after I run experiments and transmit data back, I'm not getting any Science. Looking at my science archive, the experiments are recorded but the "Value" bar is empty so they get 0 points. It's a new biome and everything, could I be doing something wrong?
  3. All, I have been unable to 'Deploy' any modules, specifically the Expandables, for the last two releases. I am able to deploy them in the VAB, just not in the game. Could I be doing something wrong? Halp me! Please and thank you.
  4. @trafalgar -- I LOVE this Mod and I want to use it so badly. I've got a sweet station set up with Contractor Docks in low orbit around Kerbin -- it's been 120 days and I've got no new civilians! I'm using USI and all my supplies are A-OK. Any thoughts??
  5. Okay experiencing a very strange issue with a large ship, and I've tried everything! As you can see in the video, as I'm burning, suddenly my orbital velocity seems to start decreasing, and Sun Apoapsis just wobbles around a point without moving, no matter what I do. https://makeagif.com/i/_bKLhe I've got a bunch of mods installed including most of USI, Interstellar, and Near Future. Everything is up to date on 1.1.3. Anyone know whats going on here?? Please and thank you!!
  6. Hey I've got all these newfangled versions installed and running 1.1.3 but still getting the same damn behavior! (Experiments don't recognize being connected). Any thoughts what I could be doing wrong?
  7. @AlbertKermin Hey there I think this is incredibly cool and I really want to use it, but for some reason cannot get experiments to run -- says they are disconnected when they aren't: http://imgur.com/e7Vvp1P Any thoughts? I've got all the dependencies installed. Please and thank you!!!
  8. Ya @GalacticAC I Had that thought myself, and tried to make some changes, but am a complete newcomer when it comes to codes so was unable to find the right lines. I was mostly changing ratios in the part files -- can you point me in the right direction??
  9. I am trying to do the same -- I love it! Thanks so much @GGumby for doing this Question if you (or anyone) has the time -- everything is going peachy except my Biosphere's aren't producing the supplies they should be: http://imgur.com/a/r59ml Any thoughts??
  10. Hi All, Experiencing a strange bug where on some (not all) of my vessels, I suddenly cannot toggle SAS (i.e. I could yesterday). When I hit T it goes on for a fraction of a second, thats it. Doesn't change if I hold down the key. I'm using RemoteTech which I feel might be relevant here. Anyone experienced this before? http://imgur.com/8LAukQ6
  11. Okay I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. I've brand new to Interstellar -- I've got a molten salt reactor hooked up to a thermal reactor but nothin happening! http://imgur.com/iN0YBIn What am I doing wrong? Please and thank you!
  12. Hahaha ya I figured that out after trying the Rapier like 5 minutes after writing this post. That always seems to be the case Thanks for the response!!
  13. Okay, I MUST be doing something wrong. I've always played KSP for rockets -- just getting into planes! Every time I get to 10 KM, I can't seem to climb any higher. My top speed is about 300 m/s, and as soon as my vertical speed is over 1 m/s my horizontal starts going down. Whether I climb at 10 degrees or 45 to get to 10 KM, the problem is always the same. I'm getting this with every plane that I build, even stock planes! What could I be doing wrong?
  14. This feels like a dumb question but I'm having a lot of trouble steering any craft I make, large or small with standard LV-N Atomic Engines. Since they have no vectoring my craft tends to wobble off course -- I can keep it online using RCS but I'm ending up carrying ridiculous amounts of Monoprop to do so. I know there must be a better way! All help much appreciated!
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