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  1. Thomot512

    StarMods: Advanced Fly-By-Wire Revived!

    Totally agree.
  2. Thomot512

    [1.5.*] AFBW Revived (Joystick & controller mod)

    OMG! Thanks! One of the most useful mod!
  3. Thomot512

    RealEnginesPack 2.01 CLOSE 01.04.18

    Oh, sad to hear it, your engines are really beautiful. Thanks for all the work you've already done. I wish you all the best.
  4. Thomot512

    RealEnginesPack 2.01 CLOSE 01.04.18

    At first I really believed it was an April fool joke, but I'm starting to wonder if it isn't real. It would really be a shame.
  5. I was looking at the configs files to see if I was able to understand, and I took an engine that is in RealEngines and FASA, the AJ-10 137 for comparison and took a look between the Stockalike and RO config. In the RO config for RealEngine : @mass = 0.295 (which seems consistent with the 295kg i found on the Internet for this engine) In the RO config for FASA : @mass = 0.650 In the Stockalike config for FASA : @mass = 0.385 The same with trust curve, and others. Let's be honest I really don't understand how all of this work. So sorry but no I'm not volunteering. I'm going to use the RO config and hope for the best.
  6. Hi, it may be a dumb question but is Real Fuels stockalike compatible with RealEngines, because I've noticed that all the engines of the RealEngines mod are with KeroLOX, which is not correct.
  7. @TheRagingIrishman Thanks a lot!
  8. @Kilmeister I'm actually having the same issue, did you find any solution?
  9. Thomot512

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    I also ran into the problem of having 0-1 fps then after a quick search i found out that we should run KSP in direct X 11 to insure compatibility with E.T. Have you tried that? If you don't know how to do it: - Create a shortcut of "ksp_x64.exe" - In the shortcut's properties, add -force-d3d11 to the target - Use this shortcut to play If you installed it via Steam: -Right clic on Kerbal Space Program in Steam - Properties -Define launch setting (not sure of the translation) -add -force-d3d11
  10. Thomot512

    Book over Space propulsion system

    Thanks for your advice, i've indeed access to NEBIS, my only concern is that you can borrow it for only 4 weeks and then renew the loan for 4 weeks for a maximum of 24 weeks, and since i would like to have it from now until june 2018, it seems a bit complicated, furthermore if I want to keep it as reference for further studies.
  11. Hi, As a bachelor Thesis, a friend and I, would like to build a small hybrid rocket engine, that's why I'm looking for some literature that would describe: rocket nozzle theory, thermochemistry of different propellant, thermodynamic, and speaks about the different propulsion method, and of course speaks about hybrid rocket engine. I found the "Rocket Propulsion Elements" by Stutton and Biblarz, but since it cost 200$ in my country, I would like to be sure that it's the best alternative possible. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thomot512

    KSP Weekly: Refactoring Kerbal

    I'm really happy about the fact that you work on bug fixing even if i find 1.2.2 already fairly stable. On the other hand I really don't get why you try to translate the game in other language. My mother language is french, my 'first' second language is german and as you may see I speak a little bit of English and as far as I know there is no way to translate 'Rocket scientist' neither in french nor in german. And according to wikipedia, Rocket Science doesn't even exist in any other language. So my question is: why do you even try to translate a game about 'Mad rocket scientist' if the concept of the game exist only in English. The other reason why I think it's a lost of time to translate the game is that a lot of us play with mods and they won't be translated and then most of the player playing with mod will stick with english.
  13. Thomot512

    [1.2.2] E.T. - Extreme Textures (RSS)

    Here you can find a small benchmark of your card and a comparison with some other laptop graphic card: R9 M370X benchmark It doesn't seem to be a top tier graphic card.
  14. Thomot512

    [1.5] Real Fuels v12.7.3

    Oh, sorry, I didn't know that there was such a thread. But now it's done.
  15. Hi, just a small question. The LV-10-104 is 600 kg and the LV-10-37 is 54 kg, other than that both engine seems pretty close in stats and size. Is it normal ? They are configured in RealFuels-Stockalike/Stockalike_SXT.cfg just so you don't spend too much time searching for it.