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  1. @FleshJeb & @OhioBob Thanks a lot. This will help a lot!
  2. In order to have some fun I wanted to write a small script that would help me optimize both the launch vehicule and the gravity turn. To acheive that I need to have accurate data concerning the atmosphere. In the wiki we can find the equation describing the change in pressure in function of the altitude. But I was not able to find anything similar for the temperature. It is also mentionned that both variable change with time of day and latitude. But the equation describing those change are nowhere to be found. Can someone help me?
  3. @Geonovast I tried it in a live environment of Mint and got the exact same issue that I could solve in the exact same way.
  4. I just received a last mail from them advising me to use the following command: dos2unix -f *.sh This finally worked. I really had to insist in order to get them (three different person) to admit that the issue is probably not the fact that I'm using an Arch based install. To summarize, if you need to install an old KSP version from GoG, write to the support, and, if needed, use the command on top of this post. This is due to the fact that the file might be uploaded from a windows machine which can cause some incompatibility issue. (I'm no specialist so if someone is willing to explain it in more detail, he/she is more than welcome)
  5. The support of GoG told me it is probably because of an incompatibility with Arch based Linux distros. Even if the 1.8.1 from GoG works on both my installs, and the 1.7.3 from Steam works on both my installs. This makes absolutely no sense.
  6. Once I did: chmod +x on the install .sh file. I tried those two: (base) [[email protected] Desktop]$ sudo bash kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh [sudo] password for thomot512: kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh: line 14: $'\r': command not found : octal number out of range02594_30887.sh: line 15: umask: 077 kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh: line 16: $'\r': command not found kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh: line 20: $'\r': command not found kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh: line 29: $'\r': command not found kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh: line 32: $'\r': command not found kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh: line 36: syntax error near unexpected token `elif' 'erbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh: line 36: `elif test -x /usr/ucb/echo; then (base) [[email protected] Desktop]$ sudo ./kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh [sudo] password for thomot512: sudo: unable to execute ./kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh: No such file or directory Edit: I noted something weird on the last line of the first error: the name of the file is: 'erbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh, instead of: kerbal_space_program_1_7_3_02594_30887.sh
  7. Well, I just tried to install the game with the files they sent me, and I get some error. Impossible to install the game. I tried with the 1.8.1, and there everything goes well. I tried writing them, and they try to pin this on the distros I'm using, Manjaro and RebornOS, which are both Arch based. I will keep this up to date.
  8. After almost a week without any news. I received an E-Mail from the GoG support giving me direct link in order to download the .sh files. They uploaded the on a temporary FTP. That means the only way is to ask the support.
  9. I was just notified that someone is looking into my issue from the support. I'll tell you what is their answer.
  10. Hi everyone, I know that this question has already been asked for Windows users, but I know how to download older version of the game on windows, both with Steam and the launcher of Galaxy of Gaming. The problem is that on Linux there is no Launcher for GoG and on the website I have not managed to download the 1.7.3. (I like to play RP-1) I could do it on Steam, but on steam I do not own the extensions. I tried with Lutris, and the website. No luck so far. I asked this question on the Lutris forum last week, no answer. I just asked this question on the customer support of GoG, and still no answer. I have the feeling that this forum might be my best chance. Thanks.
  11. Aw... To be honest that is really a hype killer. I'm really disappointed.
  12. To be honest I think I'll buy it day one whatever happens, but I would be really disappointed if they did not improve the aerodynamic to a level near the one of Ferram Aerospace. The vanilla aerodynamic is extremely counter-intuitive. It would be a big bummer to have to wait for someone to create a mode for this when it clearly should be vanilla.
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