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  1. I'll take this challenge on. With some suitable mod(ification)s, of course. Mod list: The most notable feature is that I'm doing this in a 3.2x scale system. Everything else I've added more or less amounts to window dressing, plus a couple part mods that are balanced against stock. Thus far I've only gotten Kerpollo done, but I've got Munpollo in the works and so far it looks promising. Prep & Kerpollo album is here:
  2. What is thread may never die, but clicks again harder and stronger.
  3. It's not, unfortunately. As @ManEatingApe pointed out above, the staging sequence is a bit screwed up, and besides that calculation isn't accounting for the weight of Jeb. Having Jeb grab the ladder tends to result in uncontrolled shaking and rotation. I.e., it's a non-useful Kraken drive. What we've been doing so far is just sticking Jeb in the fairing and using the tank end opposite the fairing as a pusher plate. This also means we have to be careful to conserve fuel, because we're going to need a hefty de-orbit burn to allow Jeb to re-enter in his EVA suit alone. Probably better to lower the Pe using a radial burn while you're still far out. Or rather, move the Pe to the other side of Kerbin using a radial burn - the trajectory Jeb & KILO are on right now is going around the wrong side of Kerbin, IIRC. Aerobraking down may also be necessary, depending on what the delta-V budget looks like.
  4. We've made it to Kerbin, but better this time! The PR has been updated, and the updated album is in the same place it was last time. I used up about 100 m/s in the correction burn, but I went ahead and tested the capture burn, and we have more than enough dV to capture, coast to Ap, and then lower the Pe for aerobraking down to LKO. So everything should be fine. I decided not to rendezvous with Jeb at the end (he's ~12 km away from KILO) because KILO is still way out at the edge of Kerbin's SOI, and there's no point rendezvousing before it's time for the capture burn. Oh, and I took the electric charge out of the decoupler. Still not sure how the heck that ended up happening...
  5. Thanks! I've still got all the named quicksaves I made when flying the transfer, so I think I'm going to go with this option. I'll see if I can get it done tonight after work - it shouldn't take too long, given that it's already mostly set up. That's interesting. I'm going to blame Git on this one - it must have messed up latest.sfs a bit during a merge. I'll poke around the save file and see if I can work out what happened.
  6. We've made it to Kerbin! A PR has been submitted, and the album is here: Flying KILO is somewhat aggravating. Getting Jeb into the fairing after a warp is quite finicky (I ended up burning ~0.5 units of EVA fuel after losing patience with the process a couple of times), and the pusher plate arrangement is not super stable. I had Jeb fall out of the fairing during a burn once, and on several occasions I got him between the pusher plate and the fairing only for him to fall right back out as I tried to maneuver him into the fairing. That said, I decided to not brute-force the transfer, and KILO still has ~3.5 km/s of delta-V to work with. My proposal for the next step is burn ~1.5 km/s capturing at Kerbin, aerobrake down to LKO, and then use the remaining dV to slow down enough for Jeb to do an EVA re-entry. There might be enough dV to just burn all the way down to LKO with enough left to slow down for re-entry, but the dV numbers I'm using don't account for the weight of Jeb, so I'm treating them as highly optimistic over-estimates.
  7. @ManEatingApe I'll step up. Knowing that we've got enough dV to take the brute-force approach makes me feel a lot better about taking it on - and might be what I end up doing, because it's a lot easier to plan than actually trying to set up a proper transfer.
  8. Meaning is what we make it to be. To this end, I declare that the meaning of life is to A: bake pie, and B: go into SPACE.
  9. I'd volunteer, but A: I've already contributed enough to this whole thing, and B: I have less than zero percent confidence in my ability to fly the transfer.
  10. Have you got a source for this? I haven't heard anything either way about the matter.
  11. I own a Model 3. Have for going on 5 months now. I drive it to work every day. Cuts received: 0. Manufacturing complaints: 0.
  12. This looks like it's true, but isn't. Well, except for Cortana, but that's fixable. The start menu comes out of the box with a whole bunch of stuff in panels on the right side (I forget what the official term is), but very little of it actually corresponds to something installed on the machine. I usually just remove all of those when I'm setting up a machine. As for Cortana, if memory serves you can uninstall that. Note that I'm not on a Windows 10 box right now, so I can't test anything. Yeah, this is pretty bad. Worse is that the Settings menu is modal - you can only have one copy of it open at any given time. Which is a bit unfortunate. Thankfully, nowadays you don't need to go to the control panel all that often, so it's not so noticeable. If it helps any, think of the Settings menu as high-level settings you need to look at a lot, and the Control Panel as the lower-level facility you go to when you really need the nitty-gritty controls. Understandable. The start menu itself can be tweaked a fair deal, but if you're really hankering for that old 7 aesthetic there are a couple (third-party) programs that will hijack the entire menu and make it look like whatever you want, up to and including the start button itself. This is what I did for a while, until I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb new menu design. Sounds good. I'll be waiting.
  13. "Debloat" in what sense? As in, what specifically strikes you as bloated about it? It's hard to work with a general remark like "it's bloated". As for the UI, again it's hard to give advice without knowing what specifically you don't like about it. For the record, I'd love to help. I just need more specific information to be able to give recommendations.
  14. Wow. That is one creepy album cover. Good song, though.
  15. Tackle one of the Heritage Challenges. There's a reason they've all stuck around for as long as they have. I'm personally fond of the Jool 5 Challenge, Eve Rocks, and the Caveman Challenge, but they're all good, really.