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  1. IncongruousGoat

    Flight Computers

    Much easier said than done and not worth it. Writing a brand-new programming language is hard, and it would take up a serious amount of dev time (like, on the order of months) to develop one. Plus, if the devs were to go ahead and add this feature, the number of users who's use it would end up being a microscopically tiny part of the player base. Also, I'm not sure you know what you're asking for. GNC program require some serious non-trivial math, and are in all cases much more complicated than your little example two-liner. The physics of rockets is complicated; you've got an object of changing mass, with a variable thrust vector, moving through a non-uniform force field (i.e. the gravitational field of whatever body you're orbiting). It doesn't lend itself to neat analytical solutions.
  2. IncongruousGoat

    Your KSP Folders

    I'm actually down to one partial install right now. My installs were mostly lost during the Great Desktop OS Migration of 2018, and I'm still only halfway through putting an RP-1 back together.
  3. IncongruousGoat

    Solid Fuel Tanks plz

    Real SRBs can have their fuel grain geometry tuned at construction time, which gives you the ability to set a throttle curve. Of course, this can't be changed once the booster is assembled, but still.
  4. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    You're much more optimistic than I am. I don't think Falcon 9 will ever get to those kinds of cadences, even with Starlink.
  5. IncongruousGoat

    Jeb's Diner

    I'm sorry, sir, but if we served you that you would be rendered unable to pay your bill. One medium-rare steak, please.
  6. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Huh. First SpaceX launch in the month of November, ever. That's interesting. Also (unless I'm forgetting something) that might makes this the first year in which SpaceX had at least one launch in every month, assuming the launch schedule holds. Wonder how long it'll be till we get to one launch in each week...
  7. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    No, for several reasons. First, the F9 launch clamps are actual clamps that hold the rocket from the side over the flame trench - it's not mechanically possible to land on them, and even if it were the strongback would get in the way. Second, however, the BFR's descent guidance is supposed to be more sophisticated than that of F9. It's likely that it'll have extra control authority that the F9 lacks, to allow it to land on the launch clamps.
  8. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Pretty darn close, yeah. It makes the whole "land the BFB on the launch clamps" thing seem not quite so impossible. I guess if you spend several years landing dozens of rockets, you get pretty good at it.
  9. IncongruousGoat

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    I was under the impression that Glushko got the RD-270 working on the test stand, but the rockets it was being built for (UR-700, R-56) never got funded. Now, the RD-270M on the other hand... Pentaborane/N2O4 is just asking for trouble.
  10. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I think he's talking about the BFS upper stages they'll be using for hop tests in H2 2019. It doesn't make sense to try and recover F9 second stages.
  11. IncongruousGoat

    Weather Chat Megathread

    Looking at the first full-day freeze of the season tomorrow, and if the forecast proves accurate it may be the first two-full-day freeze of the season. Winter is coming, and I'm excited. WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Getting at least 6 inches of snow tonight. It's still mid-November, right?
  12. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Care to elaborate?
  13. IncongruousGoat

    Super Realistic Career

    You may want to consider removing Principia. It's not that it's a bad mod - in fact, it's fantastic and it pains me to even have to say this. However. It and KJR do not play well with each other (i.e. pernicious, game-breaking physics bugs), and Realism Overhaul is unplayable without KJR since every rocket you build will wobble itself apart. Also, Realistic Progression 1 is available and working pretty much as intended for KSP 1.3.1, and it makes things even more realistic than RP-0. There's a spreadsheet detailing the list of dependencies and any gotchas or special installation steps.
  14. IncongruousGoat

    NASA's LOP-G

    Depends. If LOP-G ends up being a replacement for the ISS, I will decry it as a mistake almost as bad as the Shuttle program. The amount of research that's done on the ISS makes it a frankly invaluable resource, and its loss would represent a backslide in our capability to investigate the universe. LOP-G is, compared to the ISS, worthless for research. If we maintain a permanent lab in LEO, be it ISS or something else, then I suppose LOP-G is okay. A grossly inefficient use of funding, but okay. There are worse things to use as a jobs program.
  15. No, you're not. However, Atlases flying unmanned payloads at the time of Project Mercury were augmented by one of several upper stages. Unless I'm mistaken, the only payloads to be launched into orbit by an unagumented Atlas were the SCORE satellites in 1958 and, of course, Mercury capsules.