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  1. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The website ( is already live. No need to wait until the end of the presentation.
  2. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Whoa, that's actual BFS flight hardware right there. Confirmed that the first BFS is currently under construction.
  3. IncongruousGoat

    The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x - 1.4.x [re-booted]

    @The Dunatian Except that Corundum, Diamond, and Nano-Diamond are all impossible without contracts, because you start off without enough money to launch anything. You need the initial advance from the first couple contracts just to get something on the pad. The other difficulty levels should be possible without contracts though.
  4. IncongruousGoat

    [FORUM GAME] Rate the avatar of the person above you.

    6/10 Kerbals are all well and good, but the lighting isn't great
  5. IncongruousGoat

    How famous are you?

    7/10, I see you occasionally but we frequent different parts of the forums.
  6. IncongruousGoat

    Do you play KSP only or are you into lots of games?

    I've got a few games I play on top of KSP. Right now, it's mostly Dark Souls and Dark Souls III with some Factorio thrown in now and then, but there have been other games I've played to various degrees of obsessiveness in the past. Minecraft, notably, used to be the only game I played, and I still come back to it every now and then.
  7. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, they could be optimized for a regime somewhere in the middle, like the LR-105 was, or they could have a funky nozzle geometry that allows them to operate well at all altitudes, like the RS-25. I suspect it's the former, though, given how much of a mess the development of the RS-25 was. This seems more likely. That and TPS for the engines during re-entry.
  8. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I went and consulted a friend of mine who's studying fluid dynamics as to the whole meta-nozzle thing, and got back an answer of "That wouldn't work at all". If it have a central protrusion of some sort it could act as an aerospike, but that's not what's going on here. It could be that SpaceX decided that they didn't need the extra specific impulse, but I find that to be unlikely given the number of times they've emphasized that BFR/BFS isn't a big, dumb booster.
  9. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I'm of the opinion that Elon is just messing with us at this point. That render doesn't make much sense as a new version of BFR for a number of reasons, not least of which that it lacks any sea-level-optimized nozzles, which makes it incapable of landing on Earth. This is Elon Musk's Twitter account, people. It's not exactly a reputable news source. Hopefully this will all be cleared up in the stream on Monday.
  10. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    No, but Hans Konigsmann, the SpaceX VP of Build and Flight Reusability, is going to be giving a talk on reusability. I for one am excited - we'll get to hear how Block 5 has been working out so far.
  11. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It looks like someone took the old 7-engine design for ITS and drew it on a BFS airframe, and then added a Shuttle-style tailfin for good measure. I highly suspect it was produced by a third party that's been out of the loop for a couple of years. Oh, wait. Now that you've pointed that out... This is very strange.
  12. IncongruousGoat

    So what song is stuck in your head today?

    This one's been in my head for a few days now:
  13. IncongruousGoat

    The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x - 1.4.x [re-booted]

    Hmmm. My main objection would be that, with the exception of life support, mods that can be said to make the challenge harder change the game too much to be easily judged (i.e. Realism Overhaul, Principia), don't add anything to make the caveman challenge more difficult from an engineering and piloting perspective (i.e. BARIS), or may just change something in a way that doesn't necessarily make things more difficult (i.e. FAR). Life support is a tricky one, although I can't see it catching on too much since it prohibits long-distance ladder riding, as well as adding even more of a mass penalty to interplanetary missions.
  14. IncongruousGoat


    Huntsville, Alabama
  15. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The music has started