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  1. IncongruousGoat

    User Below Me 2

    False. You changed the font, compared to all your prior posts in this thread. TUBM prefers snow to rain.
  2. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Probably just a matter of perspective. The cameras on F9 S2 use some sort of fisheye or fisheye-like lens to get as big of a field of view as possible, which distorts the feeds.
  3. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    And not remotely throttleable or reusable. Or a technology SpaceX has any experience with whatsoever. They've made a point of using no solids at all on everything they've built, down to using non-pyrotechnic separation mechanisms. It's unlikely that they'd start now, especially when there exists an alternative. Also, you have to remember that SpaceX were planning to propulsively land Dragon V2, which would have required deep-throttling liquid engines, such as SuperDraco. Oh, and they aren't really cheap either, not at the kinds of prices SpaceX can built liquids at. Solid booster manufacture is not as trivial a process as some people may make it out to be. I will grant you the powerful part, though with the kinds of thrust-to-weight ratios SpaceX can achieve that qualification becomes increasingly insignificant.
  4. IncongruousGoat

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I'm guessing it's some kind of standard forecast format for more than just launches. Moonlight might not be terribly relevant to a rocket launch, but it could easily matter to other things the military might be doing.
  5. IncongruousGoat


    Don't worry, you're not the only one left wondering.
  6. Yeah, you should. It doesn't look like the addition of that module really affected this leg of the journey, but I've already been more lenient about this rule than I'm quite comfortable being. And hey, look on the bright side - it gives you a chance to fix that ladder problem. Laythe would've been tricky, but it would have really ruined your day on Tylo.
  7. IncongruousGoat

    The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x - 1.4.x [re-booted]

    May I recommend sending up a couple of mini RCS tugs? Worked like a charm when I was assembling my big Duna-Ike ship.
  8. The contract might, but the challenge itself hasn't required it since the days when @HoloYolo was maintaining it. However... @Alpha 360 Technically, sending up a transport craft to retrieve the crew from LKO is against the rules as written. I'm going to amend that ASAP though, since it doesn't really detract from the complexity of the mission.
  9. IncongruousGoat

    The Ultimate Challenge Continued (originally by Just Jim)

    @Kergarin You know, I had a feeling that this mission is why you were asking about 1.2.2. It qualifies, of course. I'll add it to the hall of fame. Any compliments I can give are a bit late at this point, but I was quite impressed when I first saw this. Eve is a tough cookie for completely reusable missions, and your solution is, in my opinion, quite elegant.
  10. IncongruousGoat

    The Ultimate Challenge Continued (originally by Just Jim)

    Having read through the official changelog for 1.3, I can't see anything that was added that would affect this challenge, so 1.2.2 is fine as well. I might also take 1.1 and 1.0, but tag them as such due to changes that were made. I'm drawing the line at 1.0, though. Too much changed in that update.
  11. IncongruousGoat

    The KSP Caveman Challenge 1.3.x - 1.4.x [re-booted]

    Under normal circumstances, I would suggest lots and lots of gravity assists, but in this case that's not quite practical. Maybe @Muetdhiver, resident king of interplanetary caveman missions, can give some advice.
  12. IncongruousGoat

    The Ultimate Challenge Continued (originally by Just Jim)

    @Alpha 360 Yep, everything seems to be in order. I wish you the best of luck in your attempt.
  13. IncongruousGoat

    What funny/interesting thing happened in your life today?

    I'm in the DC area for the summer, and I ended up watching the big DC fireworks show from Arlington. The prevailing wind is blowing westward here, and so many fireworks got set off that the air started smelling like burnt powder from where I was watching, nearly two miles away from the Washington Monument. Heck of a show.
  14. IncongruousGoat

    Moderator Appreciation Day! [Need 264 votes to make it official!]

    I voted yes, but to be honest I appreciate the moderators all the time. You all do a stellar job.
  15. IncongruousGoat

    The Ultimate Challenge Continued (originally by Just Jim)

    Nifty! You're all good. Carry on. In fact, I commend you for bringing several Kerbals along and giving them all a chance to join in the fun. I certainly wasn't that ambitious (or kind) back when I did my submission to this challenge.