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  1. There's a couple of semi-sneaky things I did to get as much science as possible out of science rollers. Here's the full procedure I used: 1. Very carefully roll the science roller over to the target biome 2. Collect 1 crew report and 1 Mystery Goo 3. Have Bob go on EVA & collect EVA science 4. Have Bob retrieve the science from every container and store it into one of the capsules 5. Collect the other Goo 6. Have Bob take the science from that Goo experiment and store it in the other capsule 7. Use Bob's scientist powers to restore both Goo experiments 8. Get Bob back in
  2. I'm fine with it, as long as that's the only thing you bring over and the only thing you use it for is science messages.
  3. Given that you're working under the constraints of Kerbalism (!), I'm more than willing to consider it. I've been thinking about adding an honorable mention section to the hall of fame for a while now, for submissions that don't quite follow the rules but are still worth looking at.
  4. Yep, looks like this thread is still locked. *click*
  5. The surefire thing to do here is to put it (and any other small science you bring along) inside a service bay. Those have a really high heat tolerance, to the point of working as substitute heat shield, and as a bonus work as a great airbrake if you open the bay doors. You still need a parachute to land safely, but the airbrake effect is nice for those times when the capsule ends up pointed the wrong way during descent.
  6. Advanced Construction, for fairings. After that the best choice is probably Propulsion Systems, for good probe and lander engines & tanks, but you need fairings to take full advantage of those.
  7. For reference, there is actually a reason to want to launch east instead of west from the KSC. Launching east, you gain about 100 m/s of dV from Kerbin's rotation, while you lose the same amount if you launch west. It's not a huge amount but it does make a difference, especially when you're trying to maximize payload to LKO.
  8. It's definitely possible for cavemen to use probes - they just need to be designed such that they're aerodynamically stable on the way up. Basically, make the probe as smooth and pointy as you can via use of fairings, nosecones, or structural adapters, and if possible put some fins on the bottom of the booster. The idea here is to get the center of drag of your rocket behind the center of mass by keeping the front low-drag and putting (relatively) high-drag fins at the back.
  9. It's worth noting here that manual fuel transfer isn't available to cavemen (it requires an R&D upgrade to unlock), so a conventional refueling station won't work like it would in a normal career. Refueling can still be done in some sense by swapping entire fuel tanks out, but it'll be interesting to see if this is a viable approach given the relatively hard 2.5 tons per launch payload limit.
  10. It's (at least) the third. Both @zanie420 and I flew crewed Mun return missions during our NCD runs. Still very impressive, though. Caveman crewed Mun is no mean feat.
  11. @camacju Congratulations on completing the Ultimate Challenge! And very skillfully done, too - it's always good to see a submission using the divided-ship approach because of the precision, forethought, and attention to detail it requires in both planning and execution. The fact that you did it without ion engines on top of all that makes this easily the most impressive submission I've seen yet. You may claim the badge at your leisure - you've more than earned it. Also, many apologies for not reviewing this earlier. I've been crazy-busy with work this past week. EDIT: Before I write
  12. It's totally possible to get EVA science in a caveman run - you just need to be slightly more creative about how you do it than you would normally. The trick here is that Kerbals can still exit vehicles while on the surface of Kerbin, and there's nothing stopping you from having a Kerbal ride a ladder on the side of your rocket into space. Heck, @dvader once took an EVA Kerbal all the way to Bop, riding on the outside of the ship the whole way. In practice it's more complicated than "just ride a ladder", of course, but if you look back through this thread there are plenty of working desig
  13. Merits of the proposal aside, increasing physical time warp any further is likely impossible for technical reasons. "Regular" (non-physical) time warp can run the game at millions of times normal speed because it doesn't bother simulating most of the physics - it reduces the simulation to some basic power/thermal calculations, plus moving objects along fixed patched-conic trajectories. It's not really accelerating time, from a game physics perspective. Instead, what it does is more like freezing time, moving a whole bunch of stuff around, and then incrementing the in-game clock by some amount.
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