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  1. Should is a strong word. I said that a couple of chapters back, and ended up riding a ladder into orbit. My math says I should be fine, but that's assuming I can pull off a Minmus landing in a single launch. The numbers say it should be possible, but I haven't actually tested it out yet. As far as I'm concerned, I'm only definitively over the hump once I have both docking ports and a usable probe core. At that point, it just becomes a question of orbital assembly. As to your question, I'm running 1.4.2. I'm not actually quite sure where I got the skybox from originally, since for this install I copied the files from an older (1.3.1) install. The best place to start looking would be the old Texture Replacer thread; it had a long list of available textures, which I think includes Poodmund's skyboxes.
  2. It's amazing what having a usable engine will do for your space program. Chapter 5: Linear ICBM, Quadratic Booster Side note: I got tired of the game looking terrible, so I installed Scatterer and TRR. The sunflare is from Sunflares of Maar, and the skybox is Poodmund's Calm Nebula Skybox. I would have added Real Plume as well, but there seem to be some issues with the latest configs (some of the plumes are way too small).
  3. Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 20: The Eclipse)

    Oh, wow. Bravo! Now you're making me even more excited for the eclipse in 2024.
  4. What I think

    It may not be recognized by SI, but it's supported by HTTP in the HTCPCP. Teapots not allowed.
  5. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Hmmm... But is this GNC analysis of Falcon 9, or of TESS? I'm guessing F9, since this is a weird orbit they're launching to... On the other hand, they managed to launch DSCOVR to a weirder place back in the day, and any halfway decent (i.e. post-1970's) GNC program should be able to handle going to pretty much any orbit.
  6. Give Kerbals a 'Days In Space' counter stat

    First off, welcome to the forum! Pull up a chair, sit down, and stay a while. Second, I totally support this. Although, it should probably be something more like "# of days on a mission", since that would be way easier to implement.
  7. Sorry for the wait, everyone. A combination of this chapter being extremely tedious to test and fly, distractions from the land of RSS/RO, and an increasingly busy schedule on my end led to this taking longer than I would have liked to put together. It's also not terribly long, but that's mostly because it's not very interesting. Well, it's not like I didn't expect the grinding... Chapter 4: Nose to the Grindstone The next one will be both longer and more exciting, I promise. The grinding is done... for now, at least.
  8. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    In other news... From the video Shotwell showed at TED, it looks like BFR got tank-stretched by around 10-20%, which seems to imply that SpaceX have been able to squeeze more performance than expected out of Raptor. Looks like the thing that happened to F9 is happening all over again with the design of BFR. It also looks like the propellant transfer pipes got A: enlarged and B: moved into the winglets, presumably in order to enable faster propellant transfer.
  9. Revelations of the Kraken (Chapter 20: The Eclipse)

    @CatastrophicFailure, there's a typo. Third sentence from the top, you said "nausea cane", when (I'm pretty sure) you meant "nausea came". With that out of the way... I like it. Looks like I'm going to have to re-read Shadows and Whispers, in order to remember who did what back in the day.
  10. Actually, no. The hottest you can get something using optics is the temperature of the light source. This means the hottest you could get the Sun this way is the temperature it's already at. This is also why you can't use a magnifying glass to light a fire with moonlight, like you can with sunlight. The surface of the Moon just isn't hot enough. Citation:
  11. KSP Site down?

    Site seems to be back up.
  12. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That's not strictly true. Mars may be described as a desert, but there's a surprisingly large amount of easily accessible water ice to be found. This isn't like lunar ice either, which needs to be baked out of the regolith it's found in. The evidence we have points to Martian subsurface ice being relatively pure. Non-trivial to extract, sure, but not terribly difficult either.
  13. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Wait, so the NOAA doesn't actually know why the NOAA is restricting coverage of this launch? Talk about the right hand not talking to the left.
  14. Your First KSP Image (When did you take it)

    The oldest screenshot I have is this one: This was a screenshot from my first Jool 5 submission, back in v1.0, so around 2 years ago. I've been playing KSP since January 2014 (KSP v0.23.5), but I didn't start screenshotting anything till I started doing forum challenges. Heck I still don't screenshot anything unless I plan on posting it here. This isn't the oldest one I've ever taken, but it's the oldest one I still have stored somewhere.
  15. Aw man, and I was planning to surprise people... But, yes, I've had this in mind from the beginning. It was actually originally used by @MoeslyArmlis in 1.1 for his nano-crystalline diamond attempt. The original post/images can be found in the 1.1 caveman thread somewhere. Much testing will be required before I have a workable design, although that thing with the radial fuel tanks might make a good pseudo docking port. The original design just used a blunt fuel tank end as a pusher plate. I was planning something involving girder segments, but now that I think about it using fuel tanks as structural parts makes much more sense. Well, this attempt is no stranger to extensive testing, and I was almost certain that I would have to do this at least a little. The real question is if I can put it off until I have the Terrier, because pseudo-docking with a Reliant-based launcher will be painful.