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  1. Hi @FerrerMacea, thanks a lot - I wasn't playing for a while and after updating with CKAN my Mods, I got the same problem. After deleting L-Tech it works again! Update - I just installed the older L-Tech Version 4.3 and it worked also. And no, I dont use KEI, @linuxgurugamer
  2. I don't know, if anything has broken it - but I got plant growth experiments (around the Mun).
  3. Hi @Selrinn, @tomf, @ethernet. I have tested all Station Science parts around Kerbin in 1.2.1, completed some of the experiments and returned them to Kerbin for the science points and contracts. Everything looks and works good, as far I can tell. I noticed the fps drops a littlearound my station - but as the station is quite big and there are also some other mods involved, I'm not sure if the Station Science parts are to blame for this. Also, the contracts seems to appear only after I installed a contract mod, but I can't tell if this was really the matter - now I get new contracts for the Station Scince parts all the time. Thanks for the mod and the temp mod
  4. @CobaltWolf I have the same problem with the battery. When I connect the first plug, it loses contact to the ground and starts to hover close to the ground as @VaPaL mentioned. To save resources I collect and store the modules back in a container to use them again – but while dismantling the Central Station, it also started to freak out a couple of times (not every time) and then floats away (shaking) and explodes. I also think, that the “SEP-S06 Passive Seismic Experiment” and the “SEP-R01 Retroreflector” are save to place on the ground, as far as I can tell after around 10 experiments on Mun and Minmus. All other experiments are performed on only two KIS Ground Bases to save weight and storage room.
  5. I had also the problem that huge parts of my space station, instantly explode after loading - when I opened it out of the tracking station, as well when it reached the 2,3km mark while in another craft. I was just going to downgrade back to 1.3.0 when 1.4.1 was released and fixed the problem! Many thanks @blowfish & @Skystorm!!!
  6. Does anybody already have some experience with the backward compatibility? It took me a lot of time (and fuel) to put my station around Minmus and I don't won't to lose it.
  7. Oh I see. I had three winches with hooks aboard which was ejected into the asteroid. I also thought that asteroids would have some very low gravity which would help me stay on it.... Next asteroid arrives in 5 days, I will try it again...
  8. Hi DMagic, I had my first Asteroid encounter and landing yesterday. My two probes (ground and space) had nearly all DMagic Science Parts aboard and I could finally use successful the Asteroid Sounding Experiment. Unfortunately the ground experiments didn’t work, as you can see on the screenshots. Did I do something wrong or was the asteroid to small?!? The space probe could perform some science as "near an asteroid" as well but other DMagic science was still "orbiting Kerbal". Any suggestions?
  9. I think it's a problem with the HAL9000 board-computer... If you don't play after the rules - you got thrown out of the airlock Happened to me as well yesterday, in space and on ground for testing. Maybe you update to a GLaDOS System - she's much more reasonable. Regarding the “generator parts” – maybe you can outsource them in an extra mod!? Overall, a great mod - Congratulations!
  10. I just started playing a couple of days ago and I'm already badly hooked on this awesome game... But: While building my first ships, everything was quite easy to find in the build-mode. But after installing some mods, the overview got lost a bit. Could you please add a simple search there?! E.g. if I'm searching for a MK2 part, I always have to search for each individual part. An easy search for "MK2" should then find any part, with MK2 in its name... Also, while building the rocket, the staging should be lockable (per stage). If my first stage is ready, no new part should be able to appear there - which happens a lot in my rockets... (or am I doing something wrong?) To bad, if I notice it just after the launch, when the boosters got separated far to early... And last, please add an undo button in the building mode - some clicks select wrong parts and can mess up the rocket (or the staging). Nevertheless, thanks for this grate game...