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  1. Is it possible to detect whether a ray intersects with Colliders using worldspace coordinates stored in Vector3ds? Both RayCast(All) and SphereCast(All) take Vector3s as their argument(s), and I'd like to avoid the precision loss from switching between double- and single-precision types, since I also intend to convert between orbital elements and worldspace. EDIT: After some testing I noticed that Vector3ds can be casted implicitly to Vector3s, and vice versa. Is this, then, the only way to detect collisions?
  2. I've been planning on doing a Jool-5 for a while now and I've finally managed to hold on to the same savefile for long enough to do so. The problem is that some of the prohibited mods are installed in this particular save, and I don't want to remove them and potentially break things. @JacobJHC would it be acceptable if I design the mothership and landers in a separate install/save without these mods, but fly the mission in my main save? Or would you prefer some other way of proving that I didn't use the prohibited mods?
  3. Oceans of Laythe After a very, very long journey, LOI-II has entered Joolian SOI. Preliminary systems check indicates few component failures, which is likely thanks in part to the triple-redundant systems onboard. An intercept is plotted for Laythean orbital insertion over its north pole after several phasing orbits. After several more orbits of Jool, the probe enters Laythe SOI and begins its capture burn. An awe-inspiring "family portrait" (that is the scientific term, according to the quaesītōrēs) is taken of the inner planets. Once its orbital Science! collection mission is confirmed, the EKDS-A is deorbited, as is the probe. The deorbit stage is jettisoned and the heatshields inflate two minutes before entry interface. The top heatshield is jettisoned to allow the parachutes to pre-deploy. Nominal full deployment. The probe splashes down a few moments later, and a truckload of Science! is acquired through the oceanic composition analyzer. With the success of this very long mission, the logical next step is to send a crewed mission to Jool and its moons. The subject is certainly a divisive one. Some ingeniātōrēs believe that a flotilla should be sent, as with the Second Dvna Expedition; others argue that a mothership, like Bellona, will be more effective and less prone to mission-scrubbing issues. The Senate has also considered, much to the chagrin of all ingeniātōrēs, to place a moratorium on the use of advanced nuclear propulsion. OOC:
  4. These are just the old FASA umbilicals and Apollo clamps that are included with Bluedog. I might switch to the SpaceY heavy-duty clamps for heavier Neptvnvs variants, since the Atlas' LV clipped the tower ever so slightly on ascent.
  5. They mean the same thing, I just didn't feel like writing m/s². Launches Launches Launches Probe Arrivals
  6. They really are. RPM/ASET/MAS are must-haves for my modded installs nowadays since I'm a sucker for pretty IVAs. Decennial Report Appendix: Neptvnvs MRLV (Modular Reusable Launch Vehicle) Family
  7. Orbital Ballet at Eve Bellona Returns Reusable Ruminations: Crew Shuttles
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