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  1. I'm not a lawyer either, but I know GitHub is legally obligated to comply with any takedown requests of any repositories, provided the takedown has merit. I'm not sure if Take-Two can use the DMCA to take down mods' repos on GitHub, or even if they would; but if they are able I'd be slightly worried as I am a content creator myself.
  2. I don't want to be That Fearmonger™, but I agree. Generally, I would've expected more notice and explanation upon switching terms of service and the like, not just "here's the new ToS/''''''privacy'''''' policy, if you don't agree before this arbitrary date then too bad".
  3. In addition, please be aware that this is not a username generator, but a generator for Kerbal names, much like how the ingame Astronaut Complex would generate them. (I was going to reply to you first, but @0111narwhalz beat me to it. )
  4. Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you're celebrating! :)

    So, unfortunately, I wasn't able to debut First Contact on Christmas Day. Bummer. :(

    But FC is pretty close to being complete. It currently clocks in at around 37.5k words, and I'm pretty confident that it'll break the Great Forty Thousand (aka novel territory).

  5. Wow, it's been a long time since I did, well, pretty much anything on those forums. And to those of you who care: no, I'm not dead (yet).

    My freshman year (so far) of high school has been pretty brutal. Turns out, if you take three honors-level classes (out of a total of six classes), two of which aren't even intended for your grade level, you're in for some pretty !!FUN!! times. icon_ghost.gif

    Of course, my writing has suffered from this as well. But fear not – the sequel to First Flight, ██████, will probably be released sometime in 2018. Maybe. icon_ghost.gif

    passerby whispers into TNH's ear

    What do you mean, I dropped the title already? :mad:

    Ah, whatever.

    But in all seriousness, I've already 33 thousand words on First Contact, and there will be only a few more chapters. If I work my butt off I might be able to debut the first chapter in time for Christmas.

  6. I second this motion. LGG, I'd support you on Patreon if I could, but for now, have some rep.
  7. Proof? And not just some half-arsed proof that you pulled the last time on that DLC petition thread – I want a credible source.
  8. I was mainly referring to the Nokia 3310 (and its destructive capability). Do you really want that thing smashing up satellites? In all seriousness, if I wasn't clear enough on that last comment, I apologize. It was made in jest.
  9. oh god please no Why would you even want to eject it? We don't need five thousand more pieces of debris in LEO already.
  10. To respond to all of your points: 1. There will definitely be a fair share of waiting – I'm planning on building this computer around Thanksgiving or Christmas. If Coffee Lake drops during that time and it's not ridiculously more expensive than Kaby Lake, I can go for it. 2. I'll do some more research on this, and then decide whether Intel or AMD is best for me. 3. I run my laptop fan (MBP 13" 2017) at full blast when it's plugged in. Even through a wimpy pair of earbuds that came with my phone, I can barely hear it. Cooler noise doesn't really bother me that much.
  11. So having consulted one of my older classmates on what to buy, I've settled with Intel again and specced out the following $1.2k build. Again, any constructive criticism appreciated.
  12. Congrats on the 1.0 release, @Nhawks17 and the rest of the RealPlume-Stock team! I've been following this mod for a long time, and I actually watch my launches now instead of sending KSP to the background.
  13. Short answer: magic, eldritch horrors, and lots of caffeine. I've done a test run (in Word 2013 for Mac, since that's my go-to for random things => PDF), and the forum text somehow gets converted into Roboto Mono of all things, while retaining the emoticons and images. Image (i.e., not emoticons) resolutions are pretty borked, though (based on a sample size of 1). Wheeeee.
  14. @CatastrophicFailure: If you need help with PDF/eReader/whatever-ifying the Kraken trilogy (and/or the Ussari Space Program/Alien Skies), hit me up. Really enjoying your writing/mission-reporting, and if I can help make it more accessible, I'd love to help out.
  15. -@TiktaalikDreaming You've been told off multiple times by multiple people. So I'm going to try to get the point across (again). First off, there are the aforementioned copyright issues. Nobody's going to risk getting taken to court just so you can have what you want. Besides, if you want it that badly, make it yourself. This is a great example: This was something I made with @0111narwhalz because we needed it for our writing and there was not enough demand for someone else to write it. So we wrote it ourselves instead of sitting on our hands and doing nothing. Might I mention I had next to no experience in C# when we started writing it?