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  1. I also tried to make a small config for ResearchBodies (I don't know what to write in "ONDISCOVERY" so I skipped it) I hope it works
  2. I tried this mod with Principia, and almost everything was stable. Here is Terminus after 3 years: Where can I put Terminus so whole system will be stable?
  3. Every time, when I want to create new save or load old save, KSP just stops working without any logs, or something simular (Cardano, reinstalled KSP)
  4. @Corax It's even working in
  5. @blackrack, will I be able to make one lens flare red, and other lens flare blue?
  6. I mean one star have one lens flare, other star have other lens flare
  7. Can you (or somebody else) make ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads mod support? I really like it but I can't take resources from ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads to my base. Edit I can, but it isn't looking good for base