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  1. Just tested solar panels with my patch and… found something: Without any patches solar panel produces 0.3 EC/s With only patch installed - 0.244 EC/s With only Principia installed - 0.157 EC/s And with both installed - 0.011 EC/s I honestly don't know what's happening and how to fix it. (I can update the patch with the fix above, if needed)
  2. @SpaceX_Boi try opening it with WinRar or simular program
  3. For some reason, it loaded immediately when I chanded this setting for the first time. So I just checked and "groundtiling" actually doesn't have any effect What actually happends for me is a delay between this: and this: It only loads when I move for some time, if i'm not moving - it doesn't (I think so) And there is no message in the console at the moment of loading
  4. Okay, I finally worked it out. To use it with SD, you need to increase "groundTiling" in the SD config (My rescale factor is 3.2, and "groundTiling=10" worked for me. Maybe the actual value is 3.2^2=10.24 (That would make sence), but I'm okay with 10)
  5. There is no problem with textures, they seem to work: Lighting also seem to work The only problem is "bumpiness" of the surface: That's why I thought I can fix this with config
  6. It doesn't work right away What parameters should I scale in order to make it work on bigger planets?
  7. Does it work with rescale mods? (Like SigmaDimensions)
  8. I've made third version of my Principia patch: Here Now it's stable for more than 2500 years!
  9. I have fixed Fury's ring in my Principia patch (same link) I've also found some issues when using Kerbalism with my patch: science gliches and crashes on EVA. Don't know how to fix it, so I would say that my patch is incompatible with Kerbalism. UPD: Random overheating is still here
  10. For those who want to use my patch: sometimes craft can explode from heating for no reason (rarely, for me it happends mostly at high warp). I don't know how to fix it. Sorry! Here, near Rhode:
  11. I've updated my Principia patch for 1.3.0 (With fixed scatterer sunflare)
  12. Can I give you a suggestion? You could add barycentre fixed, non rotating reference frame. Because it's kinda hard to fly like "this":
  13. Fixed version for my Principia patch, now it's stable for 270 Kerbal years (Last one was stable for 22 years) Here it is
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