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  1. I also tried to make a small config for ResearchBodies (I don't know what to write in "ONDISCOVERY" so I skipped it) I hope it works
  2. I tried this mod with Principia, and almost everything was stable. Here is Terminus after 3 years: Where can I put Terminus so whole system will be stable?
  3. Every time, when I want to create new save or load old save, KSP just stops working without any logs, or something simular (Cardano, reinstalled KSP)
  4. MorePortal


    @Corax It's even working in
  5. @kingy4500 I have the same problem
  6. @blackrack, will I be able to make one lens flare red, and other lens flare blue?
  7. I mean one star have one lens flare, other star have other lens flare
  8. Can you make config where we can set color for lens flares?
  9. Can you (or somebody else) make ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads mod support? I really like it but I can't take resources from ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads to my base. Edit I can, but it isn't looking good for base