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  1. I recently became aware of the Unity toolkit OpenRelativity. https://github.com/MITGameLab/OpenRelativity . Would it be possible for a mod to integrate this into KSP to allow for relativistic travel?
  2. As of five minutes ago I became aware of the OpenRelativity toolkit for Unity. ( https://github.com/MITGameLab/OpenRelativity ). I have no idea if KSP 2 even uses Unity to begin with but I actually first bought the original KSP with the hopes of having relativistic travel. It was still a very worthwhile purchase even without this feature, but given the interstellar scope of KSP 2 I think relativistic effects could be an important feature; though I do doubt that it would be added this late in development if it's not already one. Thoughts?
  3. One thing that I think has been missing is a community-licensed stock-like greenhouse part model. The existing options are the zzz greenhouse, which is, uh, not great, or the SSPXr greenhouse which uses a non-permissive license.
  4. Oh, whoops. Ah, that's the issue, new version hasn't propagated to CKAN yet. ETA: New version has in fact just propagated to CKAN the moment after I posted this.
  5. Just installed the latest update. VAB is borked, hovering a part over the vessel in the editor with symmetry enabled causes infinite copies of the part to be placed on the vessel under the mouse cursor. Debug console shows NRE spam when this occurs. Log is too large for Pastebin, looks like, probably all the nullrefs.
  6. Yes. And what I'm saying is that the *newer* file is, as far as I can tell, *not referenced* by any of these MODEL nodes. I'd guess it was committed with the wrong name and thus failed to replace the older file.
  7. So, uh, looked the files for the stock parts patch. There appears to be both a "sspx-hitchhiker-25-1.mu" and a newer "sspx-hitchiker-25-1.mu" that doesn't appear to be referenced by any of the .cfg files.
  8. Been working on-and-off on this for a long time. The Bottlenose, a VSSTO inspired by the craft of an old forum member named Rune. The name is twofold; Rune often named designs after marine mammals, for one, and, well... It looks like a Coca Cola bottle. Tested as capable of making a 100x100 equatorial orbit with up to 10 tons of cargo and making a powered landing afterwards. Relies on RCS for vacuum attitude control, use sparingly if you intend to land back on Kerbin without refueling on-orbit. Has a tendency to spin during descent; I recommend utilizing some sort of fly-by-wire to actively kill rotation. KerbalX link: https://kerbalx.com/SingABrightSong/Bottlenose
  9. Unfortunately I've already ruled these out due to them being designed in terms of the Community Tech Tree rather than the stock parts.
  10. Not all to experienced a modder either but something like this doesn't seem like it could done by config files at all; you'd have to have a C# plugin to do it
  11. I do like how you put the engine on the NCS Adapter, very smol. Reminds me of my own "Tesladyne" 1-aerospike SSTO
  12. Preamble: So for a while I've been using sunnypunny's TechTreeTweaks as my tech tree mod of choice, but they appear to have destroyed any instances of that mod from the open web within the past day and if someone's going to go to that extent to make their work unusable then I don't want to use it. Now, the question, here, as per the topic title, is that I'm trying to decide on a mod for the stock tech tree that's a) coherently designed b) balanced for the stock parts and c) balanced for unlocking one node at a time. Honestly considering making my own at this point.
  13. Today I've been preparing a new installation of KSP after having had to reformat my SSD due to unrecoverable encryption. I was about to install my preferred tech tree mod, sunnypunny's TechTreeAddons, only to find they had, while I was busy reinstalling everything(addendum: i.e. within the past six hours), zeroed it out from SpaceDock and GitHub entirely. If you're so eager to prevent people from using your mods, so be it, but now I'm in a dour mood and am in need of a new stocklike tech tree.
  14. To say I can actually *play* it would be an exaggeration, but I've been working on designing a one-man-band instrument. Presenting, the Trombanjourone Mark IV I bolted a violin neck to a tambourine and shoved a slide whistle up the back. It's up to mkV, now, and it's about time I made the mkVI; the attachment needs to be redone with more precise cuts.
  15. Typically you'd put them in in the VAB, though if you're talking about one of them with a cargo bay I recommend the Claw Pod. Yours is the first post in this thread in three years, I will note. Do hope Rune is in good health.
  16. Looks like the command for "mogrify" should be "magick mogrify" according to the reference page for ImageMagick, but having corrected that the guide has been helpful for getting everything to render in Unity properly
  17. Pluto and Charon are considered dwarf planets because they have not "cleared their neighbourhood". I understand there is a distinction. I am uncertain why this distinction exists1. My own amateur set of criteria would be that a "Planet" is a body that a) Formed from a star's protoplanetary disc and b) has sufficient gravity to hold a spheroidal shape, while a "Moon" is a body that formed from a *circumplanetary* disc and has sufficient gravity to form an *ellipsoid* rather than necessarily a spheroid. Under these criteria, Pluton and Charon would be planets, along with Ceres, Eris, Makemake, and Luna, but would fail to categorize Haumea so nevermind. 1. bEcAuSe iT's cOmPaNy pOlIcY
  18. There is only one NFT that has any business in KSP, and that is Near Future Technologies
  19. So, devil's advocate. Why does it matter if the human offshoot wipes out baseline humanity? If we do create a species that is greater than ourselves, why *shouldn't* they take their rightful place as our inheritors? Even without a neanderthal-style war of eradication, they would simply have to outcompete us over time.
  20. Hello folks. Having played a fair bit with Kerbalism, I've found I prefer the stock science system, but there is one particular part of the Kerbalism science system I would like to keep using, namely, the Mobile Processing Lab being used to enable transmission of samples rather than generating arbitrary amounts of data. I don't think this can be accomplished via a module manager patch; likely requiring a plugin. I may attempt to write a plugin for it myself, though if anyone more familiar with writing plugin code feels generous with their time and/or likes the idea I'd not complain. Any idea where I might begin?
  21. That's been an error in MAS for as long as I've used it really, not sure what causes it.
  22. Correction, I was thinking of TUFX, not Scatterer. TUFX is not a hard dependency but it does have a preset bundled in AVP
  23. Actually it's [Min KSP 1.11] Sandcastle: 3D printing for parts and bases - Add-on Development - Kerbal Space Program Forums
  24. Open Scatterer's menu and set the preset to Astronomer's Visual Pack. For some reason or other the AVP config is not applied automatically.
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