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  1. I recall similar warnings for basically every Nintendo DS game but to be fair I think they moved them to the console boot rather than game launch at some point.
  2. Yep, and Nexus policy being what it is, if you run afoul of their rather draconian policies, even for off-site or strictly-private behaviour, you can easily lose access to all the mods hosted there. Moreover, if a mod author blocks your account for any reason(and there's no restriction on this; ANY reason), then you can no longer download any of their mods using that account. That business model (and for Nexus it is a business) is contrary to the modding philosophy surrounding KSP
  3. I'm just going to point out that Regex here has, in my experience, been extensively critical of the game's design prior to release. The fact that he, upon actually playing the game, is having fun with it, should be a testament to both the game being enjoyable even despite instability, and how unlikely it is that his position is preconceived.
  4. Oh right. Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 32GB DDR4-3600 AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT openSUSE Tumbleweed 20230131, KDE Plasma (Wayland) Proton Experimental No launch options needed. Game stuttered when initializing the simulation but appears to be stable in terms of not crashing and no obvious bugs. Flight simulation ran stably after lowering graphics settings, and while the parachute appears to have generally failed to increase my test rocket's drag I'm willing to tentatively attribute that to user error. I'm impressed.
  5. My bad, didn't see a topic in the discussion forum and forgot to check the technical support forum. Thanks for merging it in nice and proper!
  6. Downloaded the game and installed under openSUSE Tumbleweed. Had to set the game to force it to use Proton Experimental, which allowed the game to load into Take 2's entirely unnecessarily launcher. Loaded to main menu successfully, was some stuttering when loading the engine, but I'm in the space center and it seems stable!
  7. That's what broke, okay! Regular KSP Dark and KSP Light are broken on most browsers*, but KSP Dark Red and KSP Light Red work normally. *I haven't tested it on every browser, but it seems to be broken on both Mozilla and Chromium based browsers, which is already most browsers, and I presume that the theme being broken doesn't actually matter if you're using Lynx for some reason.
  8. Came here basically to say this. Tyson is notable to begin with because he... made the announcement that the IAU had re-categorized Pluto as a dwarf planet(which itself was a rather shady decision involving Tyson but that's another story), and he basically rode the coat-tails of that announcement to position himself as a celebrity. He's a performer, not a researcher, and his performance consists of grandiose paraphrase that seems profound but ultimately communicates less to the typical layperson than the original formulation, not even meriting the title of "science communicator".
  9. As the joke goes: Helicopters don't fly; they beat the air into submission.
  10. Way I see it, people want life support, not necessarily just so there's a risk of death, but so there's a risk of death that can be circumvented by clever action in situ. If life support fails, we don't want to be the manager who ordered a launch in unsafe conditions and killed seven people, we want to be the Steely-Eyed Missile Man who figures out you can duct-tape the square air recycler from the Command Pod into the round air recycler slot in the Lander Can.
  11. Community-sourced bug-testing also has the failure mode that, as the community is often not aware of complete information of the game's design, community members are hesitant to report bugs that are ambiguous. That is, if something isn't working-as-expected, it can be difficult for end-users to determine if it's actually a bug or oversight, as opposed to an intentional game design feature that players might not be able to reasonably expect. Speaking personally, I'd still consider the latter a bug, just that it's a bug in the documentation and not the program code.
  12. While my first thought was to wonder if the defunct server could be spoofed in some way, a quick bit of research shows that Private Division themselves was to have been transferred the license authority; assuming that's been done by now the old licenses probably just have to be pointed to the proper PD server instead of the old TeacherGaming one. While the use of individual licenses certainly serves your needs, many businesses prohibit the use of individual licenses by incorporated organizations, and while I have no idea one way or the other if Private Division is among them, or the status of Kerbal Space Program specifically, you probably don't want to be blindsided by a Cease-and-Desist order.
  13. Good point, actually. I'd probably say Spacedock then as my choice
  14. If at all possible, Steam Workshop. Nexus Mods won't allow you to download mods without an account, and enforces account bans for such infractions as "Talking negatively about Nexus moderators, anywhere, no matter how private". While I believe that negative discussion of Nexus policy is allowable, I'm not certain that this post, here, on KSP's forums won't net me a ban from Nexus.
  15. There's a company out in Germany that makes prescription lens inserts for common HMDs. They fit into place over the inbuilt lenses and let you take off your actual eyeglasses. Around 100 dollars, including shipping to NA, not cheap but considering prescription spectacles here typically cost from $200 to $800 it's remarkably affordable.
  16. Since this thread apparently refuses to die, I will say that I expect the claims "Players will point rockets at each other and blow up each other's bases" and "The multiplayer will be largely cooperative" to be true simultaneously. That is, it will be a largely cooperative multiplayer game where players will blow up their friend's stuff as a joke, then help them put it back.
  17. I'd imagine that, while Discord is certainly present on generic black-lists, Slack is not, being commonly used for internal networks. I'd also posit that forums or message boards in general are only absent from blacklists because each message board is a unique website and thus not feasibly blocked by any sort of blacklist. A unified service that hosted message boards on various topics under a single website, e.g. Reddit, would almost certainly be generically blacklisted, with the one exception I can think of being StackExchange, and that's only because preventing your technicians from accessing StackOverflow is a good way to catastrophically degrade the quality of their work.
  18. It occurs to me that the game intends to adequately reflect the considerations when designing and operating spacecraft in real life, and that one of the major considerations in real life aerospace does happen to be money. Expendable launch vehicles are expensive to operate and, even with the resources provided by a government, still have to justify resource allocation to the space program against other operations of the government. Even for a hypothetical high-technology civilization that doesn't use an abstract currency, every drop of RP-1 feeding a rocket engine is kerosene that could have run a combine harvester, a hurricane lantern, or an emergency heater, not to mention the steel. The problem isn't necessarily "Cost" per se, but cost as an extension of scarcity; in either case, real life spacecraft designs have recently been highly optimized towards cost-efficiency, and in particular re-usability, and the balancing of optimization goals is perhaps the major "puzzle" of any spacecraft design. In this sense, money forces a constraint on spacecraft design in the same way that life-support forces a constraint.
  19. "Resource" was in scare quotes for a reason; the idea was that it would be information, not stuff. ETA: Okay I didn't actually put it in scare quotes to begin with whoops. ETA2: To elaborate, here. The point was that, because you cannot transfer physical resources at a reasonable speed, that you instead transfer information, in this context "Money", but easily also something like "Science" or "Culture", which can be transferred as an optical signal at the speed of C.
  20. I'd think it would be something best handled by a server mod like the Minecraft Bukkit mod or its successors. Economy is not a feature in the single-player game but server mods allowed it to be implemented in modified servers that were compatible with unmodified clients, and allowed server owners to tweak the economy according to their ability. That said, I do think that an "abstract" currency-like commodity is likely to be important to at least some game styles. KSP 2 will not have faster-than-light travel, so a resource that can be transferred as a lightspeed signal instead of an interstellar cargo ship could come in handy.
  21. My understanding of KSP2's multiplayer is that it would be a peer-to-peer or user-hosted server arrangement. Established players using currency systems to "exploit" new players is something that happens in an MMO like Eve Online(and in that game that's treated as a feature), but user-hosted game servers would, I think, either be organized "public" servers with rules and moderation, or such ad-hoc and informal arrangements that anyone on the server to begin with would be a personal friend or otherwise trustworthy enough for you to even let them access your computer.
  22. Navigation aids are a distinct possibility; though triangulation from a group of pulsars might be more useful. The pixels are color-coded, that said. What if the "Second half" of the message is a reply from alien civilization, with the colors coded to match the symbols in the original? Say, the second set of blue pixels is a diagram of the alien home system with their homeworld indicated like Kerbin was?
  23. EVE is just as much a difficulty mod as it is a visual one. Deorbiting a spaceplane and having to dodge cumulogranite is quite a thrill sometimes.
  24. "And a thousandth of an inch to give us play"
  25. Linux support only at 1.0? Shame, I guess I'll just, uh, run the Windows binaries through Proton, as usual ;D Only support for Windows, but just because they don't *support* it, doesn't mean you can't make it work. Proton is exceptionally reliable lately, much better than Wine was when I first tried LInux in 2013 or so.
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