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  1. 1. rule: try it in a fresh install. (maybe in use of ckan.) 2. rule: if something seems work wrong, try to analyze it in debug-console (F12) and/or KSP.log. 3. rule: learn and try to fix with selfmade configs (important for keep modded ksp ongoing up and running) 4. rule: if an error seems to show "incompatible" with an individual ksp-installation, let the mod go. 5. rule: look to modders home page, how often and/or when they last visited. 6. rule: read through mod-threads, sure you will learn a lot about modding/patching/fixing ksp (can be annoying on long threads) 7. rule: google mods, (if avaiable) look to github, specially to issues, no neccessary to fringe modders if a "bug" is already announced (IIf you know how to compile, try to do it for yourself, take care of licenses!!! if you want to publish) 8. rule: share your experiences in threads. 9. rule: good luck and have much fun.
  2. Me expect now the worst possible. Not the best conditions/motivation for a product to rip apart a team in last phase of design/coding/testing/releasing... Either it will move to an aggressive monetarizing model or grade down to a "mobile p2w game" or Take 2 will finally let it run out/cancel the Project. ?-| I think, KSP was never a "big cash cow", that shareholder value oriented trusts/corprations need in their portfolio. KSP always was kept alive from heartblood, excitement, perfect community and georgious modders. And space flight/travel enthusiasts. What makes this story so depressing is, KSP is the one and only Game/Simulation/Sanbox which cover the part of flight, space travel, exploration, from simple plug parts together to think about contruct rockets and ships, tinker for hours to make it perfect function. There is no other comparable game like KSP, its so unique. its a milestone. Not to forget the terrific creativity, making movies, write stories, building walking mechs, marathon streaming nights on twitch, competitions, fun on crazy destruction or build kinky rockets. It will be a big loss, a sacrifice, if KSP will move away from its inimitable state, if anything around wil blown away in all directions, gone in time and space. Lets wait and see what will happen.
  3. Game finally dont load anymore when drop that into GameData. (Mod Stock version in 1.81 game version.) Delete mod, game loads gain.
  4. Da war auch nie viel los. (Anfangs ein bisschen.) Der Versuch war gut, hat sich aber nie in der deutschsprachigen KSP-Community durchgesetzt/verbreitet. (Wir sind eh auch alle hier, warum dann doppelgleisig?) Was ich als positive "Eigenschaft" bewerte, da sich - meiner Erfahrung nach - KSP'ler aus einer ausgesprochen gebildeten, interessierten, reifen und unhysterischen (und ungemein hilfreichen) Benutzergruppe zusammensetzt. War ein wesentlicher Mitgrund, warum ich in meinem gehobenen Alter an diesem exciting Stück Software "kleben" geblieben bin. War früher ein Hardcore-Gamer, aber seit KSP im Jahre 2014 gibt es nichts anderes mehr. Es stillt alle meine "Bedürfnisse" an einem Computer"spiel". Sowohl zur oberflächlichen Ablenkung, als auich zur tagelangen "Vertiefung", manchmal auch Verbissenheit :-).
  5. We are eyewitness of the beginning from a new era of manned space flight. The new (texture replaced) space suits looks so good and perfectly safe. The new (RasterPropMonitor) IVA touch screen control panels looks wow and seems to work "go for launch". That marvelous (Tundra Exploration) Rocket will bring them up today. We earthlings will (Probe Control Room) follow mission accomplishing from our home bases. Hope we get pairs of (Hullcam VDS) and IVA-Launch-Cams till docked on live stream. Behnken and Hurley must be 5-***** in KSP 2. Go Dragon Go. Touch down Stage 1,TOUCH DOWN! And finally: Thanks to all the modders, Kerbonauts and communiteers here, who makes and keeps KSP as it was, is and will be and stay in the future. (And be part of my life since 2014.)
  6. Hi there Multiplayers: Is it possible that 1.8 players can use 1.9 DMP (and vice versa)? Or must i set up an extra seperated server for 1.8/1.9? Thanks.
  7. Hi Kerbonauts, dont know where correctly drop my question, which is and dropped here: Is there any way to increase the range of 200 meters that grip at rendezvouing in orbit? Would like that large stations begin to spin to adjusted alignment much earlier. (Say 500 or 1.000 meters) Now i have to move into the 200 meter bubble, wait minuted till station align and then start docking. Docking at moving/spinning/rotating stations is a harrasment. Persistent Rotation dont help cause it work only at vessels, their reaction wheels/rcs can handl their weight. (And not at 800 or 1.500 tons stations...) Thanks for hints, tips or declaring. Alex.
  8. Thanks for answering fast. I ment resetting after already transmitted home/to RnD and the bar in the result window is empty. (it must be "checked as transmited" somewhere in the persistent file, but i cant anything yet... !?)
  9. Sounds interesting. (Specially for server admins :p ) Like the TV-mode in Valves Counter-Strike. Maybe could be done by disabling every control features at the "remote"/spectated vessel.
  10. Is it possible to "reset" science experiment to make them "re-alert"? (Maybe somehwere else, not compuslory in this mod.) Need/Want to fill a new science station (MPL at Dres) with already transmitted science results. Have a lot of Science Probes at several muns/planets and manually selecting dozens of experiments is very annoying. Thanks in advance for tips and hints.
  11. I believe, that each and every long and hard playing Kerbal have this as a prerequisite. These complex coexisting of "hundreds" of mods, versions and .cfgs. Always expect the unexpectable. Always keep an eye or two on important values and behaviors. Even how "real" space-flight, -exploration and -conolization is. :-) Thats why i hardly love and sometimes hate this amazing (and educational) "game"! (My age is 54, was always a "hardcore"-gamer in my life. But since i play KSP, every else makes me boreing after 10 20 minutes.) Have a nice weekend.
  12. I use 1.3.10 tagged for 1.81. is tagged for 1.73. (Should i use 1.320?) Msg didnt show up again, just that 2 times as reported. Meanwhile i updated to Scatterer .610. Still no msg anymore. For the few probes i used it, it works as it should. Suggestion: lets forget it (for now. till it shows up again and/or get a showstopper.) (This week i have to FTL-transport lot of parts for 2 dres-stations.)
  13. Biomatic Latest KSP 1.81 What can this log msg mean? The only change since week is Scatterer 0.0550 -> 0.0600. (Need to switch back for testing on coming weekend.) I recognized cause it come up in DMagics "One Window" (and in Stock msg announcemnt). Comes up at some, not each and every Biome change.