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  1. Mod does nothing to my 90+ mod install. Still need (tested 5 times + reboot) 1.40 to 2.30 minutes to load to space center, meassured by "QickLoad". So -> delete by useless. I was wondering that after a "decade" and hordes of people and threads THE magic performance mod pop up. Just an Illusion.
  2. PS: i saw now, that my GameData-folder includes a lot of self-edited config-files, that can not come with ckan.. sorry for that. Ok, Welding didnt use it yet -> throw out. Thanks for your time and attemps. Yes, lot of cosying mods :p, the surrogate of years of KSP playing. Will test that stuff in an isolated install next days, be patient, will come by. Good night for now and greets from Vienna, Austria
  3. I know CKAN can, but i use this very carefully. (And some Mods arent on CKAN, SPS for example, never found better RCS.) Mix Mods for different KSP-versions was often destroying my KSP-settings/savegames. UbiWelding: Have a big Mod-Archive for each KSP-version back to 0.22 or so, or maybe i googled out, dont know , was easy to find.... PS: i use that one: MechJeb (THE Killer-mod, without i would never get depended to KSP) i use only for launches from KSC-Launchpad. For others i use GravityTurn. GT easily save launches for each vessel on each location. But is confusing on Kerbin - > so MechJeb. PS: UbiWelding: in CKAN switch to ALL, look for Mod, visit HOMEPAGE/GITHUB (when avaibla) an click through the coming Threads/Results.
  4. Thank you for replying. SpaceTUX-Lib 0.0.6 is installed. You can find files at https://github.com/Jansky67/KSP-files Hope i provided all neccessary. PS: CKAN : Some of Mods are installed manually cause of shown as not compatible with KSP 1.1x and above. But seems to work as they should. Maybe a special view to "KerboKatz AutomatedScienceSampler", thats really old.
  5. First, thank you very much for overtaking this very nice mod (+ merging with Fuel-Science) and generally for your work. What would KSP be now without your ongoing enthusiasm. I tried around this beta (deleted old version from GameData and manually droped 2.601 in my 1.11.2 Career-savegame - updated from 1.11 by Squad-KSP-Updater) and found out, that: .) the Experiments immediately want to start on Launchpad without any user-action. OnScreen-messege: Cant perform Experiment here Experiement-Status: Bad Location .) Also Experiments can immediately be finalized after docking - without starting/processing. No need of ReasearchLab/Zoology/Cyclotron .) WITH Experiment result onboard (docked and free-fly) the finalize-button exist. Experimen-Status = Starved .) On MPL i can "Cleaning Out" the docked Experiment with/without finalized. After cleaning out the menu-entry dont go away.
  6. What is Discord? Ay knaw wot, juz sailing. Do you write a mod for me too? Worst/Most stupid mod since Scott Manley Skin...
  7. Me acured some probs at Linux-Shell. So i may ask: Is latest DMP secured (exploitable) against running from root-user?
  8. Wow, what an insame challenge :p How much FPS with all of them with RemoteTech, SCANsat, Science- and EPLStations- and Bases? Cant remember what my problem was this time.
  9. Development? Seems sleeping... (Hope not dead.) Servers are still alive. (Mine is.) But counts go down fast. (Maybe a reason why motivation of players and modder was/is shrinking.) Next i finally want to setup a DMP with LMP. Need find time for that.
  10. Big Thanx for the update and long term maintenance of this mod!
  11. Congrats! Respect!! For the biggest/greatest KSP-Mod ever :p That shows me that KSP and enthusiast core modder are still alive. Thanks!!! Time to switch my long term game to 1.10+
  12. Tantares. (One of) the best! best looking, best maintained, most accurate, most flexible Mods ever. Shouting out THANK YOU! for over a half decade of KSP rocket- and space-fun...
  13. After updating my 1.81 long term game with a ckan offered update of Click Trough Blocker (Version, how can i restore a stock toobar icon i stupdidly hide? Reinstalling CTB and/or (affected) "KerboKatz' Automated Science Sampler" didnt help. Either i found something in .sfs files, nor deleting "plugin data" helped, nor a (3 days old) backup of gamedata folder.. It also dont show up in Toolbar Controller. Any idea to get the KerboKatz Icon back?
  14. Please give feedback here if you tried. Me plans to 1.81 -> 1.10.1 in few weeks.
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