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  1. True, although sometimes I feel CKAN isn't very user friendly as compared to steam
  2. Well yeah, but it would be a little bit more convenient. Maybe have some sort of non-steam workshop too, have it so you can link your non-steam game to steam?
  3. eh, i guess i was wrong. meant privacy policy anyways but still i dont really like the fact that they are able to get my information just because I bought their content
  4. I would love to play KSP 1.4 In fact, I have but this new EULA is ridiculous. I will not play this game if I already had to pay my own good money just to have my private information taken. I probably won't even play 1.3 because 1.4 is a lot smoother and I just don't think it will be the same. sorry for the rant, I honestly had no where to vent but still, I dont get the point of playing a video game in exchange for your own cash, and then have it take personal information along with it too. I'm not trying to target the ksp devs or anything, but I just wanted to express my thoughts on the topic
  5. ah lost the damn tablet might try my crappy phone camera that can barely take a picture with the sun as bright as possible without being dark
  6. I forgot to mention (unless I'm a dumb nut) that new pictures are coming p soon.
  7. They are so ***BLEEP***ing funny, they follow me everywhere when I take them out but they weigh like 40 pounds at 12 weeks. Will post more pictures when my tablet charges since it has a way better camera than my phone. Yeah, we stop every hour or so and let them stretch with our yorkies, but we are gonna have to make it like 30 minutes since they are big puppers.
  8. yay 1 like = 1 free puppy
  9. wooo first time my family has ever owned big dogs so we got 2 english cream retrievers gotta drive back to michigan from pennsylvania tho and then from michigan to florida on the 28th anyways yayyyyyyyyyy this is to go with my 2 other cute dogs woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  10. Damn, I want this DLC so bad man. I won't be home til the 28th and even then I won't have $15 unless someone got me the dlc.. hhmm
  11. Can I just say that although I aint opposing this suggestion, DMP has it's fair share of bugs and compatibility issues when it comes down to clients.