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  1. Never had this problem, i think it has something to do with a mod. When I use a (Stock) plane there is nothing wrong. But when I try to launch my own creation it just won't move. I'll try to post some pics or video.
  2. Oke i have a problem and I'm wondering if anyone knows the answer. Everytime i create a new plane/ssto or what ever, I have the problem that the plane is not moving. I use full thrust but no speed. I can retract the landing gear and the plane stays hovering. I think it might be a problem with a mod. Who can help me. thx Mod list: { "kind": "metapackage", "abstract": "A list of modules installed on the default KSP instance", "name": "installed-default", "license": "unknown", "version": "2017.",
  3. Finally after hours of searching I managed to resolve the problem. I used Unity 4.6.4 instead of the normal KSP.exe. But I used the x64 version, that was giving some weird problem with all the mods. Just installed everything again and used the x86 version of Unity, it works great now.
  4. I think it has something to do with RealismOverhaul. Beceause that installs RealFuels
  5. Hi, i'm new here but im having a problem. I'm running ksp 1.0.4 and I have a bunch of mods installed now I have the problem with the fuel. The fuel tanks are empty and i'm unable to change the tanks, or what so ever. http://imgur.com/S8JvbZ2 I read about changing something when using FS but i don't understand it. You stated to see original OP but can't find it what to change. MODS: KSP: 1.0.4 (Win64) - Unity: 4.6.4f1 - OS: Windows 8.1 (6.3.10586) 64bit Filter Extensions - 2.4.1 USI Tools - 0.6.2 Advanced Jet Engine - 2.4.1 B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts
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