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  1. My goal is to get 1 lander every 5 kilometers north/east/west/south. So for, only 10 are in place, kek.
  2. Day 4001928581858125717257172573261232136182367237: Nothing. They died. Was that boring enough?
  3. Day 1: I launched the first 2 Landers, one was a comms station with a lab, the other was a living capsule, they launched 4 men. Us. Day 3: We landed and set up the panels. Day 10: We have sufficient food to survive for a few more weeks. Day 11: We've sent a rover, it landed and we have more food, enough for 108 more orbits, according to base. Day 31: We found an old Mining module and sent it to attach to the rover. Day 67: We got an orbital satellite and more food. Day 100: Mining is working, we have more water and fuel now. Day 365.9: We can see the fireworks, they're beautiful from here. To celebrate, we've put green, pink and red ribbons on and around the base. Day 381: It's time. 109 more landers have been sent. We're Kolonizing Mun.
  4. HELLOOOO! My name is coolbloxxie, I'm fairly new to this mod "Dark Multiplayer" but I managed to set up a server. It's Western Australian and it'll be up 24/7 unless something happens. Add it to your list (on the mod) by starting your game, clicking "ADD" and entering these details; IP: PORT: 6702 Basic Rules: The only cheats allowed are as followed. Infinite RCS, Infinite Eva, Ignore Max Temp, Hyperedit. Don't have DMP Client? Download it here! http://d-mp.org/downloads/release/latest/DMPClient.zip Want to make a server yourself? Download it here! http://d-mp.org/downloads/release/latest/DMPServer.zip I take absolutely NO credit for DMP or mods we use. I, Coolbloxxie, am the owner of the server.
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