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  1. Oh, Right. thats fine then.
  2. I was actually thinking I got moved as well. I just couldn't be bothered to mention it.
  3. Love These
  4. Hang on, Shouldn't Mine be on the Concorde Lookalikes? It IS A mini Concorde After all.
  5. My Entry; The mini Concorde Max range = 51 / 26 (distance Travelled/Units Of LF Used) = 1.96153846154 1.96153846154 * 800 = 1569.23076923 Max Range = About 1569 KM SCORING FINAL SCORE: 300 + ((1569/10) + (6*5)) + 100 = 587 Points. YAY A VIDEO THE LAG IS REAL!!!
  6. Easy Challenge: Build an offroader and Fly/drive to the mountains west of the ksc. Find a way to drive up them and plant a flag at the top. YOU MUST USE EXTERNAL COMMAND SEATS Point System: Fly the offroader to the mountains = 20 points Drive the Offroader to the mountains = 50 points Drive up the mountains without jets to assist with the climb = 30 points Drive up the mountains with jets to assist with the climb = 15 points Make the offroader look like an Offroader = 20 points Use Command Seats Without a rollcage = 35 points Use Command Seats With a rollcage = 25 Points Use Mechjeb Rover AutoPilot = -10 points
  7. I need to update my rules methinks ☺
  8. @Speeding Mullet Thanks For the badge I have Absolutely no idea gow i got the archer to work though. That wa the third attempt though. The stupid thing liked flipping on launch.
  9. Sorry but, as i said, the docking ports don't hinge around freely like it does right now.
  10. I wanted a more articulated truck feel which i don't think docking ports replicate. And it would make it a lot easier to do the reverse parking on the challenge
  11. So they do. I should know (Me being scottish an all) oops, Thanks for making me notice that
  12. The Challenge? Make and use a semi truck to haul around the trailers in the included save file. ALL TRAILERS MUST BE MOVED IN ORDER AND TOWED ON THE GROUND @gchristopher Points are given for every trailer you manage to move without tipping and for how good your truck looks judged by scores below. The Save: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5WzwDcs9MQBbU5Yc0s2eXdlWmc The file is titled Truckin' Challenge. A video is preferred to make judging easier. Scoring: Trailer Moving: Do all trailers and park truck without tipping = 30 points Move 4 Trailers without tipping = 25 points Move 3 Trailers without tipping = 20 points Move 2 trailers without tipping = 15 points Move 1 trailer without tipping = 10 points The truck: A Big Rig = 15 points A European truck (Left hand Drive) = 15 points A Uk Truck (Right Hand Drive) = 16 points A Truck. (No steering Wheel) = 12 points. A Right hand drive Big Rig = 16 points A grill = 5 points A working exhaust = 5 points A light Bar = 5 points 8 or more wheels = an extra 5 points Have a working engine (Using Alternators on jet/rocket engines to create power) = 20 points Example: This is a Uk truck with electric power. It would be relatively low scoring. Leader Board: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. GOOD LUCK TO ALL YOU TRUCKERS OUT THERE
  13. Entry: SpaceCraft: Archer One. Mission: Orbit and land back at ksc. NOTE: Ignore First Three Slides. They Are Duplicates I accidently added without noticing. thx
  14. Ok, Discovered That mk3 doesn't work, I have a rover now though
  15. I'm about to start this challenge. my rover design is looking at something made with mk3 and a small scout rover, ISRU and the works.