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  1. Sounds awesome! If we have a save that already using the current version of KIS will the new version work with it? Ie will the new version be backwards compatible allowing us to continue with our saves or would we have to restart our saves? Thanks
  2. This was shown in one of the KSP Loadings, you can have a free pivot hinge, have a look at the catapult ksp loading
  3. Free pivot hinges, omg squad this is awesome!
  4. I for one welcome this DLC! I cannot wait for robotics I cannot wait for surface science I cannot wait for kerbal cargo Take my money! Bring on the 30th! PS. I think its a VERY reasonable price
  5. Kaspar said that the latest experimental build is not for the pre release
  6. From Kaspar in EJ_SA stream I asked is it soon soon or soon soon soon? - KasperVld: DatSparrow, uhhh.... soon-ish™?