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  1. Just arrived at the Mun with a probe for my first landing attempt in my current career. It's too late now. Landing will take place tomorrow. Picture taken after insertion burn just before connection loss... Oh, and here's another screen from landing back on Kerbin after first successful Munar orbit...
  2. Finished my provisional relay network around Kerbin today. Here's a nice screenshot of Kerbal Relay Satellite 3:
  3. Another new career. This time with Parallax and Spectra on 1.11.1. Looking good so far. Just put up my first satellite to get some juicy MITE-science (using Kerbalism science config). Welcome Stayputnik 1!
  4. It does as it's only adding sound files (ogg) to the original Chatterer. Just follow the instructions in the first post...
  5. Just came back to KSP and Spectra after the last SN9-testflight... At first I also had the rainbow clouds on the start screen but it vanished after I installed Kopernicus (Bleeding Edge). Maybe try that. I am on KSP 1.11.1 and use EVE Redux in case that's of interest.
  6. Finally completed the Minmus Probe Program after I set up my Minmus relay network. "Land probes in three different biomes on Minmus". As I am lazy I did it all with the same probe thanks to Minmus' low gravity. I love this moon for some easy biome hopping and science-collecting although it's much more "grindy" with the Kerbalism science config. Nevertheless it was successfull and now I should have enough science points to finally tackle the first manned program. Let's go to the Mun! Here are some screenshots of the Minmus Probe Expedition...
  7. Slowly crawling through my new career game (JNSQ/PBC/KerbalismScienceOnly/TAC-LS/USI-MKS). Finally I have done my first manned mission. Of course it was Jebediah who had the honor of being the first Kerbal to orbit his home planet. Simultaneously I launched my relay carrier to Minmus. I started the Minmus Probe Program in Strategia as I still need more science to build reliable Mun Spaceships for my manned missions.
  8. My warning signs are now finished. I'll admit it was quite a hassle so thank you once again @cineboxandrew for your help and this mod! The pack consists of one .cfg and a .dds with 32 tiles. In case you want this in your game go ahead and download the file. I'll put it at the end of this post. Simply put the "WarningSigns" folder in the "Parts" folder of Conformal Decals alongside the "Generic" and the "Semiotic" folders. Here's a preview of all warning signs in the .dds: And here's a glimpse at some of the decals in the VAB: Here's the download: Hoover's Warning Signs
  9. Well, I didn't use that script. Instead I deleted the transparent layer manually in Photoshop. Then I made changes to the .cfg once again: What can I say... Worked like a charm! Thank you very much for your help! Much appreciated. Your decal on the left, mine on the right. I'm happy!
  10. The .png (before converting to .dds looks like this: You can find the .dds file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_NoescfHQ3wDz3WoD8nXCKO7XL6E-odu/view?usp=sharing
  11. Thank you very much for your tips. I changed my .cfg in the following way: ... MODULE { name = ModuleConformalDecal useBaseNormal = true tileSize = 355, 320 tileIndex = 0 defaultScale = 0.2 defaultDepth = 0.1 defaultOpacity = 0.8 defaultCutoff = 0 scaleRange = 0.05, 0.5 cutoffAdjustable = false shader = ConformalDecals/Paint/SpecularSDF TEXTURE { name = _Decal textureUrl = ConformalDecals/Parts/Test/testflip isMain = true autoTile = true } TEXTUR
  12. As I mentioned before I am just fiddling around with this brilliant little mod. It took me several hours to get satisfactory results for my warning sign decals (triangles are tricky when you convert to .dds). I did a little test run just now and I'm finally quite pleased with the result. So far I have prepared 32 warning signs (hazards, parts, fun). All use the yellow triangle as a background so I could use the tiling method mentioned in the tutorial and found in the semiotic decal-config. It's really not too hard to do... I've got one question though @cineboxandrew: How do you integrate the d
  13. I'm afraid it's not THAT simple. The tutorial has already been posted on page 2 of this thread: https://github.com/drewcassidy/KSP-Conformal-Decals/wiki/Making-Your-Own-Decals I'm just fiddling around with it myself using the semiotic decals as a testing ground. Seems to be more simple when all the tiles are the same size...
  14. Well, I'm just about to download the newest version but I can't see a valid reason why the decals should be selectable in flight. If that prevents the greenish ghost cube around the part (decal) that's just another reason why this is great! Also the self-destruction when the parent part is destroyed sounds legit. Great work! I'm especially looking forward to new decal sets. But please, take your time! This is dope as it is!
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