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  1. hoover2701

    I managed to do some 4K Skyboxes - Questions

    Thanks for the reply!
  2. Greetings fellow KSP-players. I have produced some 4K-Skyboxes using the brillant tutorial by @Nucleartaxi. I even managed to convert the PNG-files to DDS (DXT1) and so far for me (1.3.1) everything works well. Of course I'd like to share my skyboxes but I am uncertain if they'll work in 1.4.x as I am not quite sure in which format / for which mod I should prepare them. I know of Texture Replacer (Replaced), DiRT and SIGMA Replacement. So, are there any suggestions you could give? Or should I simply offer them without a folder structure? Right now, they are named: GalaxyTex_NegativeX GalaxyTex_NegativeY GalaxyTex_NegativeZ GalaxyTex_PositiveX GalaxyTex_PositiveY GalaxyTex_PositiveZ Additionally, in older Skyboxes there used to be EnvMap-files which were smaller files in a separate folder. I believe they were used for reflections. Are those still necessary or do they add some other benefit? Sorry for my noobish questions but I am no modder at all, just a guy who likes to play around with KSP... These are the skyboxes I came up with: Carina Nebula Skybox: M57 Ring Nebula Skybox: NGC 6326 Nebula Skybox: Starfield Skybox: Twin Jets Nebula Skybox:
  3. hoover2701

    [1.5.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (Nov 7)

    Yes I do. I was just about to find out by myself , but thanks a lot for clarification. Love your work!
  4. hoover2701

    [1.5.x] Stockalike Station Parts Redux (Nov 7)

    Thanks for updating. I love your mod! One thing is strange though. I use USI Life Support and in the previous version of your mod everything was working well. Now it seems that somehow your mod thinks I'm using TAC LS. I suddenly have all the TAC LS parts in the tech tree and my Mun Space Station misses Waste to produce Supplies. Something I am able to change in the configs?
  5. Fastest service in this Solar System! Thanks a lot!
  6. Thank you @blackrack for your hard and astonishing work on Scatterer. I can't play KSP without it any longer. It's the most essential eye-candy mod I can think of. Looking forward to start a 1.3 career in the near future. Now with Scatterer! Thanks again!
  7. Thank you very much for your detailed answer!
  8. Would you care to elaborate on this? How does it come that Grannus directly follows the Ceti missions? Is there a way to circumvent this? Would it be possible to "deactivate" Grannus, so I get another Historians mission? Oops, 4 questions in one post... I feel guilty!
  9. Could you please tell me if you got rid of the "Explore Grannus" Problem, i.e. the Gaelean Historians mission which turns up in the game right after the Ceti-missions? I like to play along the "Explore"-missions so I'm on hold right now in my current career-game. And one more thing: You guys rock!
  10. I am sorry to have to ask about the "Explore Grannus" mission. I couldn't find an answer to this by searching (except for someone saying it will be fixed in one of the coming updates). Has it been fixed in GPP 1.2.3? Because that's my current install. Is there any way to skip that contract? It turns up just after I finished my last Ceti-mission. I managed to get another Ceti-mission (Docking) instead of "Explore Grannus" but I'm afraid it will show up again after I finish the docking-mission. Thanks for this wonderful mod! Loving it! KSP really feels like a new game since I started my GPP-career!
  11. @IvanSanchez: Thank you very much for dropping by and for the nice words. My modding skills are near to non-existent so I have no other means to contribute to this great community than some ogg-files for an already existing mod. Happy to hear you like my extension for Chatterer. I have great fun recording these clips so it's nice to see people having the same fun listening to them!
  12. LOL back @Red Stapler Yeah it was fun to add that song! Shortly ago my Kerbals sang during liftoff. Jebediah, that badass!
  13. Chatterer Extended v0.6 is ready for download. Source material for Apollo 12 (45 clips) and Apollo 17 (70 clips) originate once again from the NASA Archives. 115 new Chatterer files for your hearing pleasure. Notable things: Pete Conrad (Apollo 12) has the best kerbalized voice ever! And Harrison "Jack" Schmitt (Apollo 17) seems to be quite an emotional character. It was very fun "kerbalizing" him. His enthusiasm is carried over perfectly to his Kerbal voice! I'll mark this as ready for 1.3 as soon as the original Chatterer gets updated for the new version. I hope you enjoy the new update! Feel free to comment. BTW: Do you know this site? It's fantastic! apollo17.org
  14. Of course my post was a little provocative but to me fiddling around with the PC is what makes PC gaming what it is. I do not want a "streamlined" experience. As I said I like to be in charge and using JSGME I understand the structure of mods and their interrelations far better than someone who depends on CKAN (at least that's what I believe). No doubt it's a great tool for many KSP players but it's not for me. I didn't want to offend anyone with my remark. It's just strange that there seem to be so few people here that use JSGME which I think is the perfect middle route between hardcore "Do-It-Yourself-Nerds" and "Automated Life"-guys!