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  1. How do you mean? That's exactly what is already does, isn't it?
  2. There's a separate mod that will help you out -- Antenna Sleep I think it's called? Agreed that it's an annoying problem though.
  3. Yes, this is clearly a separate problem than the node chasing, seeing as the vessel's pointing in the wrong direction in the first place! I doubt that's an RT problem -- more likely a problem with the vessel's configuration, or something like that? E.g. it's being controlled from the wrong part? For what it's worth, RT should be able to control any ship that you can control with SAS or manually (within reason). It's also the case that KSP's reaction wheels are overpowered for sure, in terms of torque, but in reality they do actually provide torque in all three axes. There are a few mods for tweaking reaction wheels though, if you're interested.
  4. This is something that comes up a lot. The node drifting as you approach it is a bug/quirk of KSP. To stop RT trying to follow it, just reduce your TWR by a lot before the burn starts. You'll notice that MechJeb does this automatically as the node approaches to get around this problem. That might be a nice feature for the future of RT too.
  5. There are a number of other mods that have tank/engine adaptors of various styles and designs. SpaceY I think, for example?
  6. This is a known problem. The answer is to limit the thrust on the engine so you've got a very low TWR. That usually solves it. It still tries to chase the node a little, but not enough to screw things up.
  7. Totally agree there, although it explicitly didn't work before so maybe it's actually meant to be working now. Perhaps you need to surface attach an RT antenna to the base station or something? I've not tried it since the update yet,
  8. You can fly a second mission to the site and collect the data by hand. I've done this before and it's kinda fun -- just make a story up about the antenna failing or something. Maybe take a little rover along too.
  9. That's your problem then. The bumper is specifically designed to stop the ships from docking when it's deployed.
  10. I had this problem before. One of those things has a copy of Ven's within it for some reason. You can just remove the copy and the rest of the mod will work fine (assuming it was the same problem, of course).
  11. And do you have the bumper deployed on one or both of them?
  12. I'm very stoked for RemoteTech support! And, well, in general
  13. I play with TAC Life Support instead of Snacks, but I guess it's the same difference.
  14. I'm pretty sure that it works fine from my own game.
  15. Yes, good point about needing to use it sometimes. Note as well that the node actually moves as you get very close to it, and if the thrust is too high still, the vessel can start chasing it, which never ends until you're out of propellant. MechJeb gets around it by dropping the thrust to a very low lever as the end of the burn gets closer -- I'm pretty sure that's how it works, anyway. Lots of people have had the same problem. And yes, perfectly symmetrical mass distribution is pretty hard!