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  1. Well, yes. What I was wondering if it's possible to editing the registry file to trick CKAN into thinking mods it discovered are actually mods it installed.
  2. I just had what I suspected was a corrupted registry.json file, so I renamed it and reloaded. All good, but now all my mods show up as AD. Is there any way to correct that? E.g. a quick find and replace in the JSON file? Thanks!
  3. Surely it would just be a dialogue box with a list of all the resources that TAC-FB can list, with a checkbox next to each one to hide/unhide it as one wishes?
  4. I also use TAC-FB a fair bit and I think the current system works fine. It can be a bit cluttered though. Maybe a settings option to hide resources you don't want to see in there?
  5. Thanks, I figured out what was going on. I hadn't updated anything in ages, so jumped straight to KSP 1.6.1, but CKAN has this mod as not compatible with that version so didn't update it at all.
  6. When opening the VAB, I get a message saying "will not work in this version of KSP". I'm on the latest KSP and the mod is installed via CKAN. Is this intended behaviour at the moment?
  7. Speaking as a RT user who generally likes to keep things as realistic as possible, I do actually appreciate the real time scanning. As you say, it would be a bit of micromanagement too far, with no real benefit. You can always just stop yourself from looking at the map until you think you "should" do ;).
  8. You can use kOS to do things such as that. It's not nearly as hard to learn as it looks.
  9. Have you got Blizzy's toolbar installed? You might just need to make sure the button's visible on there if so. If not, I don't know... it should just be on the stock toolbar.
  10. Yes, it sees all tanks regardless of positioning.
  11. It was to make them steerable in fact. One of the Apollo missions used it to land in a secondary splashdown zone when the weather in their primary was too heavy,
  12. That's good to know, thanks. Great on the update too! I think I got the impression that you were modifying kerbals directly as I thought I came across something along those lines in the save file.
  13. This is the kind of bug that I suspect would be avoided if you put all the KH data into a separate construct rather than in each kerbal's.
  14. Sure, here's the save file (I've got a lot of mods installed). I didn't do anything to trigger this, as far as I know. I only noticed the NREs due to looking for a problem with something else. This reminds me of something else as well -- both this and Space Age are incompatible with using StageRecovery to recover kerbals, as the latter destroys and recreates the kerbal when it happens. However, other mods, such as Roster Manager, work fine with StageRecovery. I guess the problem is that you're storing data on the kerbal's main object, whereas the norm for other mods seems to be to create their own data structure and store their specific information there. I know it doesn't seem as neat, but maybe it's a better approach with how KSP works?