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  1. Hmm, I tried it as well, but couldn't get the clouds to work. Not entirely sure why it's not working. Sorry buddy, let's hope someone comes along who has the knowledge.
  2. I haven't tried it with TRR and the shadow file, but if you try, please be so kind and share your results with us! From the OP post on page #1: It says you only need Kopernikus, there is a link as well, so all you need is 2 clicks and a bit of scrolling :-) Best regards
  3. @Nate2k probably because TextureReplacerReplaced hasn't been updated yet. It's one of the dependencies of the mod and as long as it's not compatible with 1.4.[x] it won't show on ckan. @Trenkiw you are using Real Solar System. I'm not certain but I'm pretty sure Astronomers Visual Pack is for Stock only and not Real Solar System.
  4. @Papa_Joe I'll try that too. I just checked my log, as I don't have cloud integration on the other planets either. Got a strange output or is this normal?: I'll check back once, I tried it with a new EVE install.
  5. Hey @Galileo, I've got a quick question about EVE and scatterer. I don't know what is causing it, but on my install the integration of scatterers effects to EVE clouds is not working with SVE installed. I tried it without SVE and it worked fine. I tried to make sense of the configs, but I'm not really understanding every parameter here. Therefore I thougt I'd ask you for a possible solution. It is of course not gamebreaking, but it would make the game look more beautiful. best regards and cheers for the mod!
  6. @PaperPlanets could you be so kind and show a screenshot of your gamedata folder? With all mods installed and your directory.
  7. Thanks for the headsup @Burning Kan will try it and see what happens. Happy easter to you too! cheers
  8. tried it yesterday on my 1.3.1 install. I didn't encounter any frame drops though. specs: Ryzen 5 1600, 8 gb ddr 4 ram, gtx 970.
  9. hey @JPLRepo I've got a quick question. I read yesterday on your github tutorial that the life support is configured in a way that kerbals permanently use EC etc when on EVA, even on Kerbin. Just out of curiosity, why is it like that? I mean that Kerbals are getting hungry and thirsty seems legit, but using EC for their EVA suits while being in a breathable atmosphere seems kinda off. Looking forward for your answer, and thanks for this mod! cheers benti
  10. here is the link: xxx from the instructions it seems to be just a repack, so no offical release.