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  1. Can you make a version for ksp 1.1.3 because i really want to land there :D!
  2. Im not using mods and its not the shielded docking port its all of them !
  3. I got this issue whit 1.1.3 whit a apollo mission it only shows disable crossfeed or set as target on both docking ports !
  4. Will this ever get to 1.1.3 because i really want to go to mars whit my low end computer!
  5. I did it does not work.
  6. i am trying to install it but where do i need to put this stuff ?
  7. When i want to launch the saturn V it just goes everywhere and explode's what can i do ?
  8. Cool thank's it looks very cool i will give it a try !
  9. This might be your best bet... Yes i tried it i used it very long but i got tired of it i think i am just going to use smurff thanks for the info !
  10. Yes i want to use a craft from the vab because i am a bit lazy sometimes and i build lots of rockets but they got deleted by the updates and also can i use mechjeb??
  11. Is there a good mod that allows just stock parts to get into a nice orbit or even bring me to te moon not SMURFF it does not work good enough for me i just want to use the stock rockets and fuel tanks to get me too the mun i also do not want to use realism overhaul it crashes and its way too complex for me.
  12. did not work nevermind i found itr
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